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This post brought to you by Trulia. All opinions are my own.

Do you have habits that some others might find … strange? Do you do quirky things when you are finally home and at ease… totally relaxed?

Are you a sun chaser? Do you have walls of large windows to sunbathe in?

Do you have an odd sense of fashion?

Do you appreciate great acoustics?

My only “quirk” is that I like to run my hands over my kitchen cabinets when in the kitchen. When we were looking at new homes, the first place I went to was the kitchen. While talking to the realtor I would run my hands over the countertops. Stone counters won.

Whatever your habits… Trulia can help you find the perfect home to compliment it.

What is Trulia?

Trulia, a leading destination for homebuyers and renters, makes finding a home – whether renting or buying – easy and enjoyable.


Trulia wants you to feel #TruliHome. What better way to do so then to give away $25K! Whether you refuse to step on the cracks of your hardwood floors, answer your phone in fake voices, or walk around naked at all times, Trulia is helping consumers find their #TruliHome by giving away $25,000 to one lucky winner.

How does one enter to win? Visit the #TruliHome campaign microsite and enter your email for a chance to win.

Do you have a fun quirk you like to do when you are #TruliHome?

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