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SantasHideout.com: Mom’s secret weapon this holiday season


If you are like me, you are the gift list headquarters for everyone in your household. Coordinating what the kids want, who’s purchased what and what is left on the list can be a dizzying activity. Not only that, but have you ever asked the kids what they want for Christmas and they said “I told Santa… he knows!”. Santa’s Hideout helps take the headache and guesswork out of shopping with a SAFE, one-stop, parent controlled, magical environment.

Here’s how it works…

• A parent (let’s face it, probably Mom) creates an account for as many children he/she wants.  They control the access, can set limits on budget and can decide what item can/can’t be shown.

• Parents can then send messages as “Santa”.  They can be anything from asking them to set up a registry to reminding them to take out the trash to telling them if they do well on that spelling test they can add another item to their List

Screen shot 2011-12-01 at 2.32.39 PM

• In the end, the Parent is the decision maker on all items children add, so you can share registry items that exceed “Santa’s” budget, but also delete items that seem excessive or inappropriate. Parents can also set up group lists for gifts that are shared across multiple children; like that Xbox 360 grandma is buying for the entire family.



So Mom sets it up, emails the child as Santa and the child makes their Christmas list at Santa’s Hideout. Now friends and family can shop and share (no more duplicate gifts, no more hurt feelings and best yet… no more waiting in the return lines after Christmas!).

So I couldn’t let you have all the fun… I mean, heck! I have gifts for four kids to keep track of! Each year it gets harder and harder to coordinate who wants what and who is purchasing what for whom.

Sign up was a breeze and within a few minutes I received the email to Emma from Santa (posted above). You type in the name of the toy that is wanted and Santa’s Hideout searches Amazon and brings up a few to choose from. Simply click on the picture of that toy and drag it to “the list”. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! Now I have a direct link to send to everyone and they can sort through and mark off what they are purchasing/purchased. While they are there they can send an email of encouragement (or any other topic) from “Santa”.

Screen shot 2011-12-01 at 2.38.10 PM

I’m loving how organized I’m feeling now. Now I can relax a bit and enjoy the season without worrying about coordinating gifts.


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  1. Tawnya S says

    This is such a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing! Although I tried to create and account and it said We’re sorry, you cannot access Santa’s Hideout at this time. I guess I will try later?

  2. mike says

    My wife used the “letters from santa” service and my daughter loved it. A kid a school told her santa wasn’t real and she was really upset. She seems really excited this year 🙂

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