Treat Your Mom with Jewels and Gems

Looking for that perfect gift for mom but not sure in which direction to go? Flowers are nice, but they eventually die. Chocolate covered strawberries and other delicacies are delicious, but they, too, will eventually be gone with nothing left behind. Why not, instead, buy her something a little more permanent? Something she can enjoy for years to come. Jewelry is something that is beautiful that mom will love and be able to keep forever.

Once you’ve made the decision to buy your mother jewelry, you still have a few other big decisions to make. For instance, what type of jewelry should you buy her? True, you can go to any ordinary jewelry store and pick up something nice, but those pieces are often generic and mass-produced. Instead, why not get her unique and/or custom jewelry that will make her feel like the special, one-of-a-kind mom she is?

Rare jewelry made from colored gemstones, for instance jade meaning purity, is often a big hit with mothers across generations. This is because the jewelry can be matched to her birthstone, your birthstone, her grandchildren’s birthstones, her anniversary month’s stone or any number of other stones to represent the special events and people in her life.

Exploring unique and personalized jewelry options can add a thoughtful touch to your gift for mom, and sites like Jewlr offer a variety of beautifully crafted double name necklaces worth considering.

Once you’ve chosen to order your mother a unique piece of jewelry with gemstones of particular types, the next step is to decide what type of jewelry you want to order. Here are five of the best, most beautiful ideas:

  1. Necklace/Locket – A necklace is a great choice for Mother’s Day because it can be tailored so perfectly to fit your mom’s tastes and personality. With a customized necklace, you get to choose the material for both the pendant and the chain, as well as the length of the chain and the design of the pendant. If your mother loves flowers, you can choose a rose-shaped pendant with a gemstone in the center. If your mom is more of an animal lover, why not buy her a necklace with her favorite bird with the gemstone twinkling in its eye?

Lockets are another good choice because, in addition to being able to add a customizable gemstone into the locket, you can also add a picture of your spouse, your children, or anything else that your mother loves and wants to keep close at all times. Lockets are no longer simply heart-shaped either. You can find lockets in many different shapes to fit your mom’s specific tastes.

  1. Ring – A ring is another great choice for mom. Sterling silver, white or yellow gold, some other material – you can choose the perfect look to accent your mom’s finger. There are many different stone settings from which to choose, and again, you can always choose a colored gemstone to suit a special person or occasion in your mother’s life. Moms use their hands for everything from cleaning to cooking to checking in with you on Facebook, and every time your mom looks down at her hands wearing the gorgeous ring you designed for her, she’ll think of you. What better gift is there to give?If you wish to go for a safe and ideal choice, there is nothing better than a diamond ring from Dallas. This place offers the best quality and precious diamonds to shop. Moreover, Dallas custom jewelry is another biggest reason to consider shopping from here. So, all in all you get the liberty of choosing your preferred type and size of diamond with an exceptional ring design. What else you need to make her feel special?
  2. Charm Bracelet – Charm bracelets have made a strong comeback over the last several years and what better gift for mom than a gorgeous charm bracelet full of things to represent her life? This gift allows you to add a gemstone for every important person in her life, as well as charms to represent her various loves and interests – her pets, her garden, her love of reading. Charm bracelets showcase to the world how rich and varied your mom’s life is.
  3. Anklet – If your mom is more of a free-spirit, outdoorsy type, why not get her a gorgeous custom anklet instead? Anklets can be uniquely customized like any other piece of jewelry and can include all the same beautiful charms and stones as bracelets. They look just as lovely and delicate around your mom’s ankle as any other piece of jewelry.
  4. Earrings – Earrings are probably one of the most traditional pieces of jewelry available. However, just because they are commonly given, that doesn’t mean they are common. Feel free to order mom some unique, personalized custom earrings with her (or your!) birthstone as decoration.


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