Vaping Devices and Its Accessories

Vaping Devices and Its Accessories

I’ve noticed a growing trend lately, and the interest that it’s drawn from my 14 year old is concerning to me. There are countless children on TikTok, which to parents can be a mostly innocent activity. From our vantage point there’s a lot of silly pranks and dancing. Then my child showed me her private messages from sellers trying to send her vaping material.

People, she’s 14.

I’ll be honest… I was totally clueless about vaping. So here is an informational post about vaping, the lingo etc..

Knowledge is everything!

What is Vaping? 

Vaping devices, such as the LuffBar TT9000 Disposable Vape Device, are also known as e-cigarettes, e-vaporizers. They are battery powered devices that people use to inhale aerosol, flavors and other chemicals. Though vaping is less harmful as compared to regular tobacco cigarettes which contains large amount of nicotine, it is also not considered as safe. The amount of nicotine being carried inside the body may be small but indeed nicotine is going to the body.  If you’re seeking an alternative, devices like the Xros Pro by Vaporesso offer a range of features and options for those looking to transition away from traditional smoking.

According to a recent research carried out in the U.S. A., approximately 460 e-cigarette brands are currently operational in the market which shows the amount of interest people are taking in consuming electronic form of smoking. Some familiar names of vaping are; 

  • E-hookahs 
  • E-cigs 
  • E-vapes 
  • Vape pens 
  • USB vapes 

What are the components / Accessories of e-cigarettes? 

Most of the e-cigarettes consist of 4 components. 

  • Cartridge 

vape juice cartridge is a pod that holds juicy liquid solution carrying varied level of nicotine, chemical and flavor. The vape cartridges such as these hybrid carts are small cartridges of pure form of cannabis oil that are used in conjunction with vape pens and other type of e-smoking devices.  Amongst many available on the market, CBD Carts are considered to be one of the most popular and highly rated among users of e-cigarettes.  

  • Atomizer 

Atomizer is a heating element. It heats the air into the chamber. The heated air passes through the liquid into the cartridge. In most vaping devices, atomizer is initiated by a button or by user drawing a puff. Heated air then converts the oil into aerosol that can be inhaled. The heating component does not come directly in contact with the cannabis and thus cannot emit combustion. This is the reason vaping may be preferred over regular tobacco containing cigarettes which are very harmful to lungs. 

  •  A battery 

The terminology of battery in vaping device is very simple. The battery powers the coil inside the tank or disposable which is then heated to convert e-liquid into vapors. The benefit of battery is the same as that of many other variable voltage devices but its functions here may be bigger and far better. The more the capacity of your battery is, the more you can have your vaping device ignited. 

  •  A mouthpiece 

Mouthpiece is a part of vaping device which is used to inhale the liquid. It basically performs the function of a chimney that concentrates the vapors so that when you start to inhale, a much better and consistent steam enters your mouth. It is placed at the exit of the device to effectively block the flow path of the vapor.   

What is a JUUL? 

JUUL is top selling electronic cigarette brand in the US. The cartridge resembles with USB drive and it waves off very small proportion of vapor and odor when they are consumed. A single pod of JUUL contains as much nicotine as 20 regular tobacco cigarettes. JUUL pods are not refillable. So there is no need to finish your JUUL pod before replacing it to a new one. CBD pods for JUUL are prominent and are considered as pioneers in the market of JUULING. 

Role of Flavors in Vaping 

A qualitative online survey was conducted in the US in 2016 in which 1492 users of e-cigarettes took part. The age of the users was 18 or older. According to the results of the survey, 62.9% users specifically used vaping flavors other than tobacco. These flavors include, mint, blueberry, menthol, lemon, candy, so on and so forth. 24.2% of the users used tobacco flavors while they vape. 12.9% of the respondents replied that they don’t use e-cigarettes. 

About 90% of vape flavors containpropylene glycol or vegetable glycerin which helps distribute the flavor and nicotine.  Remaining 10% consists of flavoring, water and, depending on the product, nicotine or CBD oil. 

This shows how influencing users of vaping devices are toward flavors. Users of e-cigarettes vaping flavors reported greater satisfaction and more addiction than those who do not consume flavors. 

How E-Cigarettes are different from regular tobacco cigarettes? 

Most people think that e-cigs are less harmful as compared to tobacco cigarettes. This belief helps them leave tobacco cigarettes. This myth is somehow true to some extent but the fact is e-cigarettes do contain a small fraction of nicotine which is dangerous for human body. Although the amount of nicotine is minor, it is still going inside the human body. Nicotine is not good for health even if it’s consumed in minimum proportion.  

People might be able to divert themselves from tobacco cigarettes after using these devices. They can help them if they want to leave tobacco-smoking. Though vaping is less injurious to health, it is not absolutely safe for the body.  

Safety Measurement and Regulations 

In 2019, a drastic increase in lung diseases affiliated with vaping caused an alarming situation for higher authorities. Food and Drug Administration department was handed over the responsibility to raise awareness campaigns and work with manufacturers and retailers of vaping devices to reduce this scenario. It was also decided that vape devices will not be sold to anyone under the age of 18. Strict regulations are under consideration which will help to put a restrain over usage of vapes in public places. 

 Smoking is injurious to health no matter in what type you are consuming it. 

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