Top 10 Gifts for Girls in 2012

Top 10 Gifts for Girls in 2012

Not sure what to buy that special girl in your life for her birthday or for this holiday season? Well, girls’ interests are constantly changing as they grow up, and you might need a bit of a refresher course. Here are some trending gift ideas for girls:

dollclothessuperstore_2239_387693691.       Dolls. Find out what kind of dolls she might like. Popular dolls include Barbie, Bratz, La Dee Da and Disney stars (like Cinderella) are all popular choices. Even some older classics are making a comeback, such as My Little Pony and Cabbage Patch Kids.

2.       Doll clothes. One of the best parts of playing with dolls are changing and collecting doll clothes. Check out a doll clothes superstore for a huge array of choices for popular dolls you buy. This is also a great idea to bring more fun to dolls she may already have.

3.       Kitchen play sets. There are many makers of kitchen play sets available. Some are very detailed and come with utensils, food, pots and pans.

4.       Beauty gifts. There are age appropriate beauty kits available to cover a wide array of ages. Kits can include locker kits, lip gloss and bath soaps. You can also consider nail polish, lotions or makeup.

5.       Tech gifts. There are electronics available that are great for all ages. The iPod shuffle is an inexpensive mp3 player that is durable and can introduce a girl into the digital age. Older girls may also enjoy iPads, laptops or even a Kindle to read on.

6.       Hair chalk. Hair chalking is a trendy and non-permanent way for girls to add color to their hair. Most chalks are set by heat (flat iron or curling iron) and wash out.

7.       Movies and books. Find out what her favorite movies are, and make sure she does not already have a copy. Is the movie based off of a book? She may enjoy reading the book as well. If she is into books, find out what genre she likes and look for something new and fun. Craft books are also a great gift idea and have lots of ideas of projects to work on.

8.       Music. What kind of music does she like? Are they any new albums out by her favorite artists? Look into buying a CD or mp3s. Itunes gift cards are another great gift idea that lets her pick out her own music.

9.       Play-Doh. What little kid doesn’t love Play-Doh? There are kits available for girls, such as Play-Doh’s Disney Princess Prettiest Princess Castle set.

10.   Littlest Pet Shop. The Littlest Pet Shop is a popular toy for girls that allow them to care for and play with. There are accessories available to add to the enjoyment.

Shopping for girls isn’t impossible, but you can’t just buy something completely random and expect your daughter or girlfriend to glow with happiness. The above list should help you with some ideas.

This post was written by R. Wilcox


  1. Thank you so much for the ideas. With so many granddaughters, I have been stumped as to what to get them. This post has helped us a lot. Thanks again.

  2. I like the idea with hair chalk! But – did you try it? It sounds tricky! 🙂

    • I haven’t tried it with that method, but there is a hair chalk “toy” that I tried at BlogHer this year and it worked!!! You can find it at Amazon for about $13


  3. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I love everything Girl 🙂 When I was pregnant I wanted a girl so bad because I could not wait to play dolls and kitchen with a little girl! As it turns out I got my little girl, and looking at these gifts makes me so thankful for a little girl, they are so fun!

  4. joanna garcia says

    i never heard about head chalk! will def look into that since mhy girl love to do dress up!

    • Joanna,

      They make a hair chalk “toy”.. you can find it for about $13 at Amazon
      My kids love to play with ours. Be warned, if your child has dark brown hair like Emma it doesn’t show as brightly. It works great in Ethan’s hair.


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