Tips to Help You Choose a Plastic Surgeon 

Selecting the appropriate plastic surgeon can be life-altering; therefore, it is vital that you conduct sufficient research and interview several surgeons prior to making a choice. 

Ask for references and testimonials from past patients as well as photos of previous procedures performed. Make sure they specialize in the procedure you are contemplating. 


Plastic surgeon Ontario must meet stringent qualifications before practicing. These include obtaining a bachelor’s degree, completing medical school education, and undergoing residency training. While board certification isn’t required by State licensure bodies, most hospitals and clinics prefer working exclusively with board-certified surgeons. 

Plastic surgeons need an intuitive sense of visual art, hand-eye coordination, physical stamina and strong communication skills in order to excel at their careers in plastic surgery. Their patients typically suffer from severe disfigurements and trauma that requires constant care from them as patients return with their results of treatments. 

Plastic surgeons undergo intensive training during which they learn a range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, along with operating the latest techniques and technologies. Some may specialize in specific aesthetic surgeries; use our Find a Surgeon feature to see if they have experience performing your procedure – this can prevent complications that could have serious repercussions! 


Medical procedures can be stressful experiences. Quality professionals will be willing to answer all of your queries and concerns promptly while giving you enough time for relaxation. 

Ask your prospective surgeon how often they have performed the procedure you’re interested in; more experience typically means better results. 

Once again, request before-and-after photos from your surgeon. A good surgeon should gladly provide these, though remembering that everyone starts from different aesthetic positions; results may differ accordingly. Still, good surgeons should provide honest guidance as to the most suitable options available in your unique case as well as providing a realistic timeline for recovery as well as outlining risks involved – ultimately creating peace of mind by being concerned for both your health and well-being. 


Plastic surgery is a highly specialized field, and not all surgeons offer equal expertise. Consider their years in practice and what type of procedure you wish to undergo – some physicians specialize only in one or two cosmetic treatments like dermal fillers or Botox Las Vegas while others can focus on particular parts of the body such as face, breasts or abdomen. 

Surgery requires multiple attempts before it is successful; and novice surgeons often struggle to correct botched procedures that have gone awry, which is why you should only choose an experienced physician for your procedure. 

Some doctors may be well-known, yet this doesn’t guarantee they are qualified or board certified. For example, some board certified in other medical specialties like ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology or ear, nose and throat (ENT) consider themselves plastic surgeons even though they lack formal training in that area of the body. 

Patient Reviews 

Before making any big decision, such as cosmetic surgery, it’s likely you read online reviews first. While conducting such research can be helpful in general, when it comes to plastic surgery these reviews could actually be misleading according to a new study. 

Patients who write positive reviews may be in some way compensated, and are more likely to be friends or family of the surgeon, making their reviews suspect. Meanwhile, negative reviews can sometimes be planted by competitors of the surgeon or reputation management companies seeking business. 

When reviewing online reviews, it’s essential to keep the experience of the patient front and center. Look for details regarding results and how their doctor handled any complications during or post surgery, recovery processes and fees related to surgery; ultimately it would be ideal if meeting in person before making your decisions. 

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