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You already lead a busy life and there are times when you think that just a little extra help could go a long way, whether that’s an extra pair of hands or even some smart technology to help organize you and your household.

In this short article, we take a look at exactly the kind of smart tech you might employ to help your daily efforts become easier and more productive, from message services to smart speakers, it’s all here.


Not just there to play music, this smart speaker can play a huge part in helping with the smooth running of your household.

Link her up to your phone Apps and have her switch lights on and off, record your favorite programes and even remind you of when you have appointments that you need to remember.

She’ll also help you in the kitchen by setting timers for food. If you’re unsure about the conversion between metric and imperial ask Alexa to do the maths for you and get your cooking ingredients just right.

She’s a wonder and when connected up to all your other smart devices can help maintain some order in your home.


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Not just for your phone, you can now download this handy messaging service on to your Mac or Windows computer. You’ll no longer get caught out glancing at your phone at work, but instead be able to message from your own computer.

If you’re using a Mac, you’ll find some great tips to use WhatsApp for Mac online.

Smart Doorbell

Not just a video screen but a way of talking to and seeing who’s at your door from the comfort of your smartphone. The great thing about these doorbells and their associated Apps is that you don’t even have to be home to talk to your caller.

Ask the postman to leave your parcel in the porch, or see off that cold caller, the smart doorbells are not only easy to use they make your home feel safer. Perfect for older and more vulnerable people who live alone.

Smart Thermostat

Like this one from Nest, is a thermostat that learns as it goes. What it will do is learn all about your family activities and when you are likely to use more or less heat and it adapts along with you, giving you the cheapest options on your heating bills.

Naturally, being a smart meter it will seamlessly blend in with your other Nest products for home-wide integration.

In our busy world and even busier lives we all need a little bit of smart tech that’s going to help make our days that bit easier.

Whether you need to make use of the popular world wide messaging service that is WhatsApp or create a schedule that will remind you where and when you need to be, you can find it all in these smart pieces of tech.

Search online today for a bargain or, of course, you could just Alexa what she recommends.

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