Unstructured Playtime Ideas For Kids #PlayWithPurpose

Playtime may seem like something that every child is experiencing on a regular basis, but our sponsor has shown us that in fact, many children do not get to enjoy unstructured playtime. Since some children may live without the freedom to play naturally, we have come up with some great ideas to help you make sure your own children have unstructured playtime on a regular basis.

Unstructured Playtime Ideas For Kids

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Toys R Us is working along with Save The Children to provide unstructured playtime options to children in need. This program is working to provide children with packs of great toys that encourage playtime that also teach life skills. Not only can you participate in the Twitter party on March 29th at 2pm EST, you can promote the #PlayWithPurpose campaign by sharing with friends and giving your own children great unstructured playtime.

Make quiet time in their room a regular occurrence. One way to really encourage your kids to play without specific goals in mind is to require a regular daily quiet time. This doesn’t mean napping, but it does mean they need to learn to occupy themselves in their room for a set amount of time. While this teaches them independence, it also helps them to not have so much focus on specific play. They can create and imagine without restraints, and that unstructured playtime is vital for their emotional and creative development.

Provide your kids with toys in their bedrooms that are both fun and educational. Things like puzzles, coloring sets, and blocks or building sets are great for teaching them how to complete things on their own. Kids can easily have fun and learn at the same time, and the life skills they learn from these kinds of toys apply in other areas of their lives.

Keep outdoor toys easy to access. Kids playing outside is a great way to give them some unstructured playtime that is fun and excellent for their overall health. Having a bin of fun outdoor toys in an easy to access area is just what they need to help get their imagination going. They can have fun for hours building forts, drawing murals on sidewalks with chalk, or even playing ball in the yard. Without specific rules for their playtime, they are allowed to grow not just physically with exercise but emotionally and mentally as they challenge themselves.

Provide a variety. Not only do you want to have classic outside toys like jump ropes, balls, sidewalk chalk and bubbles on hand, include things like kids pretend carpentry kits or even a pup tent that older kids can put up on their own. These fun tools and toys are great for helping your kids to learn some new skills and have fun at the same time without being pressured into playing in a specific way.

Take your kids to play centers. Children’s museums and kids play centers offer unstructured playtime ideas for kids. Not only do they challenge your kids with a lot of great educational ideas, they are often setup to encourage your kids to have fun in their own unique way. These are great places to get your kids excited about toys, science, and tons of fun new ideas they may not be exposed to in other playtime situations. These are also excellent places for kids to work on social skills by playing with other children they don’t already know. This is another vital part of kids development.

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Visit Toysrus.com/PlayWithPurpose to learn more about the program and make a donation (now through April 24). Donations will support Save the Children’s early childhood development programs, which help children in some of America’s most underserviced communities thrive.

Join us in not only sharing the #PlayWithPurpose campaign, but also providing your own children with excellent unstructured playtime that will build their creativity, self-esteem, and life skills naturally.


  1. Jenn says

    This is great. Playtime is so important.

  2. Kimberly M. says

    These are such great suggestions. I try to do this with my grandson who lives with me part-time. Child development is so important at an early age and continuing it.

  3. Sarah L says

    For kids, life is all about playing. You can give them a good grounding in life.

  4. Freedom to play and have fun is such an important part of childhood. This program sounds like a wonderful way to give back.

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