The Most Expensive Home Renovation Projects

When you watch your favorite HGTV shows, renovating and fixing up a house looks like a magical adventure. The transformation is seamless and easy, the budgets never go out of control and at the end of it all, you’ll have a beautiful home. But the reality of creating a beautiful home is far from what you see on TV, and what they don’t tell us most of the time is how costly the major projects in a home can actually be, and if we want to successfully renovate we have to know what to expect beforehand. The last thing you want to do is sign up for a renovation and have money run out halfway through. Some renovations are as small as a paint job to create the perfect bedroom but others are full scale overhauls that will take a pounding to your bank balance. So how much can you expect to pay for the major jobs you want to do on your home? Here are a few ideas.  

New Roof  

Did you know that replacing a roof can set you back as much a $10,000? That makes it the biggest ticket item a home could ever need. It’s labor intensive, requires a lot of materials and unfortunately, if your home needs one, it’s one of those things you just can’t afford to go without. A damaged roof can expose you to the elements and when it rains, all the valuable belongings inside your house can get irreparably damaged. The best advice I can give you with a roof is to make sure you work with a highly recommended and rated professional so that it’s not a waste. According to this Austin TX roof repair company, Blue Bonnet Roofing, “your roof is a large investment in your home, and how secure you feel in your home has a lot to do with how well the repair job is done.”   

New Kitchen  

Kitchens are probably the most sought after renovations in a home, and they are also the most expensive. A new kitchen can cost as much as $20,000. That’s because so much goes into it, including new cabinets, new floors and gadgets, and if you’re considering doing any reconfigurations, it will cost even more. This is why a kitchen renovation project should never be taken lightly, it’s a huge investment that takes months of planning and perfect execution. If you want to cut costs, consider repainting cabinets, or even painting over your old floors with a stencil so that the costs don’t add up.   

Opening Up Walls  

Old houses were built at a time where open concept living wasn’t a thing. Rooms were divided by walls and that was the structure of most homes. Nowadays, people want the walls opened up, especially between the kitchen, dining and living spaces. This is not an easy fix where you just knock down walls. Removing walls might compromise the structural integrity of the home, and you might need to add additional support for the home to remain intact. This is where engineers come in and structural beams, and all of that adds up to quite a lot of money. That’s why you have to be prepared for this part of the process.   


Sometimes you want to make your house a little bit bigger, whether it’s to accommodate your growing family, or just to add more value to your home  like building a wood deck on the outside and adding RTA’s outdoor kitchen kit allows you to do more outside. This also ads value to the home and equity. Additions are also extremely expensive because so much goes into it. You have to get permits from your city, plans drawn up by an architect and expert contractors who can get the job done right. This is not one of those projects you can do on your own, if you really want it to add value to your home, it takes lots of financial resources, so be prepared.  

There’s a reason why good renovation jobs add to the value of a home, that’s because there’s a lot of money that goes into it. We should never undertake a home renovation project lightly. Many people who have underestimated the work have found themselves broke or with shoddy workmanship done on what could have been an amazing transformation. Make sure you have the money you need beforehand, and have contingencies in place so that if things go wrong, it won’t unravel your whole financial life. It’s all about approaching it like a work project, not a fun creative hobby. Having the right attitude means you’ll end up with the results you desire.  

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