Top 5 Attic Pests & How To Remove Them

Top 5 Attic Pests & How To Remove Them

Do you constantly hear scraping coming from your attic? Before you write it off as just the wind, you should have a professional pest removal expert inspect the area to see if you have any unwanted visitors. Many pests prefer the attic because it is a secluded area of the home to give them shelter. Look into the numerous pest services available the next time you start thinking, “I need some wildlife pest control near me right this second.”

1. Rodents

Mice, squirrels and other rodents can get inside your attic through a very small opening. Therefore, the best course of action is to seal all potential openings. Once everything is sealed off, you can lay out traps as long as you do not go into the attic that often. Those traps will take care of pests that still manage to find a way through.

2. Bats

Sealants will also keep bats at bay. You will know when bats have entered your home because they leave behind extremely pungent droppings. Inspect every area of your home, including the chimney, vents and fascia boards to keep bats away. When bats are inside your home, they will need to physically be removed by a professional because most standard traps will not work.

3. Ants

Ants are perfectly capable of crawling up your home’s siding and reaching the attic. For this reason, you should never leave food or water up there. If there is a leak in the piping, then you want to address it immediately. Even one ant reaching the attic can lead to more coming soon enough. Chemical sprays work for ants already present.

4. Silverfish

Silverfish are not necessarily dangerous, but they can destroy books and other materials. They are drawn to extremely humid climates, so you can keep them out of your attic by installing a dehumidifier. Installing screens on windows to promote ventilation also helps.

5. Possums

Possums really make a mess when they get into an attic. They will eat anything they can get their hands on and leave behind excessive waste. They may even damage the attic’s insulation to make a den. Trapping is the best way to remove possums, and professionals can use trapping to remove an entire family of possums from the premises.

Do not wait until a problem gets worse. Contact professionals who specialize in cockroaches pest control and various other services at Terminix as soon as you suspect pests are inside your house. Terminix makes sure every animal is removed from your home before calling it a job well done.

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