The Do’s and Don’ts of Eye Makeup Removal

Removing eye makeup can be tricky, and there are right and wrong ways to do it. It can be tempting to cut corners, but this can damage your skin. Makeup can embed itself in your pores at night, and complete makeup removal and thorough cleansing is the best way to wake up with happy, healthy skin. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of makeup removal. 

Remove eye makeup gently rather than harshly 

The skin around your eyes is more sensitive than the rest of the skin on your face. Aggressively removing your eye makeup can cause dryness, flaking and irritation around the eyes. It won’t be long before you develop fine wrinkles if you keep rubbing your skin backwards and forwards. This can easily break delicate blood vessels and result in skin damage.

Any motion you use to remove your eye makeup has to be gentle. Start by gently dabbing the remover around your eyes with a cotton pad and letting it sit for a few seconds. This softens the makeup so it comes off easily. You should swipe in a circular motion and downwards when removing it. 

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Use the right eye makeup removal product

If you have to use force to remove your eye makeup, you may be using the wrong makeup removal product. Don’t use eye makeup remover all over your face, as these formulas are usually more heavy-duty than your normal makeup remover, and it can clog your pores. 

A liquid, oil-free, fragrance-free and no-sting eye makeup remover is best. You don’t want irritants and oils to seep into your eyes and cause under-eye puffiness. Using the right eye makeup remover gives the makeup a chance to dissolve and prevents any unnecessary rubbing.

If you can’t afford expensive eye makeup remover, baby shampoo is an affordable alternative. Dab some shampoo on a cotton pad and wipe it gently over your eyelids. 

Don’t overtrust cleansing wipes

Cleansing wipes can be convenient, but you should never rely on them alone. They don’t remove all your eye makeup effectively, and this can lead to more rubbing than necessary. If you have acne-prone or oily skin, using wipes can contribute to breakouts and clogged pores. For people with rosacea-prone, sensitive skin, using some kinds of cleansing wipes can result in irritating chemical residue on the skin. 

Using a cleansing wipe may be better than sleeping in a full face of makeup but not by much. If you use them, do so sparingly and follow up with a double cleanse. 

Use natural cotton pads and Q tips

While using fingers or wipes may work, cotton pads are gentle on your skin. Pre-moistening them makes them most effective. Place them over your eyes for about 20 seconds, and they will gently help to break down the makeup. 

Don’t forget about the edges of your eyes where leftover mascara and line can build up over time. Micellar water-soaked cotton pads can effectively remove any makeup left around the edges. For hard-to-reach areas such as around the lash line, Q-tips are a great help. 

You may use one side of a cotton pad at night and think you can keep the other side to use the next day. This can be a problem as bacteria can grow in that time and cause serious infections when you use it again. Folding a cotton pad can help you to extend its use and prevent you from wasting it. It also prevents you from redepositing makeup on your face if you use one side more than once. 

Moisturize well

Apply eye cream in the morning before you apply your makeup and after you remove it at night. This will keep the skin around your eyes healthy and make it easier to apply and remove your eye makeup. Additionally, consistently following this routine can significantly help reduce wrinkles, as well-nourished skin is better equipped to combat signs of aging over time.

A moisturizer will help to replenish the natural moisture in your skin and protect it overnight. If you apply it straight after your final cleanse while your skin is still damp, this helps to lock the moisture in. 


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