Toy Shopping at Kohls

 Toy Shopping at Kohls

Promotional item received. All opinions are my own.

I am typically a bargain hunter, but even more so during the holidays. With four children to buy for, I need to stretch my dollars as far as possible.

This year I decided to bargain hunt on the website for Emma and Ethan’s most wanted toys.


We visited Santa early this year. Both children had a long detailed list of items they were hoping to get.

I paid particular attention to their answer to Santa’s last question…

“What on those lists is the one thing you really are hoping for this year?”


Ethan immediately responded a robot dinosaur.

Emma, she wanted accessories for her American Girl doll.


My budget this particular shopping trip was only $100. I had to stretch it as far as I could.

Fortunately I had both sales and coupons to bundle.

I found this Roboraptor  at a fabulous price. I had heard good things about it and this one sold only at Kohl’s was green… super cool from a little boy’s point of view.


Searching for accessories for an American Girl doll threw me for a few minutes. Then I realized that Kohl’s carries dollie & me clothes!

With the sale prices and coupons, I paid less for the matching pajamas than I would have for a single pair of little girl pajamas… and she will match her doll!

I was going to check out with just those two items, but realized I had a little left in my budget and kept looking. THEN I found the mommie & me apron set. It is a 3 piece apron set for Mommy, girl and doll. HOW adorable will that be?! I couldn’t pass it up!!!

My shopping is done… but if YOUR’S isn’t you still have some time to shop or Kohl’s brick and mortar stores for deals like these!

I can’t wait for Santa to bring his prized delivery next week!

What did YOUR kids tell Santa they want the most?



  1. I love Kohls. They have such great prices and I am a little addicted to the “circling in red how much you saved” process at the register!

  2. Sherrie C. says

    We love Kohl’s and I’ve done a bit of shopping there online already. I really like the RoboRaptor you found too. Thanks 🙂

  3. shelly peterson says

    I do enjoy shopping at Kohl’s but I mostly shop for clothes and shoes. I forget about shopping there for toys. The dinosaur you got is really cool.

  4. My oldest daughter wanted a candy bar maker, my younger daughter wanted Dallas Cowboys gear and my son wanted Pokemon cards. They all scored big and I always find the best deals at Kohl’s!

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