Tips For Your American Holiday

Tips For Your American Holiday

There are many considerations in making the move to live abroad whether it be permanently or for a shorter term break.  Family, finance and those little home comforts that you know you are going to miss.

Visiting friends who moved away is both a great excuse for a holiday and a welcome reunion for people you are missing. There are now many economic ways of travelling, particularly to America and you can find deals on your own US getaway at Expedia.

So what are the ten most wanted items that ex-pats want their family and friend to send them or bring out when visiting.
1. Tea. Nothing quite compares to an English cup of tea. Yes, it comes to England from far away parts of the old empire, however, once blended and repackaged it becomes an essential part of day.
2. Marmite. Only the English would create such a divisive flavored treat. Adore or detest, still a must to have in the cupboard whilst miles from home. You will always have a Marmite moment so be prepared.
3. Marks & Spencer underwear. Seriously, where else in the world can you get such snug and comforting undergarments than at M&S . Easy to pack and always appreciated.
4. Cadburys chocolate. The Swiss can keep their world renowned chocolate, the unique creamy taste of Cadburys is unbeatable, even the Cadburys abroad doesn’t have that same unique taste and any other global brand comes a poor second. Stock up on your favorite bars for the classic treat.
5. Crumpets. This doughy delight complete with melted butter will warm the spirits of any homesick Brit abroad.
6. Branston pickle. Can you imagine a sandwich without pickle? If you are missing home then undoubtedly this crunchy treat and unique taste will brighten your day.
7. Socks. Although readily available throughout the world, nothing compares to good old pair of English socks. The warmth and reliability of the socks sold throughout our department stores will give you support and comfort wherever you may be in the world.
8. Fine china. A must to go with the English tea! thin rimmed cups and delicate handles enhance the experience of the tea and biscuits break.
9. Crisps. Whether it be Hula Hoops or Walkers Cheese & Onion,  the unique texture and flavors of the English crisp will give you a terrific snack treat .
10. The Sunday Times. The on-line version is OK, however nothing compares to the rustle of the broadsheet and spread of supplements. A necessity for any traditional Sunday.

So book your flights, find some accommodation with great savings at and pack your cases with as much of this list as possible!

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