Teach Your Kids how to sew: They will thank You Later

The more you can teach your kids, the better it is. If you want confirmation on this, just ask those whose mother took care of everything in the house, when they were young. They will tell you that it took a long time for them to adapt, when they went on their own. Sewing is certainly one of the most important tasks to teach kids, even if they don’t know it.

Here is why. 

Sewing teaches Many Virtues 

Sewing is not the easiest task, when you have no idea where to start. But once you have been taught, it becomes child’s play. From before to after, your children will learn many things, including patience. To sew properly, you can’t do so in a hurry. Or else you will find yourself with a piece of clothing showing how inadequate the person repairing it was, thanks to joints that are not aligned. You also need to be focused on the task at hand, which is definitely another virtue that everyone should learn while growing up. Especially these days, as our attention span is becoming shorter and shorter, thanks to the internet and its social media. 

So, if you want your kids to learn sewing, you have to find ways to make it fun, if you don’t want to lose their attention for good. Start while they are young, for one. That is when you have the most chance of sitting them down long enough to really try. Then, think of ways that would make them want to sew more. A good example is to print fabric labels by Wunderlabel, with their name on it. That will make them proud of their work, and they will want to continue until all of their pieces of clothes have their own label inside them. 

Sewing is Not Only about Clothes 

A person that knows how to sew, will definitely live better, later on. There is always some piece of textile, inside a house, that needs to be sewn. It can be a cushion, a pillow, the drapes, and so many more items. Most of the people who don’t know how to sew, will simply let them be, living with unrepaired items around the house. It will be the same with their clothes, as well. Either they will stop wearing them, because a button is missing, or a pocket needs to be repaired, or they will go out with them, simply looking silly.  

Creating Interest in the Creation Process 

The imagination of a kid is something that needs to stimulated as much as possible. The creation process, no matter where it comes from, is something that needs to be acquired, while we are young. It enables us to be much more efficient at work, later on in our life, no matter which industry we work in. That is because work is always about one thing: Finding solutions. And those who will have learned how to sew, and will have created clothes on their own, will certainly be more resourceful than others.  


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