UV Skinz Water Jackets

The warm weather is coming and for my kids that means loading up on sunscreen to keep them protected from the sun. My kids are very fair skinned and we love summer and being outside, but with sun comes the sunscreen and having to remember to constantly reapply when needed.

Kids in their UVSkinz jackets
UV Skinz has made it so much easier for me as a mom to allow my kids to play outside without having to reapply as much sunscreen over and over again.

I was sent a Full-Zip Water Jacket for Karson and one for McKenna.

Full Zip Up Jacket
One of the kids favorite things to do in the summer is jump on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath. Now they can throw on their jackets and I can rest assure that their arms, their necks (thanks to the high collar), backs and tummies will stay protected from the sun.

She Loves her jacket
The jackets are a super lightweight, quick drying fabric, that is UPF 50+. You can take them with you to  the swimming pool or to the beach when splashing in the ocean, as the jackets are both chlorine and salt water resistant.

Thumb hole
The jackets are shape-retaining four-way stretch that look and fit the kids so nice. There are optional thumb holes that give your hands additional protection and also prevents the sleeves from sliding up when in the water.

Wonderful Fit
UV Skinz can cover your whole family this summer and keep everyone well protected from the sun from your little babies to mom and dad.

From hats, shorts and pants, to swim shirts, dresses and cover ups UVSkinz can protect the whole family from top to bottom.

Head over to www.uvskinz.com and get all your sun protection in one place.


  1. These are great! My kids are very fair, as well. Now that they are older, they know to remember the sunblock, but when they were younger… an ongoing battle!

  2. They look super cute!
    I would love to get a jacket like that for my son

  3. I would have loved to have had these when my kids were young. I have one that could really use one now.

  4. Sarah L says

    These are a great invention. I like that they’re lightweight but protect.

  5. Karen Glatt says

    My nephew would look so cute in one of these jackets and it would help him and keep him from burning in the sun. Ilike that it is lightweight.

  6. David Fultner says

    Wow these get are pale. They will appreciate when they get older.

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