Tips for Matching Your Watch Band with Your Outfit

When smartphones hit the scene a little over a decade ago, the role of the wristwatch in the fashion ensemble seemed to be on the chopping block. That was until the arrival of the smartwatch. While the days of owning several timepieces to coordinate between multiple outfits are over, the interchangeable nature of smartwatch bands has provided a suitable replacement. The average smartwatch wearer likely owns at least three different bands, with exceptionally fashion-conscious individuals probably in possession of dozens.

For those who came of age during the early days of smartphones and therefore never had to learn how to match a wristwatch with an outfit, figuring out the fashion protocol for smartwatch bands might seem a little difficult. Fortunately, we have some tips to help you along the way:

Know when to true-match

It’s typically considered a fashion no-no to overdo color matching an outfit. We’ve all seen those guys and gals out there wearing the same solid color head-to-toe and we can all agree it looks like we stepped into a cartoon universe. With this in mind, most people shy away from true-matching a smartwatch color with their outfit, but exceptions exist (and prove the rule.) For instance, nobody would object to a black band to go along with faux leather leggings and a dark denim jacket. Imagine the same ensemble but in sky blue and the decision to true-match becomes more questionable.

Another instance where true-matching a smartwatch band with an outfit works in favor of the wearer is on the beach or at the pool. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but the aforementioned sky blue doesn’t sound bad when it’s a band paired with a matching triangle bikini or single-piece swimsuit. Just make sure your smartwatch is water resistant before putting this exception into practice!

Assemble a spectrum

The best way to ensure you’re able to match your smartwatch with your outfit is to assemble a variety of color and pattern options. Start with violet and move over until you reach crimson. Sprinkle in a few patterns and textured alternatives. You can’t go wrong if you hedge your bets on as many variables as possible.

Know how to complement

In order to take full advantage of the matching opportunities afforded to them, those with a collection of smartwatch bands need to know how to correctly develop a stylish color scheme with complementary colors. While technically meant for digital graphic designers, the color wheel calculator available online through Sessions College for Professional Design can help individuals figure out which colors work best with each other. Give it a whirl to find the best way to match a distinct smartwatch band with a complementary colored outfit.

Design your own

If you really want to ensure a smartwatch band matches a signature outfit in your wardrobe, why not design your own style? There are several sites online which let individuals do just that. To give you an example, can help you customize the band to your preference.We caution against going overboard similar to undesirable true-matching colors; while it’s possible to replicate a fabric pattern for a watch band to make them match, that doesn’t mean it’s an ideal choice. With that said, you do you; don’t let anybody’s tips on fashion get in the way of dressing the way you want.

While the traditional wristwatch still has a role in the modern fashion ensemble, the versatility of smartwatch styles, by virtue of their interchangeable bands, is eclipsing that role. Given the multitude of options to choose from, the challenge is finding the best match for your outfit.

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