The Ultimate Guide to take Out the Stinky Smell from the Clothes

Few tasks are more discouraging than washing your smelly sweaty clothing, drying them, and finding they still smell. Yet, getting stench out of clothing could be a common occurrence for someone who struggles with body odor, perspires excessively, or has heavy sweating. The majority of stains are easy to cure before washing since they are visible, but it can be difficult to remove odors from clothing because they are hidden in the fibers and can’t be seen. These aromas can persist, and heavy fragrances can occasionally cling to new clothing, antique clothes, and old clothes alike, even after washing them. This is true regardless if the fragrance is the result of too much perfume or a strongly fragrant laundry detergent. 

Below are some tips shared on how to make the clothes get rid of stinky smell and make them stay fresh.  

Wash Less 

Before you wash your clothing, pause. The longevity of clothing may be reduced by washing it too frequently. This is particularly true of dry cleaning, which employs hazardous chemicals that cause some materials’ natural fiber follicles to flatten. Some scents are more difficult to remove than others. When you store your sweaty workout clothes in a gym bag or hamper, germs can accumulate and produce an odor that regular detergents cannot remove. 

Check your Washing Machine 

Look no farther than the washing machine itself if your garments smell as soon as they are removed from the washer. Sadly, the majority of washing machines lack the ability to self-clean. The accumulation of residue, oil, or filth from your soiled garments might foster the ideal conditions for mold growth. 

In addition to affecting the fragrance of your clothing due to a buildup of dirt from your dirty laundry, mold may readily develop inside washing machines due to their dark, damp environments, which make them ideal spawning grounds for spores. Do you think your washing machine may need some cleaning? For tips on how to deodorize a stinky washing machine, see this post. 

Use Eco Laundry detergents and softeners 

Standard detergents may contain components derived from fossil fuels, which may be harmful to the environment because they don’t disintegrate. Your most priceless possessions can survive longer if you use specialized washing solutions like our line of eco-washes and a gentle hand wash. Fortunately, an increasing range of eco-laundry solutions are now available that are produced from biodegradable, plant-based materials and have the added benefit of being refillable. You can try using the laundry detergent sheets while washing the clothes as they are quite eco laundry detergents and don’t leave any mark or stains on clothes.  

When tackling stubborn odors in your clothes, selecting the right laundry detergent becomes crucial. Explore the options for the best laundry detergents that are eco-friendly, as they can be effective in not only eliminating odors but also maintaining a sustainable laundry routine.

Dry Your Clothes Outside 

While using a dryer is practical, air-drying your clothes on a clothesline has advantages. UV rays not only save you money but also kill microorganisms and remove fragrance, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution. The open air breeze also helps to air out your clothes, giving them that fantastic fresh smell. 

When you bring your pristine clothes in from the washing line, they smell like they have just been freshly washed and air dried. In addition to smelling great, air drying is better for your clothes and the environment than tumble drying, which consumes a lot of energy to run and can also damage specific fibers. 


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