Throw a Spa Birthday Party for Tweens and Teens

Keeping track of your kid’s taste is like an olympic sport, and just like the olympics, kids have been changing their minds about what is and isn’t cool, on almost a daily basis, since the time of ancient Greece. At least it seems that way. 

When we were kids, we all thought we would grow up to be the cool parent, the one that knows what’s hot and what’s not. Not quite. It turns out parenting is a little more complicated than that, and it’s easy to make tragic missteps when you’re trying to impress your kids, especially when they get to be adolescents and teenagers. That’s a volatile age, and you’re never more than a few moves away from a meltdown. Hence the question: what kind of themed birthday parties will do the trick for tweens and teens? 

Here’s one great idea: a spa themed party. 

We’re talking about an age where kids start to become aware of their appearance and start developing their own standards of beauty and presentation based on the world around them, so why not embrace that change and nurture it? A spa themed birthday party, complete with all the elements of a refreshing and rejuvenating beauty spa experience, will make your teenager the talk of their class and make you the mom (or dad!) of the year. 

Blueprint for the Perfect Spa Party 

The perfect spa party should feature all the elements of a classic beauty spa treatment – hair, nails, facial, and more – and culminate in a photo shoot. 


Can you think of anything more important to beauty-conscious tweens and teens than their hair? Hair is one of the first and most meaningful fashion statements kids can make, and a hair redeux is part of any memorable makeover. 

Your perfect beauty spa birthday party should feature an experienced stylist, ideally one who’s comfortable working with kids and working quickly. This isn’t a professional job, but your kids’ hair should look prom-ready. Think up-dos and luscious curls, and maybe even color if it’s in your budget. 

Manicure & Pedicure 

What’s a makeover without a manicure and pedicure? Gorgeous, finished nails are just as integral to a dream makeover as hair is, so you should hire a pro manicurist or nail technician to complete the bread and butter of your party. Of course, nails are a bit easier for the layperson than hair, so this could be a job for a parent, maybe even yourself. 

Your nail station can be set up just like a salon, and you can offer up as many color and style options as your budget allows, but you may want to pick one style and stick with it. It’s always a great idea to go with something cutting edge and exciting, especially when dealing with young people who are always gravitating toward the next hot trend. SNS Air Ombre is a great choice for this application, allowing you to make stunning ombre style nail art quickly and easily, perfect for a party full of impatient teens. 

Facial Treatments 

If there’s one thing tweens and teens get anxiety about, it’s their skin. Dermatological health moves front-and-center when kids get into their teenage years, when acne becomes a problem. Acne doesn’t just damage the skin, it damages self esteem. Most kids are shy about their acne, but the truth is that everyone has to deal with it. So why not tackle it head-on? 

Facial treatments are common in any quality beauty spa experience, and your party should be no exception. While they get their nails done, party guests can relax with a nourishing face mask. Alternatively, you can send them home with self-care products. Shop around for sample sized skincare products to save on costs. 


As we get older and our responsibilities start to add up, it takes a toll on our bodies. Our muscles tighten up, especially around the back and shoulders, making us achy and less flexible. That’s why many beauty spas offer massages. A massage relaxes you and makes you feel ready to take on the world again. 

Teenagers aren’t strangers to stress. For many people, their teenage years are a crash course in stress as they struggle to meet deadlines, study for tough exams, and nervously apply to universities, not to mention all of the strain associated with socializing as a teenager. So if your kids a little older, think about treating them and their friends to a massage. 

Party Favors 

What’s a birthday party without goodie bags? While the typical kid’s birthday party might reward guests with small bags of sweets and toys, tweens and teens are a little too old for that, but not too old for gifts! Keep the goodie bags flowing, but fill them with theme-appropriate items like the aforementioned skincare product, makeup, and maybe some jewelry too. 

Photo Shoot 

Finally, your kid’s beauty spa birthday party won’t be complete without a photoshoot! A quality photoshoot – with props, fun outfits, and a cool backdrop – will immortalize a fabulous party and help preserve those memories for years to come. 

Don’t worry about hiring a professional for this. While there are plenty of pro photographers who can get the job done, complete with all the necessary materials and equipment, it’s easy enough to do on a small budget, as long as you can get hold of a decent camera, like a standard DSLR, and some mounted lights. These things can all be found used for surprisingly little, and once you’ve got those, all that’s left is assembling a tasteful backdrop and getting some props together. Talk to other parents about using items from their Halloween stashes! 

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