Tips For Enjoying Upcoming Virtual Concerts

We should all accept that this year has influenced our lives and the live music business. Also, we can’t help but be disappointed that we won’t be able to see our favorite bands, venues, or club nights. 

But, you know, the show has to go on, right? Many musicians believe, and that is why live stream shows have become a standard for musicians worldwide, with each performing in their unique way to remain linked to their followers as much as possible.

And during the epidemic, several activities, like concerts and live events, have moved online. Without a doubt, the pandemic has resulted in many shifts around the world.

Our way of life has radically changed. We’ve found ways to make things work as we adjust to the “new standard.” Perhaps it’s our innate survival instinct.

Travel restrictions were imposed, and massive public events were halted as the epidemic spread globally and steadily. This had a significant influence on live music performances and appearances. The dates of some musicians’ shows were asked to be rescheduled.

Find out about the technology ahead of time.

You don’t need to be finding it out in front of your audience and potentially lose them. Please ensure your laptop is charged or connected in, and also that the rooms where you’re streaming have a good internet connection. 

You can also learn music from LVL Music Academy and enjoy catching the beats while having fun at virtual concerts. 

Make sure that your phone, laptop, or computer is correctly propped up (you may also want to indulge in a digital camera) and also that you could see the feedback as they come in. You can also read and reply to many of the comments immediately.

Invest in Your Success

Choose a site like Venmo or Bank transfers that makes it simple for people to donate. Some musicians ask for a minimum donation, while others ask for contributions to a digital tip jar. 

Whatever medium you select, bear in mind that right then, some people can give a little, some can provide quite a lot more, and some can provide almost nothing. Artists have recently had a problem running virtual show tickets via Stage it.


In the days running up to your broadcast, let your followers understand you’ll be getting listed by sharing about it on your social media platforms. Provide a picture with essential details such as the time, which social media platform(s) you’ll be watching on, and details about your online tip jar. is free software with valuable models if you’re not a developer. You can also make an activity on Facebook or post to supporter groups that may be involved. You may also make use of your email list.

Consider the different time zones.

The benefit of live broadcasting is that you can meet fans all over the world. Examine your social networks and Spotify analysis to find out where your followers are: That way, and you can pick a convenient time for most people. 

Think of doing a unique live show for your fans with one part of the world if your audience is global. You can also feel as though you’re on a “world tour” separated into time zones. After you record, it will be accessible for viewers to follow and communicate with at any time you want.

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