Things to think about if your marriage is splitting up

Unfortunately, a high percentage of marriages end up with divorce in the UK and this number continues to rise. With this, come a lot of complications, anxiety, and potential financial concerns. Getting married is a big choice in life and usually someone happiest day, making the call to split up is just a big a choice, especially if there are children involved.

This however can also be a choice that relieves a lot of stress and better for everyone involved. No-one wants to live in an unhappy relationship therefore if breaking the marriage is something that will improve people’s life, it is a hard choice that should be made. Below are a few things to think about going through this process. 

Parents Rights 

Fathers’ rights in the UK have significantly changed over the past years where previously they may not have been given similar rights to the mothers. Courts looked more favorably at the mother, but this has taken a swing where things are looked more independently. If a break-up happens then there are lots of things the courts will take into consideration in terms of the parental rights which includes the situation around the break-up, any criminal activity, accommodation, working arrangements, health, and financials. The right level of independent professional support may be able to help prevent get this to court with agreements made between both parties but if this does not succeed it may up in front of the judge to decide. It is important that at these stages, everyone puts the child at the forefront of their mind and any of their own selfish motives are removed from the case.  

Mental Health  

This can be a really distressing time for an individual and they could lack self-esteem, confidence, and drive. They may even stop working for a period as their mental health and mood is so low. This is where it is important that people reach out to others for guidance, support or even just a chat. It is expected that people may not be themselves if they are going through a breakup and friends and family will appreciate that. Decisions you make at this stage are important and could affect the rest of your life therefore it is important that nothing is knee jerked into and that you talk to others. For example, if you leave the home, you may find it much harder to get possession of your property contained within it afterwards. Talk to others and get advice. If you are getting very low, make sure you get to your GP. 


Whether you are married or not, there may be some financial liabilities between both parties to ensure an amicable split. The location of where people are staying is key to this as if people are staying in the same household, then it can become messy. The house may need to be sold in order to generate enough cash to have a 50/50 split. You do not have to be married in these instances in order to have a claim on some of the house. In addition to this, it is important to note that there are some differences in the laws around marriages and breakups between the different countries contained with the UK. This is why it is even more important to get some sound, independent advice before rushing into any decision making. There is also a lot of help online where you can see the experiences of people and how they have reacted and dealt with these similar issues. You could join a forum and ask questions of independent advisors. 



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