Top 8 Luxury Gifts for Office Workers

Top 8 Luxury Gifts for Office Workers

Business leaders across the continent are looking for ways to motivate and retain great employees. Outside of increasing pay and benefits, you can increase employee satisfaction and retention by providing upscale gifts that incentivize, reward or celebrate your employees. Read on to find the most luxurious gifts to give office workers.

1) Massage Therapy

Office workers often suffer from tension headaches, stress and soft tissue strains which could be alleviated by massage therapy. Help relieve your employees’ stress and aching shoulder muscles by giving a 60-minute massage certificate for a local spa, health club or franchise like Massage Envy ($75). Alternatively, bring in a corporate massage therapist to offer regular 15-minute sessions for free to your employees.

2) Gourmet Coffee Maker

Give your employees’ coffee break the ultimate upgrade with a luxury, self-cleaning coffee maker. The Jura J95 (on sale for $1899) offers a European style cup with feather-like foam and the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee. Let gourmet lattes, macchiatos and cappuccinos replace the sad drip-coffee in your office’s break room. It may be expensive, but so are Rolex wristwatches, and this is so much more pleasurable.

3) Wireless Headphones

Music can improve productivity and focus at work by increasing positivity and blocking out distractions. For the music fan, consider giving high-quality wireless headphones like Beats by Dre. The Powerbeats3 ($199) wireless headphones work well for those who like to workout because of their 12-hour battery life and dynamic sound. For your cubicle listener, the Beats Solo 3 ($299) offers nine appealing colors, a comfortable fit and up to 40 hours of battery life.

4) Leather Briefcase

A statement bag or briefcase is the hallmark of a polished professional. Help your employee reach this status with a fine leather bag like the Schoolboy Satchel by BillyKirk ($495). The classic, appealing silhouette is based on the medic bags carried during World War I, and the leather is crafted from Horween Leather hides, one of the best tanneries in the U.S.

5) Handcrafted Wristwatch

Think beyond the cheesy company watches given at retirement parties. The Bedrock 42mm by Shinola ($700) is an accessory to be given and worn with pride. Constructed by artisans in Detroit, this minimalist watch is made to last and the slim design fits underneath dress clothes perfectly.

6) Wine Club Membership

Satisfy or expand your employee’s palate with a wine club subscription. Vinebox delivers customizable, curated wines with tasting notes and pairings. Subscribers discover new wines selected by a team of sommeliers for as little as $25 per month.

7) Beautiful Desk

Standing desks are all the rage right now, but who wants a cheap-looking desk from IKEA? Instead, invest in your employee’s work station by giving him or her a beautiful 1910 American Trestle Drafting Table by Restoration Hardware ($1750). The cast iron base feels substantial, and the broad work surface lifts, lowers and tilts to suit any need.

8) Airport Luxury

Everyone wants a little extra spoiling when they travel, especially if they have to travel for work or if they are planning a much-needed vacation. Help them achieve travel nirvana between flights by gifting a travel club membership like the United Club. Weary travelers can recharge in a sleek airport lounge stocked with complimentary refreshments, Wi-Fi and much cozier seating ($600). As a bonus, United Club members can also enjoy complimentary access to Amtrak’s ClubAcela lounges.


9) Cash Bonus

Let’s face it, everyone appreciates cash when it comes to bonuses at work. Although gifts can be a lovely, sentimental touch to show employees that you care, it is often much more useful to give them a sum of money. You could offer them a handmade card with their cash inside, or you could do a simple online bank transfer. If you have remote workers in your company or as colleagues, you may need to figure out how to send money to different countries or transfer money to Bangladesh. Transferring money online should be simple, quick and trustworthy so make sure you find a platform that helps you to carry out your chosen transaction.

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