Tips for Saving Money on BTS Supplies

Samples received. All opinions are my own.

I know some of you are shoving your fingers in your ears at the first utterance of “back to school”. You’re thinking summer has just begun, right? Yes… but if you are wanting to stay ahead of the game and save a little green you have to think ahead.

I’ve been buying school supplies for nearly 18 years now. Here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way.

Tips for Saving Money on BTS Supplies

  • Shop for school supplies early… things like dry erase markers sell out in August.
  • Shop sales… some good deals are out there already!
  • Stock up on consumable supplies like pencils, paper, erasers, glue… If they don’t run out this year you’ll need them next year.
  • Purchase quality products that will last the year. My son destroys cheap binders by November.
  • Purchase products your children love… they will then take better care of them!


I’ve found multiple times that the cheaper binders are just trash in a few months. That’s why we started purchasing quality binders like Avery. With their new Ultralast line I know that my son won’t be asking me for new binders come November (and if he is, it’s not the binders fault this time).

Ethan will do fine with the Avery Core line as he’s not ultra picky on design and he’s not ultra rough on his stuff. The Glitter and Fashion line are perfect for little fashionistas like my Emma.


Emma was thrilled to see GLITTERY binders from Avery’s new Glitter and Fashion line on our table and immediately laid claim to them. They sparkle and shine without leaving glitter all over the place like her back pack did last year. That is a huge plus in my book.


Part of the thrill of back to school is getting your gear put together. With the Avery dividers she can stay organized and functional but still have her own personalized style while doing it.

You can find Avery binders and labels for your kids in a store near you. You can’t go wrong with any of the binders from the Core, Glitter & Fashion and Ultralast lines.



Imagine a box full of school supplies on your front porch! That’s what you can win by entering the Avery weekly Back To School Sweepstakes in July and August 2015.  The look on my children’s faces when I emptied the box was pure joy and they immediately started putting their binders together.

Good luck!


  1. CR Williams says

    Thanks for sharing I am definitely gonna enter.

  2. Maria C says

    wow! great tips, will be very useful. Thanks for writing this post & thanks for sharing as well

  3. Staples always has “doorbuster” sales (usually on just a few things). Since it’s right around the corner, I go every week and pick up the specials. By the time school starts, we have almost everything we need!

  4. Anne says

    You are totally right about cheaper binders not lasting! Actually, I find that for the most part, it’s worth a little extra money to get good-quality stationery items. That being said, I do love saving money during the back-to-school sales, even though we don’t have any kids in school.

  5. Sarah L says

    I entered since I’d love to win the iPad Air. I’ll donate the supplies to my local school if I win that.

  6. Dandi D says

    I’m always looking for ways to save money, so these are some helpful tips!

  7. Karen Glatt says

    Staples really helps me save a lot of money with back to school. And if they do not have the item left, I go to Walmart and price match. It really helps. I am going to enter Avery back to school giveaway! It sounds fun.

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