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After four children and four high chairs I honestly thought that having a high chair I could keep clean was an impossibility. Tiny creases and crevices were my nemesis.

No matter how hard we tried there is no easy way to avoid spills and crumbs from getting (and embedding) everywhere.

The grime that builds up under the seat pads and tiny crevices can get pretty gross.

That’s not even mentioning how unsafe high chairs became as my children grew older. Having a toddler that insisted on climbing into their chair on their own was nerve racking!

So when I saw Step Up the modular easy clean high chair I almost couldn’t believe it. The design makes it a snap to clean up! There is absolutely no place for food to hide.

Seriously… looking over the chair I keep wondering why someone didn’t think of this earlier?!

Not only is it easy to clean, but the Step Up High Chair is a multi-tasker. It converts from a high chair (with easy snap in insert for younger children), to a chair with stairs (for easy accessibility) to a slide encompassing all your child’s needs for the table and when they are done with table time, it’s a toy!

Check out this video of the inventor. This Dad was fed up and found an alternative to traditional high chairs.

I wish this was around when my children were in high chairs.

Not only does this sturdy, ergonomic chair clean up easy, but it is very easy to move from room to room because it us only 20 pounds and has a convenient hand grip area. There is also a convenient storage drawer at the back for bibs and such.

Just amazing.

How many other high chairs can boast they grow with children from six months to six years old?

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You can choose from seven modern colors and can even mix and match them to achieve the perfect color combination for your decor.

I know for a fact I will be looking into purchasing one of these for my house when I become a grandmother.

Buy It:

You can purchase the Up Wee Go: Step Up High Chair for $179.00 from KickStarter. That’s a reduced price for the retail of $289!


  1. shelly peterson says

    This is like the most perfect high chair ever made. I will have to keep this in mind for when the next grand child comes.

  2. what a smart product!

  3. Maria Iemma says

    This is perfect. Why was this not available when my kids were little???

  4. courtney b says

    wow this is adorable!!! I wish they had this when my babies needed a high chair… such cool things coming out now adays!!!!

  5. Jen F says

    This is such a nice product! I love that it grows so much with your child.

  6. Robin Wilson says

    It amazes me how things have changed since my son was of the age to use a high chair! It’s almost like he was raised in the dark ages compared to now. This high chair is one of the coolest things for kids I’ve seen in a long time!

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