The Must-Have Tools You Should Have in Your House

Even though you might not be a craftsman or someone who engages in a lot of DIY projects in their free time, there are still some tools that you should keep in your house at all times, as you never know when you might need them.  

Quality tools are an investment that will help you save money and time in the future – instead of paying someone to come and do some small job for you, you will be able just to do it yourself. Mind you, we’re talking about some simple things, such as hammering nails, not installing an EPDM rubber roof membrane, as more complicated tasks should be left for the professionals to take care of.  

So, what are the must-have tools that everyone, including you, should have in their house? Check out the list below, and you’ll find out!  

Measuring Tape  

Everyone needs a measuring tape in their house. It comes especially in handy when you need to replace something more expensive, such as an appliance or a piece of furniture. After all, those are not cheap, so before you make the final decision on whether to buy it or not, you need to know if the one you have set your eyes on will fit in the space you have prepared for it.  

 If it’s the first measuring tape in your tool kit, go for an easy-locking ¾-inch-wide model. If you choose a skinner one, it can fall out of place. A bigger one, on the other hand, can be overkill. You might also consider buying a smaller one so that you can take it with you on a shopping trip.  


A hammer is a must when it comes to simple jobs, such as pounding nails, but it can also come in handy during a small renovation, when you have to, for example, demolish something.  

When choosing a hammer, keep in mind that it has to have a comfortable grip. You might also consider getting one that has a vibration-dampening coating, as it might help you with keeping a strong hold on it. If you want to avoid surface damage or nail slippage, pick a hammer with a smooth head, not dimpled or checkered one.  

When it comes to hammers, there are three main types that you should keep in your toolbox – standard hammer, claw hammer, and sledgehammer. While the last one might not seem like a must-have, it can be a lifesaver when you need to take up some wall projects.  


Screwdrivers are a perfect tool when you need to, for example, tighten the cabinet hardware, or do something as simple as opening a metal can of paint. However, keep in mind that there are several types of screwdrivers – each one of them is the best choice for different tasks, which is why instead of buying just one, you should invest in a whole set.  

The perfect set should have a mixture of flat-head and Phillips head sizes – those are two types which are used most often. If you already have an electric drill in your collection, you can opt for screwdriver bits, but keeping a few classic ones in your toolbox is always a good idea. You should also consider investing in an electric screwdriver, as it will definitely speed up the process.  

Among the most common sizes of screwdrivers, you can find an ⅛-inch and 3/16-inch tip flat-heads, as well as 0 and 2 Phillips-heads.  


Now, you might think – why would I need a flashlight? I have one in my phone, which should be enough, right? Not really.  

You should always keep one that doesn’t require you to have a charged phone. If you forgot to plug in your phone, and suddenly you are left with no electricity, your phone’s flashlight will not be really useful – you need something that you can reach for at any time. You should also consider keeping one flashlight in each room, just in case of an emergency.  

While most flashlights use alkaline batteries, there are some that are rechargeable and can be charged with a USB cable – even though they cost a little more, if you take good care of them, they can last you for at least a few years.  

Utility Knife  

A utility knife is one of those tools that you will be reaching for over and over again. It doesn’t matter if you just have to open a package, sharpen a pencil or shave wood – a high-quality utility knife will be the perfect option for all of those tasks.  

When choosing a utility knife, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration – two, to be precise. First of all, you need to find one that will feel sturdy in your hand – otherwise, you might risk injuring yourself and others if it slips. Another thing to consider is the blade – remember, not all blades are created equal.  

The Bottom Line 

Even though we could go on and on about the tools you need in your toolbox, this is not the point. The truth is that if you are not one to engage in DIY projects or spontaneously do home renovations, you should be just fine with only a few, basic tools – some of which we included above.  

However, remember – just because you don’t use them often does not mean that you can just buy the cheapest ones without caring about their performance – quality tools are an investment that can actually be a great way of saving money and time in the future. Think about it. 




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