Supernatural Season Six : Surprising Skills

supernaturalDean surprises Sam early in the season with a sudden paternal side that emerges when the two brothers investigate a case of missing babies. What’s the most surprising skill your sibling, friend, or loved one has surprised you with? Did it end up making sense given their personality?

My baby sister and I are 10 years apart. I started having babies when I was 21, making her 11. Clear through her mid 20’s, she was a fun loving, independent, “I’m not gonna have kids.” kind of girl. Something changed though… she met the right man. They had a whirlwind romance, got married fairly quickly, had a baby and now she is a stay at home mom. Go figure! Oh, and by the way… she is a fantastic mom! I think it makes total sense because her personality was always that of a giver, someone that wanted to make people happy and she was amazing with my kids.

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