Trying to Be Healthier? Consider Making the Switch to Ceramic Cookware

The constant quest for a healthier lifestyle is a noble task. When doing this, many people spend the majority of their time and effort changing their eating habits, sleep patterns, and exercise routines. Unfortunately, most don’t think about changing their cookware too. 

Changing your eating habits is a great start to a healthy lifestyle, but did you know that your cookware could be releasing harmful toxins and metals into your food? In fact, most cookware materials start to do this over time

Read on to learn more and discover why you should consider switching to ceramic cookware

Types of Cookware and the Effects They Have On Food

You may or may not know that there are several different types of cookware to choose from. Whether you go with iron, glass, or ceramic, there are many attributes to consider when deciding which material to purchase. Here are a few common materials and the effects that they can have on your food. 


Copper cookware is known for evenly cooking food at stable temperatures. Unfortunately, it can be one of the most harmful materials to cook with if it isn’t taken care of appropriately. Orange lines can appear through the finish as copper cookware starts to age. This could mean that trace metals are getting into your food when you cook and can be harmful to your health. 

Non-Stick (Teflon®) 

Non-stick is another popular material for cookware that can actually be quite dangerous to you and the ones you cook for. The coating that makes these pans non-stick is often made of harmful plastics that, when scratched or damaged, will undoubtedly get into your food. This can ultimately lead to sickness or disease. 


Who doesn’t love grandma’s casserole! Casserole dishes and group meals like lasagna are often cooked in glass cookware. Glass is actually a great material to use because it won’t harm you in any way. The only downfall is that it can be fragile and dangerous if broken. 


Iron skillets have been a crowd favorite among home chefs for decades. Unfortunately, they are heavy and potentially harmful to the human body. A heavy metal like iron can often get into your food which, contrary to popular belief, is not good for your health. 


If you are looking for a new set of pots and pans that is healthy to use and great for cooking any dish, ceramic cookware is the material for you. They work like a charm without releasing toxins into your food that may harm you. 

The Benefits of Using Ceramic Pots and Pans 

Ceramic cookware is undoubtedly the better material to use. But what exactly makes it so special? This could be hard to believe, especially if you have never heard of it. Here are several attributes of ceramic cookware that combined make it incredible for any home.

It Lasts a Long Time 

First up, ceramic pots and pans are built to last. If you want to purchase a set of cookware and not even think about replacing it for years to come, ceramic is the material for you. It’s easy to take care of, durable, and will not break down easily. 

There are No Heavy Metals 

There are no heavy metals involved in the construction of ceramic cookware. Unlike cast iron and non-stick pans, you can rest assured that no trace metals are making their way into your family’s food. Giving you much-needed confidence in your health. 

There Are No Dangerous Chemicals 

In addition to the absence of heavy metals, ceramic does not release harmful chemicals or plastics into your food. This is simply because it is not made with any chemicals that could harm you. 

They Are Great to Cook With 

The next question most people have is how well does it work? Ceramic cookware, in addition to being safe and long-lasting, works better than most pots and pans. Because ceramic is porous, it does a great job of evenly distributing heat which cooks your food better and conserves energy. 

There Are Plenty of Color Options 

Lastly, ceramic cookware looks great and comes in almost any color you could want. While this may not be a make-or-break attribute, it is a great bonus. Who doesn’t want their kitchen to look good while cooking? 

The Takeaway 

Trying to be healthier is a noble goal. Not only does it take hard work and discipline, but it also takes a lot of time and research. It’s easy to exercise more and eat more vegetables, but taking the time to learn elements of health like the effects cookware can have on your body is something else completely. So, you are doing great! Now all you have to do is pick up a set of ceramic cookware and keep up the good work. Good luck!


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