Time Keeps on Slipping…

You know the song… Time Keeps on Slipping by the Steve Miller Band. Oh, so true. Things have been happening around here that remind me daily that my children are no longer babies, that time is slipping through the hourglass faster than it’s supposed to. My oldest is starting her SECOND year in college (HOW can that BE?), Josh is starting Jr. High… next year is his Freshman year… WTH?? Emma has begun “beginning reading skills” and tries to sound words out (sometimes) like she has learned from Super Readers… and my Ethan has moved into his big boy bed (I won’t go into the emotions I felt when his crib left the house to cradle another new little boy) and is showing interest in using the toilet to “pee pee”. Both of the “babies” are rebelling and showing their new found independence by refusing to ride in the stroller and grocery cart.  It’s an exciting time to be their mommy… but where did my babies go?

   I had big plans for this summer. I was going to take the kids to the pool (almost) daily, maybe a zoo visit, park visits, etc. My pool plans faded when I went with the two smallest kids with Kaytlin and was trying to get them both to play in the kiddie pool. Ethan was happy there, Emma wanted to be in the BIG pool. Even when I was in the big pool, I had a hard time managing both non-swimming kidlets by myself. The zoo? Well, I found out it was expensive and the summer just got too hot. The park visits, a few happened… but again when I am alone and am at a busy park it’s hard to keep track of both of them. Ethan needs constant supervision on the play structure and Emma is running from end to end trying to make friends and show people how “big” she is. So, it seems, the summer has slipped by me once again. Tomorrow is the first day of school for Josh. How is THAT possible? Are summers getting shorter? Does time speed x2 during the summer? 

Excuses, excuses right? Sometimes I am full of them… and you?? Does this make me a bad mommy? Sometimes I wonder. I sure hope not. We DID find time to play in the water on the back deck, eat picnic lunches, swing on our swing set, play in the sandbox, jump on the trampoline.. heck, we even went camping (oh yeah.. we camped… in an air conditioned CABIN :O).  I guess it comes down to “not what you do”… but be like Nike and “Just Do It”. 

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