3 Things to Check to Maintain Tire Safety | Cooper Tires Experience

3 Things to Check to Maintain Tire Safety | Cooper Tires Experience

Sample received. All opinions are my own.

Tires are often times overlooked when checking the overall driving condition of a vehicle, especially by younger drivers.

When my two oldest began driving, one of the first things we did was to put a new set of tires on the car. Why? Because my husband and I both realize that the tires are the only thing connecting their car to the road.

Checking the condition of your tires is fairly simple and should be taught to every driver.

The three key things to check are:

  • tire pressure: the right pressure gives you better control and better wear on your tires.
  • tread depth: the correct depth will help you maintain traction on curves and keep you from hydroplaning.
  • overall tire condition: any damage to the tire can be dangerous and even cause tire failure.

Knowing how to check these three things may be confusing at first. That’s why I’ve encouraged my own children to download the Tread Wisely Mobile App. There they can find safety information, how-to videos, and other safety features like the “I got there” feature to help kids remember to let their parents know they arrived at their destination safely.

The photo above is of my old set of tires. You can see that some of the tread on the outer edge has been worn almost completely down, they were starting to crack and I honestly wasn’t feeling very safe driving my van with them. My husband and I had been discussing their overall condition when I was given the opportunity to try a set of Cooper Tires.

Finding a local dealer was super easy and installation was a breeze. I had been read online from another consumer that I would even notice a difference in the “feel” while driving… and while driving home I was surprised at how much “smoother” my ride felt. I don’t know the technicalities of all of this, but I was pleased with the drive and knowing that my kids were now safer with quality tires on the van reduced my stress level a ton.

Tires are just as important to maintain as your car. Buying quality tires and keeping on top of the maintenance will keep you safer, save you money and you will be less likely to have unexpected tire failures.


  1. I’m very picky about the condition of my tires. Good tips in this post.

  2. Tire safety is important.

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