Tips for Saving Money at Any Beach Destination

Tips for Saving Money at Any Beach Destination

Beach destinations are known for being expensive trips that come with plenty of add on fees that aren’t always mentioned when you book your trip. Everything from perks at the hotel, to higher car rental fees, to double the price for the same meal are things that can make a fun vacation unaffordable. But what if I told you that you can have a super affordable beach vacation, where you can save cash on just about every aspect of travel.


Use these tips to save cash at any beach destination that you are interested in visiting this year.

Cash in on Airline Miles

There is no reason at all to book airfare, to anywhere, without reaping some sort of benefit from the purchase. No matter when you buy your ticket, or with what airline, save a couple discount airlines, there is some money saving benefit you are eligible for. Cash in on those miles you have already racked up or use your credit cards to reap the benefits of travel for the future.

Cut Back On Your Baggage

Even when you are able to book a decently priced flight, the price of your ticket can quickly go up with carry on and checked in luggage, among other fees. Cut back on the items that you bring with you, only packing what you know you will use for certain. Most travelers report that they do not end up using 40% of what they take, which is enough to whittle down your luggage to just a carry on and a decently sized personal item.

Choose a Nearby Beach

A lot of times there is a less popular beach within a few miles of a super popular beach destination. These off the beaten path beaches are not as booked, are more affordable, and the less crowded beaches can be more appealing. Look up nearby options and you may be surprised by the amount of cash you can save.

Enjoy Prepared Meals

No one wants to go through the work of preparing meals while on vacation, especially if that is your job at home. Dining out the entire time, for three meals a day can really add up though, so to help cut back, shop at the local grocers for prepared meals that you can enjoy cold or on the go, especially great for your time at the beach. Doing this for breakfast and lunch can cut your food bill and give you the cash you need to pay for some really great entertainment.

Always Book a Car Rental with a Discount

Car rental discounts abound, so there is no reason to book a car at full price. While rentals can be costly, they are a great option for beach destinations because you can cover more ground and make it to destinations that are otherwise hard to reach. Look online, check out the groups you are a member of, find out if any friends or family get discounts.

Rent Away From the Airport

Every time you see an incredibly low car rental deal, but try to book it and find that those fees never exist where you need it, there is a reason for that. The cheapest rental fees are usually available in non-touristy locations, away from the airport. While the average fee might be $35-50/day from the airport, you can find the same car five to ten miles from the airport- at a hotel even- for $8-10/day. Find a nearby location and save a ton of cash with hardly any work.


What tips have you learned to help save a few bucks at the beach?



  1. Ah…..the beach. That is what I wanted to do this year but still no funds to do. We had to paint the outside of our house instead of vacationing.

  2. Sasha says

    My tip, it’s great if I can go on workdays (Mon – Thu), it can save more on hotel price, which big expenses.

  3. Tamra Phelps says

    These are great money-savers! I especially like the one about not eating out for 3 meals a day! I know no one wants to cook, but a lot of hotel rooms have microwaves & it won’t hurt anyone to eat a poptart for breakfast now & then, lol.

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