Holiday Gift Guide 2013 | Tiny Love Gymini® Super Deluxe Lights and Music

Tiny Love Gymini® Super Deluxe

I received a sample for review. All opinions are my own.

Our first review from “Gifts for Babies” category is a product that as a first time mom I never knew I truly needed.

Tiny Love Gymini
The Tiny Love Gymini® Super Deluxe with lights and music is a floor activity gym for babies ages 0-12 months.
It features:
        • Dual-position baby-activated Kick & Play response pad
        • Selection of fun-filled rattling and swinging animal toys
        • A variety of 9 different features packed in one enchanting play environment
TinyLove Gymini® Super Deluxe
When we first received the Gymini®, Cami was very interested in the bright colors and loved to stare at them. She never looked at our other play mat that I have so I was very excited that she was into this one. I suspect that she was not interested in the first one because it had muted colors. Babies love bright colors! I am new to this whole mommy thing and somehow I missed that it in my reading. I might have read it somewhere, but picking everything out for the registry was so stressful for me that it probably got lost in my mommy brain.


In the early months of having the Gymini®, I would also flip her over on it to do tummy time. She hates tummy time, but the bright colors on the bottom seemed to keep her entertained for few minutes every time I put her on her tummy. Now that she getting a little bigger, she has figured out how to roll herself over. In fact, she rolled over for the first time on the Gymini®. It was awesome to see her flip over on her own. She has not figured out to flip back over yet, but I am sure that is coming.

 Tinylove playmat

At 4 months, my little baby, Cami now reaches for the hanging toys. Her hand eye coordination is getting so much better. I love it! Her fave seems to be the giraffe with the bright colored feet. It is way too cute watching her play. She also loves the music and when the flowers light up.


You can choose from 2 options on the music… kid music like Old McDonald and Bingo or Mozart. The Mozart is a nice retreat for me as I get sick of hearing hearing the kids stuff. All her toys play the same thing. Of course, this is awesome for her learning, but sometimes mommy needs a break from it. The Mozart music is very soothing and she likes it just as much as the other music.
Every once in a while, I find her gazing at herself in the mirror. She looks at herself when she is lying on her side. I think she will be more into it when she can be on her stomach for longer periods of time. Apparently, watching herself babble in front of the mirror can help to develop language and communication skills, as well as self-image. Sound good to me! I read to every day, several times per day so I hope she’s picking up some words from that as well.
Tiny Love Play Mat
The Gymini® is an awesome gift for any baby from 0 to 12 months. The baby will love it and so will the parents as it will provide them a much needed and deserved break while their baby is stimulated and is learning (win-win)!

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    Emotional intelligence is more of a guarantee of future success than IQ

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    Thank you for the chance to win!

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  62. I also found another item I like. I found the Soothe n Groove Mobile that plays 18 different tunes and even has a night calming light. I like that it grows with your child and turns into a portable music box. That was impressive. Thanks for sharing TinyLove review & giveaway with us.

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  68. Heather Baribeau says

    Starry Night Mobile Soother Night Light!

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    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

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