We Had a Sugar Free Halloween Filled With Trash Pack & Glitzy Globes

We Had a Sugar Free Halloween Filled With Trash Pack & Glitzy Globes

Track Pack & Glitzy Globes provided free of charge. All opinions are our own.


Halloween. A day to dress up, have fun, get sick on candy and end the day with a sugar crash. Personally I would prefer if my children wanted to stay home and hand out goodies, but alas they always want to enjoy the festivities. As a mom, I am more than happy when my children receive other items besides candy in their treat bags.

When we were deciding what to hand out to trick-or-treaters this year we were on the hunt for something “non-candy” but yet, fun. Non-candy items have become popular as Halloween alternatives, but which ones?


When I was given the opportunity to hand out sample packs from two of Moose Toys’ most popular brands, The Trash Pack and Glitzi Globes™, this year I gladly accepted. I was hoping my trick-or-treaters would love the hilariously disgusting Trash Pack collectibles or the make-your-own mini snow globes from Glitzi Globes.


Because Moose Toys was more than generous with our box of goodies, I brought over a nice sized bowl for my Dad to hand out at his retirement home. This was our first year trick or treating there (my Dad just moved in), but my Dad was told there would be around 500 children visiting.


Emma and Ethan were my Dad’s first trick or treaters… each receiving a toy and a hug.


It was a little crowded and hectic there, but the children (as well as the adults) seemed to enjoy themselves. I wasn’t able to get close enough to hear the children’s reactions and I wish I could be a fly on the wall when they got home, but I knew they would love their new toy.


We made our rounds and headed home for a quick trip around the block. We wanted to be home long enough to hand out a few goodies at our house, too!


One little boy in particular was so adorable, that after I saw his excitement over the Trash Packs… well let’s just say he left with an arm full.


We even had a few big kids stop by for a quick treat.


I told them that although we didn’t have candy, we had Track Packs. That was more than good enough for them. Apparently this group Red hearts Track Pack and collects/trades them!


Even the Glitzy Globes were a hit. We had run across this girl while trick or treating the neighborhood. I had jokingly told her too bad we weren’t home when she came by because we were giving out Glitzy Globes. About 30 minutes after we got home she was on our door step ready for her Glitzy Globes!

It was a fun Halloween for all and I loved seeing the looks on the faces of my trick or treaters when I told them I had Track Pack and Glitzy Globes to choose from.

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  1. Julie Wood says

    What a really awesome Halloween you had. That is so nice about taking your children to the Home where your Dad lives and he was dressed up as a really good Santa. Your daughter and son had on really nice outfits and the toys you handed out is great.

  2. Debbie Welchert says

    These sound a lot better than the usual candy but I don’t know if my grandchildren would like them or not. They love going trick or treating. We make them dump out their candy every Halloween, it would be interesting to see how they re-act to them.

  3. leiyah says

    nice treats!

  4. Tara says

    You are the second blogger mommy I have seen that gave out these toys instead of candy. I think it is an excellent idea since kids already get overloaded with sugary sweets.

    I really liked that your dad’s home had a Halloween event. Most of the elderly love visits from children. (well behaved ones at least) 🙂

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