Taking Care of Your Hearing: Top Tips for 2023

As the new year approaches, we’re all planning resolutions and trying to get into better habits. It’s a good idea to think of more alternative areas than the usual “eat well and exercise”. Why not consider your auditory health? All too many of us neglect our ears and fail to show them the TLC that they really deserve.

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Here are some top tips that can help you to take real care of your ears over the upcoming twelve months!

Have a Hearing Test

If you think that you’ve experienced a change in your hearing, you should make sure to visit your audiologist as soon as possible. These are qualified, trained and licenced professionals who can conduct a series of tests to determine whether your quality of hearing has diminished and know what to do if it has. They can recommend anything from treatment to How to shop for a hearing aid. They can guide you on your journey and tailor their treatment to best suit your needs and requirements, as well as your budget. Unlike eye tests, hearing tests aren’t generally required on a regular basis and will only need to be booked in if you have concerns or are worried about your hearing.

Turn the Volume Down

Way too many of us listen to loud music on a regular basis. Make sure to add limiters to the volume control on your earphones or headphones. This can make sure that you are always listening to your music or podcasts at a reasonable volume. If you regularly go to concerts, or other loud venues, you should make sure to use earplugs and, if possible, take regular breaks from the loud noise. Believe it or not, your ears can take up to 16 hours of quiet time to recover from one loud night out. You’d be surprised how much a regular 5 minute break will help your ears to recover.

Don’t Use Cotton Buds

It can be tempting to clean your ears using cotton buds. They’re just the right size to get in and remove wax. But this should be avoided at all costs and any good audiologist will tell you so. Earwax is normal and it is there for a reason. It helps your body to self-clean your ears, trapping dirt and dust and preventing it from getting into your ear canal. If you’re not extremely careful, you can quickly find that inserting buds or tissues into the ear canal can do some serious damage to both the canal and ear drum. If you feel that your ears are producing excessive wax, visit your doctor who will be able to check and can syringe excess wax out if this is the case.

These are just a few starter tips that can really help you to take good care of your ears and hearing. Each will make all the difference, so bear it in mind and incorporate it into your routine. Your ears really will thank you for it!

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