Why Switching to Locally Grown Food is Smart

There has been a push in communities everywhere to get families to switch to locally grown food, but you might not be exactly sure why. You might have already made the switch to buying organically grown vegetables and fruit, but were not aware that even these foods have been shipped hundreds of miles away. Shopping farmer’s markets is a great way to get out and meet your local farmers, grab some fresh vegetables and maybe even learn a new favorite recipe from someone in the community.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why switching to locally grown food is smart.


It Tastes Better
When fruit is at its freshest it tastes better, we all know this. Fruit that has to be shipped around the country is picked before it has ripened and is not always ready by the time we buy, nor does it always ripen the same way once picked. If you purchase food straight from the farm that was just picked it is going to taste a lot better and you are going to benefit from more nutrients in those vegetables.

Energy Conservation
In the push to go organic so many of us have forgotten that we are caring about the earth in one way, but causing as much damage another way. Every mile that food has to travel is detrimental to the environment due to the exhaust that transportation creates. Purchasing locally grown food drastically reduces that energy loss and keeps the air cleaner too.

Reducing Waste
Being able to pick up fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, meat and grains from local growers reduces the amount of waste that is created in packaging and transportation materials. Many local buyers like to create or purchase a single set of containers to carry food home in that they will reuse for years to come.

Buying Local Supports the Local Economy
Ever wonder where all that money comes from to pay for public and civil services? The healthier your local economy is, the better your local services become. A city that thrives is able to provide more for its citizens, and support things like a large farmer’s market where you can shop two to three times per week.

Genetic Diversity is Ensured
Heirloom fruits and vegetables are always more expensive than other varieties, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You are not paying for the better taste, meatier flesh or prettier colors, all reasons why people enjoy hybrid and heirloom varieties more. As large farms that ship nationwide grow, small farms disappear, but the small farms are more likely to grow a smaller amount of the same crop, just with more varieties that have been grown there for generations. Nature needs diversity and these small farmers are ensuring that we get it.

Local Foods Are More Nutritious
This doesn’t mean that local food starts out with more vitamins and nutrients than food shipped across the country, but food loses nutrients with time. The longer it takes for that food to reach your table, the more time cells have to die and nutrients disappear.

Do you shop your local Farmer’s Market?

What is your favorite item to pick up there?



  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I never thought about how shopping locally grown reduces waste, but that is true and as you said the food of local farmers tastes better and is more nutrititious

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