The Latest in Disney Tech, Apps and Services

The Walt Disney Company has always been on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, and while the tech crew are great at including existing technology into the parks there are several things that they create themselves, too. In addition to creating new tech to be used in the park, they use the technology in new ways in order to help create parts of the parks and expand services. By understanding what their guests need and experience, Disney can better create and implement tech ideas that will keep guests coming, and keep Disney at the head of the pack.

Check out the latest Disney tech, apps, and services that guests can use, Disney is using to create, and that you will see in the parks in the near future.

Disney Loves Virtual Reality

Disney has always been a fan of virtual reality, and while there is some incorporated into the guest experience, Disney has recently fully embraced virtual reality. The way in which the techs at Disney are using VR is behind the scenes though, to assist in creating new areas and experiences for guests in the park, or to build entire parks from scratch. Being able to see, walk through, and interact with the virtual parks and attractions gives imagineers the best idea of what guests are experiencing for themselves.

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Shop Disney World All the Time

Have you ever seen something at one store in the parks, but weren’t able to find it later and really wanted it? Well, now you can use the new Shop Disney Parks app to shop all the stores at Disney World all the time. This is great for so many reasons because sometimes there are limited edition items that you can’t get to the parks anytime soon to purchase, have little to no room in your purse, or want to find something without having to walk the entire park to locate.

Just shop, ship, and enjoy. Available for Android and iOS

MyMagic+ Bands Rolling Out in More Parks

MyMagic+ has been the personal planner of guests staying at Walt Disney World that were up for the experience of trying out the wearable technology. Now that Disney has a significant amount of feedback from guests, and has had time to work out the kinks, they have decided to expand the use of the tech and roll it out at its other parks. In addition to being able to use the tech at all Disney properties in the future, Disney is looking into incorporating the MyMagic+ tech into other wearable tech products, such as the Apple Watch.

Playmation Tech Toys

Tech toys for kids are usually app or video game related, but Disney has decided to create a new line of tech toys that focus on the exact opposite. Playmation toys are intended to get children actively playing, through the use of technology and tech driven features. Not only are the toys just plain fun for kids, but they encourage children to use their imagination and creativity to consider and develop tech based innovation for themselves.



  1. Wendy Jabkowski says

    Kids love everything Disney, I bet this will be a hit too!

  2. It is amazing to watch technology continue to grow. Twenty years ago having a PC in your home was a luxury, now we carry one in the palm of our hands as a necessity. Way to go Disney!

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