Time For A Kitchen Remodel?

I am a fairly predictable creature. When spring arrives, so does the bug to declutter, rearrange and redecorate. When we purchased our house 10 years ago, the main feature we both agreed needed to be updated eventually is oScreen shot 2012-04-27 at 11.12.11 PMur kitchen. The first thing we’d love to do is remove the wall between the kitchen and the front living room. This will create a large space to allow a kitchen, dining area and sitting area to co-exist.

Next on the list is pantries and hopefully an island. We currently have the standard oak cabinets… builders grade. They aren’t bad looking, just plain and out dated. I have been researching a few ideas on refacing the cabinets and then possibly adding a marble sideboard in the center as an island. I hadn’t really heard of them until recently, but they offer a good deal of storage space while tying the room together and making it feel complete. They also work well (and are meant for) in the dining room instead of an old fashioned hutch.

While researching this type of furniture I ran into the retro designs and started brainstorming ideas for when Kaytlin moves out on her own. She has always expressed to me how she’d love to have a retro style dining room. With so many choices and looks there’s something for everyone and it will make your space unique (and clutter free!).

Our remodel is still on hold, though… but I am thinking of starting a Pinterest idea board for my “someday” kitchen. What remodeling ideas have you got spinning through your head?

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