This is for the birds…

Thursday morning I awoke with every intention of getting my daily giveaway written and posted. I made my coffee, set the table with my laptop and had a seat. Then my oldest son came downstairs and told me about a dove my husband found sitting in the bush at the bottom of our front steps.

Of course I went out and had a look and then tried to move on with my day. Josh noticed the neighbor cat stalking our direction… I guess he decided that beautiful dove would make a delicious breakfast. I couldn’t let that happen, so as Josh scared the cat away I went to look for a suitable place to put the dove. I couldn’t bare to put him in a box, so I pulled out our old dog kennel and lined it with paper.


The dove spent the morning on our back porch, a little safer from the local cats. He was eating and drinking so I left the door open allowing him to leave when he felt better. He did venture from the kennel for a small brief period. He flew up to the railing on our deck and just sat there.


He was amazingly calm around us. We were able to walk right up to him.


I couldn’t get over how beautiful he was.


He even ate out of my hand.


At this point Emma asked if she could come out and touch him.

(yes, we all washed our hands immediately after touching him)


By noon I realized this guy had no intention of going anywhere, so I started to call around. I was referred to a local nature center with a rehab license, Lakeside Nature Center. The dove allowed me to scoop him up and place him back in the carrier and we were off.

He was amazingly calm during our 35 minute car drive.

After a brief exam in the back room the gentleman came out and said that they would take him in. I heard an excited girl in the back room talking about how she mentioned that morning their dove needed a companion.

Call me a bleeding heart… but if I can do something to help an animal in need I will.

I knew we found a safe place for him and I felt good about leaving him in capable hands and not on the dinner plate of the neighbor’s cat.

So, this is how our Thursday was for the birds.



  1. I remember rescuing bird from our cats when we lived in Hawaii. Luckily, there was a lad known as the Bird Lady (real imaginative, huh?) who ran a sanctuary only a half an hour away.

  2. Julie Jones says

    cute story. =)
    That was so nice of you and yes, the dove is a very beautiful bird!!

  3. good on you! my husband says i have a “sucker sign” on my forehead and if anything (two legged, four legged or winged) is hurt, hungry or lonesome within a five mile radius, it flashes on and off…..somehow they all find their way to my door! it’s an amazing lesson in kindness and compassion for your littles too!

  4. Yay for you! Glad you were able to help him out. He looks as if he may be a young one – maybe wasn’t ready to leave the nest quite yet. Glad they had another dove for him to hang out with – the human imprinting will me much less!

  5. Aunt Rosie says

    I LOVE this! Your love for animals is in your blood … Nanny & Suzanne rescued a baby crow & named it Samson, I have to send you the picture! Your dove is beautiful, looks like it may have been someones pet, so tame!!!! I love your kind & gentle heart, Heather, you are amazing. 🙂

  6. Rita M says

    Great story — I’m a sucker for happy endings – thank you for sharing.

  7. Teri says

    He was amazingly beautiful. We actually rescued a baby bird just yesterday (hand washing observed). Maybe it is the odd weather.
    Teri @ Mom to Bed by 8

  8. Audrey says

    A sweet story and a lovely act of compassion. You have created good karma, and may it come back to you.

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