The More You Learn The More You Earn

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This article looks at a fundamental principle in terms of earning money… to create more value. This is a particularly good paradigm to consider sharing with your children, as gone are the days where your child will go to school, get a job in a big company and stay in that job for the rest of their lives until they retire.

The working world our children are entering is one of portfolio careers, remote working, freelance lifestyles and a value-focused economy, meaning it’s less about academic qualifications and more about the value individuals provide in the form of specific tangible outputs. This is why it’s so important everyone, young and old alike, to start focusing on learning specific skills – such as undertaking an online mba finance degree rather than a generic degree in something like sociology or philosophy. If your kids are in college and they’re looking to start making money and get valuable work experience, websites like can help them get started. That said, it’s equally important for people of all ages, but particularly children flex their creativity and imagination muscles.

Let’s now look at two fundamental principles around money and education:


People are compensated based on the value they create for a third party – whether that party is a person or organization in the form of a client or customer, or an employer – it doesn’t really matter, because the universal fact remains… that at a fundamental level people get paid according to the value they provide.  

The value of an activity such as being a solicitor fighting to clear the name of an innocent person is clearly a lot higher than the value of an activity such as cleaning.  That is not to say a cleaner is any less valuable as a person than a solicitor, because a person’s value as a human is way more than the job they do, the money they make, or the material possessions they acquire.  

Put simply, if you want to earn more, you need to create more value in terms of the end result you are providing; as the fundamental metric to earning more is found in the value of the output you are facilitating.


There are two ways to learn; first is through experience and the second is through education.  Nowadays, formal education is much easier to access with many courses (both vocational and academic).  You can even undertake more advanced courses like an online mba finance degree or nursing degrees via distance learning.

It should be noted, however, that learning is not limited to academic education; indeed, if you were to learn how to invest in property, or how to master the art of influence, these skills are likely to get you much further in life, in financial terms, than having a generic degree.  There are plenty of well educated people working in minimum wage jobs, and oftentimes, you can find highly educated white collar workers attending weekend seminars on topics such as property investing, amazon trading, and digital marketing – in order to escape the rat race they subscribed to by going down a traditional academic route.

In summary, the trick to earning more is learning more so that you’re in a better position to create more value… but ensure the time and money you are investing in this education provides a decent return on investment, as some people will just do a course for the sake of it, thinking that somehow it will lead to greater earning potential.

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