Trendy Gifts for Mothers and Fathers Day

Trendy Gifts for Mothers and Fathers Day

After the Holiday season lump (the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas  season), most people have spent all of their good ideas for the perfect present. By the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, creativity has run out and people are left with boxes of chocolates, tacky cards and cheap white teddy bears.

With Mother’s Day (May 12)  and Father’s Day (June 16) just around the corner, people are seeking to reinvigorate their ideas by subscribing to various social media outlets and new sites, looking out for trendy new gifts. Here are a few ideas, new and traditional, that will make your Mothers Day and Fathers Day one of kind.

For Mom

TefalDeepFryerMothers Day has definitely evolved from the usual glitter-coated card. Nevertheless, the thought is always appreciated. For the modern mom, trends have never been more important. With an exploding interest in cuisine (the Foodie movement), most people, especially women, are hopping onto the bandwagon and investing in state-of-the-art cookware, such as the mighty health-conscious Tefal Deep Fryer (one tablespoon per pound of food) or the re-invented Dutch oven.

Accessories are must-haves for Spring and Summer fashion. Whether they be necklaces, hats or tote bags, knowing what she wants in terms of accessories will no doubt show her appreciation for her and demonstrate your attention to detail, which means a lot more than the gift itself.

Never underestimate the importance of flowers on Mother’s Day. Websites such as offer same or next day delivery, just in time to surprise mom with a bouquet of beautiful yellow roses or fragrant lilies of the valley.

For Dad

We sure have come a long way from the Sunday dinners with dad and the family. Give dad something that he will cherish for the rest of the year, be it thought or gadget. I say gadget because as technology evolves, so does the tastes of the modern American man. Fathers Day 2013 will no doubt revolve around trendy new electronics that will make dad’s life easier.

Google Smart WatchOne of the hottest gifts on today’s market is the smart watch. Designed to resemble a smartphone, smart watches have been generating popularity since the Christmas season and have since then been flying off the shelves. More companies are now coming out with their own versions of the smart watch, so expect to see reductions and competing prices just in time for Father’s Day.

Keyboards for tablets and iPads are also something that’s catching the eye of the male demographic. With a clever design and sleek shape, keyboards will definitely make dad stand out in the boardroom (or any professional setting).

If you’re also planning on giving dad something colorful for Fathers Day brunch, why not order a bouquet of fruit from ProFlowers, the internet’s premier source of chocolate-covered fruit and dessert. It’s not a gift to be underestimated!

Whether you’re celebrating Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversaries or birthdays, it’s always important to stay-up-to-date with the latest novelties that will put a cherry on top on that special day. Think outside the box when you’re giving a loved one a gift. Be creative, heartfelt, and make that day a memorable one!

This post was written by R. Wilcox


  1. Denise L says

    HA! I’ll be lucky to get a “Happy Mother’s Day” 🙂 Actually sometimes my husband surprises me with chocolate covered strawberries, which are so much better than an oiless deep fryer to me.

    • Oh yes… I’d prefer chocolate covered strawberries over a deep fryer too. Mmmmmm my two favorite yummies together.

  2. Wow! Some really awesome ideas for Mom and Dad! Thanks for sharing. I would love the Tefal Deep Fryer.

    • My husband picks on me because I’m always wanting to try new kitchen gadgets. Sometimes it’s the ones he swears I will only use once that I use for years upon years… like my bread machine :). I love proving him wrong.

  3. jamie braun says

    Last year I got a microwave! its exactly what I asked for actually!

    • You sound like me. I prefer useful items that aren’t necessarily a necessity (well, sometimes they are), but I realllllly want them 🙂

  4. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I am not creative when it comes to gifts so I appreciate the ideas! I think my mom would love a tote bag!

  5. Vickie Couturier says

    those are nice gifts to give for either holiday,,I always enjoyed just having my kids go to church with me an then dinner,,both my parents are gone now an I miss sharing those days with them

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