I first fell in love with Thor (and Loki) when doing my homework for a press trip for The Avengers last year. I’ve since watched Thor a handful of times.

I’m excited and happy to announce…

It’s coming… and I can’t wait!

Thor: The Dark World is coming to theaters and we have a first peek at the movie poster!


Also make sure you watch the trailer on Tuesday exclusively on iTunes Movie Trailers!


  1. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I’m not so sure Thor is my kind of movie, but I know hubby will love it!

  2. jamie braun says

    ooooohhhhh! the family will LOOOOOOVVEEE it! gonna go show the girls & the hubby the new poster right now!

  3. Vickie Couturier says

    he sure looks awesome,,yeah my husband would like this movie,Id like just looking at this guy,lol

  4. courtney b says

    that guy is hot! for that reason alone i wanna see this 🙂

  5. Amazing poster, Thor is one of my favourite Marvel’s geroes!)

  6. sandy weinstein says

    i would not go see this movie, although it has some really good stars in it….not mine kind of movie….not a comic book movie per say….

  7. Cindy B says

    I didn’t expect much from the first Thor movie, but I loved it! I didn’t know there was another one coming!

  8. cassandra says

    I am so excited! This comes out around my birthday

  9. regina martinez says

    this is so coll!!!!!

  10. Kate F. says

    Cool poster! I’m excited to see this movie.

  11. Julie Wood says

    This movie looks amazing! I am going to see it when it comes out in November. I think that Chris Hemsworth is a good actor! Natalie Portman will also be good in this movie!

  12. athena d. says

    i am sooo excitedfor this movie!!!! 🙂
    i loooooove him as an actor! and as eye candy lol, but the first i found to be sooo good, i truly can’t wait for this one!

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