Successful Co- Parenting, Nurturing Creativity and Fun Ideas for Instagram Photos

Successful Co- Parenting, Nurturing Creativity and Fun Ideas for Instagram Pictures


Circle of Moms has developed a video series in partnership with Kia featuring hot and relevant topics for todays parents. The latest video from Circle of Moms by POPSUGAR focuses on successful co-parenting tips, how to nurture your child’s creativity and ends with a few fun ideas on how to print and use your Instagram photos.

I’m going to be honest and tell you that, although I normally have good intentions when watching these types of videos, I quickly lose focus and move on to something else. Not so with this one! The first thing that caught my eye was the host, Tia Mowry. I remember watching her in my oldest daughter’s favorite show when she was little. She is incredibly likeable and down to earth. As she sat down with other moms to talk about successfully co-parenting, how to get over road bumps like not being on the same page with discipline or even just general parenting ideals I was drawn in.  

The next segment on nurturing your child’s creativity was filmed in the all New 2014 Kia Sorento. As the women discussed this topic we got a small glimpse inside the New 2014 Kia Sorento including seat coolers and their advanced back up camera/sensor. I identified with every situation the woman brought up and loved hearing how “normal” my children are.

The final segment was focused on Instagram photos. I am guilty when it comes to not printing my digital photos. I also share most of my favorite ones on Instagram. In the this video you will learn some untraditional uses for your Instagram photos that are fun, make great gifts and get your photos off your phone!

It’s only a few minutes long and I’m sure you’ll enjoy !



Do you have any fun ideas for Instagram photos?


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Kia through their partnership with Circle of Moms. While I was compensated to review the Kia Motors video and write a review, all opinions are my own.


  1. Karen Glatt says

    I think taking your Instagram photos and putting them on pillows and making magnets out of them is so awesome. Another way to use Instagram photos is to to make a memory book, this is not very hard to do. This video was great at discussing so many ways to use your Instagram photos.

  2. Sonya Morris says

    I adore Tia Mowry. I am new to instagram but I think every day pictures are fun.

  3. Laura says

    This sounds really cool. I cannot remember the last time I printed a photo, as I too share most of my photos on Facebook or Instagram {sometimes both}. This video definately gave me some fun ideas on how to use my instagram photos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kathy J. says

    Instagram is new to me. I have yet to post a single picture, but enjoy seeing all that my friends post. Your video helped me to get motivated to start posting my own too!

  5. jamie braun says

    putting your photos on a metal canvas is a fun idea you dont see too often

  6. I love her ideas! Wish I had a phone with Instagram. Love the pillow idea very much. Thanks for sharing this very informative post and video.

  7. Melissa says

    I love taking and sharing pictures.

  8. Rust says

    I think a photo diary, one pic a day no matter what it is, to document a year, every year, is a fabulous idea.

  9. Betty Baez says

    hahaha!!! that was a great video “just let him throw it” ive felt like that before… i love photo books!!! and love the casestagram how neat, definitely would make a great gift and the coaster im loving these!

  10. courtney b says

    great ideas! those sister sister girls really have a great career going on!

  11. Bekah Kuczenski says

    Interesting post! Unfortunately I have an ” old fashion” cell phone and I don’t instagram 🙁 There isn’t a day that goes by that my daughter does something cute when I don’t have a camera around and I think to myself, I wish I had instagram lol

  12. Ned says

    nice ideas there.. the practice of printing photographs is dying slowly and ideas like these can help preserve memories in a a great way:)

  13. Eileen says

    I am not into the Instagram yet, as am awaiting a “real” (smart) phone. I have thought about the book ideas after reading to my grand daughter. Seems there are so many ABC and picture books out there. One in particular is about family and has photos of “strangers” in it labeled Grandma, Aunt, Brother, Mommy, Daddy, etc. (and darn but that Grandma picture looks OLD! Like 70 at least…I am thinking NO WAY I want my grandkids to think THAT! LOL!) So, I think would be cool to take your own photos of family, household items, outdoor items and animals, like at a zoo, etc. and do your OWN book for your child to learn from. It’s just so easy now with digital photos and designing your own titles and words.

    I thought the memory game idea was AWESOME! A great idea for when the grandkids (and one a live in) gets a bit older. Right now they are into chewing up EVERYTHING that isn’t molded plastic toys :/

  14. rebecca shockley says

    Photos for a calender

  15. rebecca shockley says

    We sometime’s forget that our children are copycat’s of other children in behavior and attitude for the most part!

  16. Elena says

    I just started using Instagram and don’t know much about it. But I think making a photo collage would be a good idea

  17. Lyn says

    I do think that in different situations you can compromise with your husband over the best way to handle things for you child and in other situations it was definitely the value/beliefs concept, although we hadn’t tagged them as such at the time we were raising our daughter.

  18. Tammy Schiff says

    I like the “lazy mom’s scrapbook” photo book idea. I have used some of your pictures to make bookmarks and then laminated them so they would hold up. Great video! They have some great projects.

  19. Kellina H says

    I just LOVE the ideas for using my instagram photos! I had never thought of many of these ideas until now. My favorite idea is putting them on a magnet! Gonna do that one!

  20. Kate B says

    I have just opened an instagram account – but love how easy it is to add effects, edit pictures, create collages and above all share theimages with friends and family across social media platforms

  21. Conor S. says

    I like printing Instagram pictures and hanging them from a metal cable on the wall. you can get the cable from IKEA for cheap.

  22. I love Instagram! What great ideas!

  23. Julie Morrow says

    This gave me the incentive to use instagram more! All of the ideas are very cool and will look much better OFF of my phone 😉

  24. claudia ellis says

    there’s so many great and inexpensive ways nowadays to get your pictures printed and/or turned into great keepsakes and gifts. There are always great deals at websites like snapfish, sometimes even free and you just pay shipping!

  25. Angie Moeller says

    I love Tia & Tamera!

  26. Kelly says

    Co parenting is hard! My husband and I are on different pages with behavioral consequences. It is hard because our son listens to me but he treats me like the “bad cop”. My hubby is Mr. Fun!

  27. Amanda Stevens says

    I love my instagram pics, this is a great idea!

  28. Skye Moyer says

    Im guilty of not printing photos too… 🙁

  29. Jan Lee says

    I usually take my phone to Walgreens and use a little “chip” to pull the pictures off my phone and let the store make prints then. This would be so much easier to get them off the phone right away 🙂 I’m not a parent but a relative so I don’t know much about how to get kids to cooperate for pictures other than offer food, lol Thanks for the review 🙂

  30. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I think a photo book or a calendar is a perfect place for instagram photos 🙂

  31. judy gardner says

    i doi dont have instagram cause i dont have an iphone but it sounds great!

  32. Vivian says

    I like photo collages.. I think they are best for smart device pictures since they do not have to be high resolution. I give them to my dad if I have time to make them!

  33. Amy Orvin says

    I wish I had Instagram. I heard alot about it, but I don’t have a cell phone. 🙁

  34. joanna garcia says

    I love Tia Mowry and that laugh! i agree about the belief and value will use that next time! i am so guilty with phone pics!! i love the castegram phone case!!

  35. Teresa Herrera-Honores says

    it is hard the co=parenting thing but they bring up very good points! i love the instagram ideas! esp the phone case! love it great gift ideas!

  36. Amy D says

    I LOVE the photobook idea!!!! Genius! I might make one for my mom for Mother’s Day!

  37. Ellen B says

    great ideas – I haven’t signed up for instagram

  38. I don’t use instagram but I am looking forward to once I get a smartphone. I love all of the ideas on parenting strengths and working with your partner on nurturing those strengths.

  39. Cassandra Eastman says

    Tia is so awesome, I love her & her sister’s blog! I’d love to print my instagram photos and make a storybook as a keepsake for my kids!

  40. carol roberts says

    love the idea love her in the video im new to instagram love this thanks

  41. Sarah Stedman says

    I take a lot of pictures on my phone and have just recently been playing around with the filters on Instagram. I love the idea of making the pictures in to magnets. So cute! I am sooooo behind (years) on printing out my pictures that I’m afraid of how much it’s going to cost when I finally do.

  42. Wendy says

    We’re starting to retile our bathroom and I thought it would be really fun to get the kids tub photos put on just a few tiles and add them to our tub surround. We’d be able to look at those cute tiny faces for years to come!

  43. Bella T. says

    I don’t have Instagram (I don’t yet have a smartphone or anything like that.) but some fun ideas might be to make a collage or a quilt for all the Instagram photos of that YEAR and then you could even keep it going like a tradition. I too am guilty of not printing my digital photos!

  44. Cynthia C says

    I don’t do Instagram but it would be nice for families to share photos.

  45. Susan Smith says

    I’m not familair with Instagram but I would use the photos for a scrapebook

  46. Karla says

    I’m amazed that Tia Mowry still has a career.

  47. thomas Chappell says

    My daughter plays ice hockey and I always take pictures of her and let her edit them on instagram Then we print them and send them to our family member that live far away .

  48. Thomas Murphy says

    Awesome video! I love instagram

  49. Amy Chester says

    I really enjoy instagram, you get to see a lot of things from a lot of friends. I saw a website once that makes magnets out of the photos and that would be just awesome to have. The video was very neat and I like a lot of the ideas, I will have to use them! 🙂

  50. Samii Meyer says

    I love using instagram! it is one of my favorite apps for my phone actually. I think it would be really neat to have a phone case made out of an instagram photo that I like. I also thought the magnets were a really neat idea!

  51. I love the Instagram photobook idea! SO cute! I have over 300 photos on instagram too so this would be perfect for me! I have seen the casetagrams too and those are so neat! I would love to add some of my photos around the house like the coasters but larger for my walls!

  52. Dede says

    I’m so behind the times. I still don’t have Instagram.

  53. Cindy B says

    I haven’t signed up for Instagram yet. I’m thinking I don’t need another addiction to fill my time 🙂 I’m going to have to do it, though. I’ve seen some cute wall art and small albums made with Instagram pics!

  54. I liked the Lazy Mom’s Scrapbook. But I worry that as the technology moves on I might lose my memories. I will stick to the hard copies. Having said that, most my hard copies are on the computer. It’s so expensive to print.

  55. Michelle N Allen says

    I think that its great that this site gives you so many ways to get entries into a contest, however I think that it could be simpler. As a mom I don’t usually have time to set down and enter 44 times for a contest and it is a very long process to have to sign up for sites that I may not use just to get the extra entries but I do appreciate the opportunities to do so . Just a thought how bout single click entries instead of having to go to 10 different sites to enter.

  56. Robyn Galloway says

    A friend of mine makes monthly books of her instragram photos, they are really fun to look at!

  57. Jemima P says

    I don’t use instagram, but I do love taking and viewing photos!

  58. Cynthia C says

    I think sharing every day photos with relatives is an excellent way to use Instagram.

  59. vickie couturier says

    I dont have instagram,,so I cant answer that question,but I enjoyed reading the tips

  60. Tammy Schiff says

    I am still fairly new to Instagram. so learning that you cn do more with your pictures is great. I love that you can have pillows or blankets made. What a super gift for the grandparents.

  61. Pamela Halligan says

    I enjoy turning them into photobooks. Like you, I share my photos on social media, but rarely print them. Thanks for sharing this video.

    • Pamela Halligan says

      Living Social and Groupon often have terrific deals on photobooks from Picaboo, Shutterfly, and My Publisher.

  62. Tiffany Lee says

    I am fairly new to Instagram, but I love editing pictures of my kids on it!

  63. Pamela Halligan says

    I seek to promote creativity in my kids. Giving them a turn behind the lens of a camera definitely does:

  64. laurie says

    great idea why didnt i think of this

  65. cassandra says

    I have to admit I don’t even have instagram. However I am slightly caving into it. I thought this was a cool video though!

  66. JW says

    Great article. just inspired me to get an instagram account going.

  67. Carolyn says

    I keep thinking I’ll do some kind of photo arrangement with printed instagram photos, but I haven’t tried it yet.

  68. Jen H says

    oh man what a good idea. i have hundreds of photos on my phone that i have never removed!

  69. Nohemi Luna says

    Awesome! I use Instagram alot when posting photos of my daughter, I have all her monthly pictures. I have printed some of them through foxgram, once she has hit the big “ONE” I plan to make a book to show her how much and how fast she grew within one year. Great idea when it comes to putting them on pillows, never thought of that one!

  70. I keep up with all of the coupon blogs for the latest photo deals. I’ve gotten lots of great freebies over the past few months, just today I got a free photo magnet. Another great thing I’ve found is an app called groovebook.

  71. Keara B. says

    I am just like you- I take a lot of photos but very rarely print them! I love all these ideas- would be great for gifts and just displaying pics around the house. Thanks for sharing!

  72. Priscilla Benavides says

    I currently don’t have instagram but after reading and watching the video I am looking forward to trying it out for the first time today!

    • Dana says

      I don’t have instagram but the photo diary is a really cool idea and I adore Tia Mowry! This would be very educational and beneficial to my parenting for sure! Thank you!!

  73. Julie C says

    I am not on Instagram, but I do love all her ideas. I have been telling myself I really need to catch up on my kids scrapbooks so the Shutterfly scrapbook idea is definitely one on my to-do list. It eliminates much of the self-creativity part which I struggle with sometimes and it would be faster and more efficient tool for me to showcase all the photos I have digitally.

  74. Danielle P says

    I enjoyed the clip. I don’t use instagram for whatever reason. I’ll have to check it out. Like Tia said you have to work things out and communicate with your partner.

  75. Jen says

    im also a firm believer that creativity is necessary for kids to explore and grow, love it!

  76. Christy I says

    I rarely use instagram but hope to learn how to use it soon!

  77. samantha s says

    I just use shutterfly and buy other photo customizing items from shirts, to mugs, to calendar.s

  78. Laurie Winslett says

    I’ve never used Instagram, but envy it a bit. I still have an old school cell with no data plan. Would be fun to get my child involved in creating photo memories.

  79. Kenzi says

    I like the idea of printing off Instagram photos and making a photo album with them. I love using Instagram because of all the fun effects you can use on the photos you take, it would be great to have them all together. I know that there are people who do the 365 day picture challenge, where they take a picture each day of their baby or what not. That would be so much fun to put all 365 photos of your baby/child together in an album and watch them grow with each turn of the page!

  80. amyh says

    I never know what to put for my Instagram hasgtags, but I love sharing pics. With family and friends across the globe, it a great way to keep in touch!

  81. sandy weinstein says

    i cant get intagram b/c i dont have a smart phone….each time i try ask me to download to phone, which i cant do….i like that the kia has a back up camera…hope my next car will have one..

  82. cassandra says

    Not really I am outside the instagram loop right now!

  83. kathy pease says

    I have never used instagram.Heck I dont even own a cellphone but it does look fun being able to share pics 🙂

  84. Allison says

    I’m not very familiar with Instagram yet but I have seen tons of cute collages that friends have created

  85. tim says

    I am guilty of leaving pictures on my phone and digital cameras. It seems like it’s such a task to print out pictures these days. When in the past, I would wait an hour in the store just to get them!

  86. Kayla M says

    Using your photos and doing like a 365 project on shuttercal.

  87. laurie says

    i’m not on instragram, but this video is nice

  88. Michelle S says

    Instagram is a good way to foster creativity, not only with editing the layers, but thinking of pictures to take.

  89. polly says

    when our grandson was born our daughter in law took a picture each month with him dressed up for some type of theme pertaining with that month and always had somewhere how old(month) he was….she had some really cute ideas! she is due in June with baby#2 so can’t wait to see what she will do with the pictures/theme

  90. kelly says

    I haven’t ventured into the world of instagram, yet but I like the things you can do with it.

  91. Lianne says

    I remember the Mowrys! I don’t use Instagram too much, but I’m guilty of oversharing photos on FB, haha. Maybe I’ll use these tips for that!

  92. Stephanie G says

    I have a mug with one of my brother’s kids picture on it, I would love to do this with instagram photos!

  93. Carla Flaig says

    I should be using Instagram more! I take tons of photos but don’t share many!

  94. katherine d says

    Tia Mowry! I used to love watching “Sister, Sister.” This Instagram idea is genius! I love how social media is changing how we live our lives 🙂

  95. Christine Cunningham says

    I am new to instagram but it sounds like a fantastic way to capture special moments.

  96. Stacey Roberson says

    I’ve actually though of making a memory box from instagram photos for my daughter. This way, she will have something to cherish while reminiscing.

  97. Stormy says

    I don’t instagram but I have a friend who does a photo book with all her instagrams pics every few months.

  98. Teri says

    I love outdoor family photos. Rustic, earthy styles

  99. Melissa A. says

    I think Instagram photos of babies with flowers in a field would be very pretty!

  100. Jessica Snow says

    Wow, what a neat idea. I wish I had Instagram so I can partake in this neat activity. Although, I guess I can still create things with digital camera pictures.
    Thanks for this awesome video!

  101. Tegan L. says

    This was actually quite interesting. Sadly, I have yet to join the instagram revolution. 🙂 this does make me consider joining up though. 🙂

  102. Heather D. says

    I’m trying to make a scrapbook of just Instagram photos. It will be different then a regular photo album as these pics to me are so much more then a snapshot! The coolest idea I’ve seen is to get a mosaic print of your photos on to a pillow cover!

  103. christine jessamine says

    I have not set up an instagram account yet, I am going to get it started. I love all the fun ideas I have seen.

  104. Vivien L says

    I don’t use instagram but I love sharing pictures on Flickr.

  105. Marcia Goss says

    I haven’t joined Instagram yet, but after seeing this, I will. What a wonderful way to share your photos.

  106. Rhian says

    I saw this cool craft where you shellaced the instagram photos to a square vase. I love the memory game idea! Hadn’t heard of that before!

  107. Vanessa Coker says

    How awesome! Instagram photos can also be used and print into throw blankets that would act as a cute keepsake 🙂

  108. Gianna says

    How cool!

  109. Chris Alejandro says

    I’ve only started with instagram a few weeks. It’s such a painless way to get creative and not miss awesome moments!

  110. rachel travis says

    I loooooooove instagram!!! What a great idea 🙂

  111. Julie says

    I really like the show Tia and Tamera. I loved seeing them go through pregnancy on the show and it is great to see her advice now!

  112. Richard Hicks says

    I want to start using instagram but have no devices that take advantage of it yet. It really is a must have if you have children.

  113. regina martinez says

    I love insta gtrams pic pic pic!!!!!!!!!

  114. Ashley Morrissey says

    So awesome and I love Tia!!

  115. June S. says

    I would like to see one of these canvas photos in person some day.

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