Tips For Traveling With CBD Gummies 

Just because you are traveling, doesn’t mean you have to leave your Verma Farms CBD gummies at home. The laws may be a little confusing, but some preparation and planning is all you need to breeze through airport security like a pro. 

Why You Want to Take CBD Gummies on Your Trip 

Combat Fatigue and Soreness 

 Traveling can be exhausting. Yes, you and your family are having the time of your lives, but when you are on vacation, you usually eat out every day, get less sleep, and sometimes push your physical limits. Walking at theme parks and museums all day can be a beast on your back and feet, adventure vacations will have you using muscles you didn’t know existed, and a day playing in the waves can set your arms and legs on fire.  

CBD will help you feel your best so the fun doesn’t have to end. When you take CBD gummies for pain or CBD oil for pain, you help speed up your recovery time so you can be less sore for less time. Ever start your vacation with an activity that wipes you out and you can barely move the rest of the time? Making sure you keep up on your CBD regiment while you are on vacation can help you get better sleep and reduce inflammation to get you moving and enjoying all the once-in-a-lifetime experiences your vacation has in store.  

 Keep Your Cool 

 You love spending time with your kids. They love spending time with you (even if they don’t always act like it). But sharing a hotel bathroom with everyone, spending hours on the road together, or trying to funnel the whole crew through security at the airport can be harrowing.  

CBD gummies can help take the edge off of your tension, allowing you to take a deep breath and smile instead of threatening to “turn the car around this instant!” Studies have shown that CBD can help combat stress and anxiety, which will lead to a more relaxed and enjoyable vacation for everyone. 

Understanding Federal Law 

Federal Law is Complicated  

The federal government made industrial hemp and its derivatives legal in 2018 with the Farm Bill. While it may seem that this means a free for all where CBD is concerned, the laws make things somewhat ambiguous.  

While CBD is no longer a controlled substance and the FDA does not regulate it as such, the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics department prohibits the manufacture and promotion of it as a supplement, curative, or food additive. This means that your CBD gummies and oils are technically illegal. 

The FDA is Not Interested in Punishing You 

Do not fret. You are not a hardened criminal because you ordered tasty CBD gummies to help you get through the day and reduce your anxiety. The FDA has stated that they will focus on pursuing enforcement with brands that claim to cure or treat major illnesses. You are not on their radar. Companies promising that CBD will cure cancer are. Your offense is more like driving 53 miles an hour where the speed limit is 50.  

The explosion of CBD on the market has made it virtually impossible to outlaw CBD for human and animal consumption, and the FDA’s lack of zeal in stopping it is basically an acknowledgment that the laws just need to catch up. 

Tips For Traveling With CBD 

Air Travel – Domestic 

The TSA states that CBD is permitted in carry-ons and checked bags as long as the product is derived from hemp and not marijuana. This means that your CBD must contain 0.3 percent THC or less in order to pass through security.  

Not all TSA officers are particularly versed in CBD rules, and sometimes it is difficult to discern the difference between hemp-derived and marijuana-derived CBD. Be prepared ahead of time to help the officers out and answer questions so that you don’t miss your flight or make your kids think that Mommy is getting arrested.   

  • Be sure your CBD is hemp-derived. 
  • Have a certificate of analysis prepared so you can show the amount of THC is within the legal limit. 
  • Use CBD Gummies instead of oil to be more discreet. They may go unnoticed. 
  • Consider CBD isolate so there are no questions about THC whatsoever. 
  • Know the laws in the states in which you board the plane and exit the plane and any states where there may be a connecting flight or layover. 

 Air Travel – International 

General guidelines are basically the same for international flights, but make sure you know CBD laws inside and out before traveling to another country. In this case, you may want to consider finding a place to purchase CBD once you get to your destination if it is legal there. Some countries allow the possession of CBD, but not its transport across international borders. 

Road Trips 

 The quintessential family vacation. Road trips are a blast and generally simpler than air travel with CBD because you don’t have to make it through a security checkpoint in order to be on your way. 

  • Laws vary by state. Know what they are in each state you are visiting, and each state you are driving through. 
  • Don’t forget that gummies are easier and more discreet than oil. Plus, you eliminate the risk of spills. 

Final Thoughts 

Family vacations are full of happy times and lead to fond memories. You don’t have to leave your CBD at home in order to travel safely and legally. Take them with you so you can continue to feel your best throughout, keeping your cool in those moments of stress. Just a little planning and preparation can help you have the best vacation yet. 

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