Things That Will Keep You Feeling And Looking Healthy

Looking after your health is a top priority for everyone but do we really know why we should be doing the things were told to do? We’re advised to eat well, exercise, look after our mental health and skip that extra glass of wine. There are several aspects of your life that are easy to ensure are healthy. If you’re looking for some easy steps that you can take to live that healthy lifestyle that gets you feeling and looking healthy then have a look below.

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Eating Well

It’s common knowledge that eating well is supposed to keep you healthy. We’re advised that it’s best to be munching down on a large number of fruit and vegetables, 7 to be precise, is what our bodies need and crave. It’s important to have a well-balanced diet that includes enough protein, fiber, good carbohydrates, vitamins, and water. They are not wrong when they say this but it all about balance. You can live that healthy lifestyle that you are after without having to cut everything out, just have them in moderation. Of course, if you overindulge every single day chances are you will gain weight, higher your cholesterol, get a few extra spots and start to feel sluggish. You can easily avoid this by making sure that you only indulge yourself every now and then. The main priority and thing that will benefit you are to eat a balanced diet and this means allowing yourself that piece of cake or glass of tipple once in a while.

Many people nowadays struggle to eat well as they are either uneducated or misinformed with what they should be consuming. Looking at things such as your BMI can give you an indication of how many calories you should be consuming for your height and age, although people say that you shouldn’t pay attention to BMI charts they can be useful for you to gather an idea of where to start when you are completely lost. If you ever feel like you’re struggling with your weight then it’s best to seek help before it becomes a bigger problem. There are several support groups where you are able to speak to other people who may be feeling the same and can be a massive help with getting guidance for eating a happy balanced diet. An app like JennyCo provides healthcare insights including genetically personalized diet plans that can improve your health.

Sleeping Well

This is another important factor that will not only help you to feel good but also look good. It’s been proven that having enough sleep at night will keep you motivated, healthier, look well and make you more productive. Making sure that you have enough sleep may sound harder than you think and you can be left wondering how to calculate sleep but it doesn’t need to be difficult, there are sources online that can help you to do exactly that. They think about cycles of sleep and help you to understand the importance of this. This dentist in Los Angeles also adds that it’s quite beneficial not just to your overall health but specifically to your dental health.

One of the really positive factors of sleeping well is that you start to have clearer skin, become more hydrated, have fewer bags and your metabolism can work better for you, which can never be a bad thing. Try setting yourself a sleeping target to stick to, maybe turning off technology before bedtime and reading a book instead will encourage you to get a better nights rest.

Another thing that you could try is improving your sleeping environment, not a lot of people know how your room feels and how your bed feel can be having a big impact on your sleep quality. Having vibrant colors, harsh noises and too many bright lights in your room can be distracting and too active for your mind to be able to switch off properly so it’d be best to have neutral colors, a quiet atmosphere and dimmer lights to help. Also, the quality of your bed and mattress could be contributing to a bad nights sleep. Mattresses that are void of the common toxic ingredients commonly found in foams, padding, and fabrics are perfect for getting a goodnight’s sleep. A good mattress to check out is the eco-friendly Saatva mattress which has been engineered to meet the highest standards for health and safety.


Exercise should be an important part of everyone’s lifestyle whether it’s just walking to the shop rather than using the car or doing a complete workout at the gym including some sort of exercise on a daily basis is most definitely a good Idea. It will help to make sure your metabolism is working properly, you’re using all the energy you’re consuming food wise, help to keep you physically fit and help you to look fit and healthy. Exercising can also help to give you more energy in the long to complete your daily tasks and ultimately lead to you having a better nights rest. If you include exercise as part of your daily routine then you will most definitely feel the benefits and it could lead to you feeling more confident.

If you lack the motivation for the exercise you could always try exercising with family or friends as it could be the motivational push that you need. It could also be the push that they need if they are the ones who are struggling, bounce off each other it’s what you’re there for. You could even try getting the children involved with your daily activities, walk them to school, arrange to go to the park or go for a cycle. You will not only be benefiting yourself but also them as it will be teaching them that having an active lifestyle can be easy and fun. One of the easiest ways to get fit is to work it into your normal day that way you won’t even notice it.

Your Mental Health

This is one that people very often forget about and don’t think that it has an effect on your overall health or how you are feeling however by looking after your mental well being you are setting yourself up for leading the ultimate healthy lifestyle. It’s important to assess how you are doing with your mental health on a regular basis, such as if you are getting seriously stressed out at work every day because your not enjoying it anymore if can have a massive impact on the way you eat, your motivation for exercise and your sleeping pattern, especially if you’re not sleeping because of the worry. If this is how you’re feeling it’s important to recognize it and make changes, you will be thankful that you were keeping an eye out for any warning signs before it becomes too much.

Mental health awareness is something that is now well known so if you ever feel like you need support don’t hide it away, speak up and reach out to family and friends or a medical professional. It’s something that a lot of workplaces are now taking on board if you are ever in the situation or notice or people in the situation try talking about it. It may be the most difficult thing to do but it will be guaranteed to make you feel better in the long run. Sometimes medical help is the only way forward and that it perfectly fine so never be too worried to see someone for the help you need.

Your Environment

This may seem like a strange one to include on the list but having a good environment surrounding you can do wonders for your health and well being. By this, we mean that you should be making sure that you are living in a clean and well maintain environment. Other people may say that living in a too clean of an environment is equally as bad for you as living in a mess as you aren’t subjected to viruses so that your body can learn to fight them however by completing small tasks such as disinfecting your door handles, changing your sheets on a regular basis, cleaning your carpets at least once a year, hovering at least every other day, cleaning the dirty dishes rather than leaving them and many other general tidying tasks can help to keep you healthy and away from harmful bacteria. Why not try dedicating one day to cleaning and then once a month go around and add a few extra tasks in such as using disinfectant on the children’s toys or highchair to keep the germs at bay.

You could always think about adding aspects of your healthy lifestyle into your environment with things such as adding a home gym, adding herbs and spices to your kitchen to encourage home cooking or even setting up an area where you know you can sit back relax and reflect on things.

Are there any other things that will help to keep you feeling and looking healthy? Please share them in the comments section below.

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