The Best Family Moving Guide For Motorcycle Owners

Moving your household will take a great deal of planning and work. If you decide to move your motorcycles as well as other gas powered tools, such as jet skis or snowmobiles, it is critical that you transport these items either with the help of a professional vehicle mover or in a separate trailer. 

Keep Things Separate 

No matter how many moving trucks you plan to use, it’s critical that you keep any gasoline-powered vehicle away from household goods. Motorcycles are heavy and loaded with combustible fluids. Even properly strapped down, it only takes one hard bump to either tip the motorcycle into other possessions or tip something else on top of the bike. 

Like the risk of damage from shifting, the risk of a fire is not high. However, a single burning motorcycle on a trailer is much easier to manage than a burning motorcycle inside a moving truck. Even with top of the line moving insurance, you may void your policy if you transport your sofa and mattresses in proximity to a motorcycle. 

Additionally, you will want to consider odors. A perfectly tuned motorcycle can still give off fumes. The scent of gasoline is easy to discern and may linger for a long time in an upholstered piece of furniture. You may not plan to leave your furniture and other belongings in the truck for an extended time, but accidents and breakdowns happen. After a week in the company of your motorcycle, you may find that every mattress in your household is unusable. 

Rent Or Buy A Motorcycle Trailer 

If you only have one or two motorcycles, it may make sense to transport them on an open rental trailer. If you have never hauled a trailer before, it may make more sense to hire a driver to move your motorcycles. 

One of the biggest hazards of hauling a trailer is that it’s easy to misjudge the length of your entire rig. If you need to turn left and are hauling a trailer, you will need to allow more time to safely get all the way through the intersection. If you are not accustomed to driving with your side mirrors instead of a head check or your rearview mirrors, you may find the whole experience quite stressful. 

You will also need to consider the weight of your vehicle and trailer in combination. One of the big challenges of pulling a trailer is that the trailer and contents will put pressure on the power of the other vehicle. Motorcycles are heavy; even a trailer that moves easily will put a strain on your transmission. The combined weight of a trailer and motorcycle will put a greater load on your brakes than just the weight of the moving truck. If you have never driven a large truck or hauled a trailer, your risk of mechanical problems may be higher. 

As you price motorcycle trailers, keep an eye out for trailers that offer more storage. For example, you may have other tools and small engines that run on fuel and need to e moved. If you have enough notice of your move, try to run these tools out of fuel, such as your 

  • lawnmower and weed eater 
  • tiller and chainsaw 
  • ATVs 

Nearly all of these tools are heavy and many are awkward to tie down. If you can find a trailer that will allow you to hang some tools, or a trailer with an expanded mesh base, you may find it much simpler to strap everything down. Consider checking in with someone who can maintain these tools; they may be able to recommend a chatter-protecting mat to avoid the risk of damage on the road. 

Of course, if you transport your motorcycles and other items on an open trailer, you will need to be very careful where you stop should you need to sleep. 

Consider Hiring A Professional 

A professional motorcycle shipping company will do most of the work for you. You will need to allow the fuel tank to run a bit low; most professional shippers require that the tank be at 3/4 full or less. 

You will also need to clean the bike. It cannot have any leaks. The battery will need to be charged up. All personal items, such as GPS attachments and other gear will need to be removed. First of all, this will protect your belongings. Secondly, you will have less risk of loss from vibrations and chatter. 

Put Your Motorcycle In A Pickup Truck 

If you have access to a truck with a long enough wheelbase, you can transport your motorcycle in a pickup truck. Do make sure that 

  • you have a ramp 
  • you have straps and the appropriate hardware to strap down the bike 
  • you have help getting it in and out 

Motorcycles are tippy; it’s part of the nature of the vehicle. If you’re trying to push the motorcycle up the ramp, you may lose control of the bike and end up under it. If you try to drive it up and give it too much gas, you may end up damaging the truck. 

When To Make Other Arrangements 

If you have a motorcycle that has a leak that you can’t repair, it may make more sense to either sell the bike or your origination point or to drain it completely and ship it dry. There are options for dry-shipping a bike; for example, you may be able to send it via train on a car designed for passenger automobiles. 

Of course, if you have the time and the season suits, you may choose to ride your motorcycle to your new home. If you go this route, be aware that you will need a driver for your possessions as well as your other vehicles. However, if you have enough drivers in the household, a long motorcycle trip maybe an ideal way to celebrate your move to a new house. 

A new house is exciting and putting your motorcycle in the garage may make it feel like home. No matter how you choose to transport your motorcycle, do your best to get any leaks taken care of before you get on the road. 

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