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Strider No Peddle Balance Bike

Sample received for review purposes. All opinions are our own.

Balance bikes seem to becoming more and more popular each year. When my son was about 2 our friends had a Strider Balance bike for their child and I was so intrigued by this bike. It was so tiny and of course the main thing I noticed was there were no peddles. I went home and looked up Strider balance bikes online and did some research on them. I spent so much time watching videos of these little kids who have just learned to walk now riding a bike. The video that sold me was about how people think kids are safe on trikes and bikes with training wheels, but as they lean to far they are falling over onto the ground over and over again. These kids are trusting that the training wheels are going to save them from falling, but in reality they don’t which causes a unexpected fall that hurts.

We bought our first Strider bike for our son and watched as our 2 year old son for the first time on it struggled to walk with it as it tipped from side to side. The more he “walked” with it the more you could actually see the progress he was making on his balance. He didn’t tip from side to side anymore and was able to now sit on the seat and walk in a straight line. As they get comfortable on their own they will start to lift their feet up and glide focusing on their balance and will begin to glide for a longer period of time.

Our daughter started on the strider at the age of 2 and is doing amazing on it. We have had a third child who will probably be ready for the strider before our daughter is ready to give it up. When asked if I would like to review a Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike I jumped on the chance. This bike is all our children will ever see as their first bike. I will not put my kids on trikes or ever let them ride with training wheels. My daughter was SO excited when the new strider arrived. There is a little bit of assembly, which only took about 5 min and the bike was ready to be used.

At the age of 3.5 our son was riding a two wheeler bike, after a few hrs of learning how to start and stop on a peddle bike. He never saw a trike nor ever had training wheels. We have loaned our Strider to other older children who had been riding a bike with training wheels. In a week they learned their balance on the Strider Balance Bike and were then riding without training wheels.

The Strider has durable EVA polymer tires which are maintenance free and never need any air. A friend has another brand of balance bike and her son wasn’t able to ride his balance bike for awhile because he ran over a nail and punctured the tire. Never have to worry about flat tires with the Strider.

I have had the chance to check out other balance bikes and have found that the seats don’t go as low as the Strider Bike. This doesn’t allow young children to ride at a early age. Other balance bikes aren’t as light weight as the 6.7 lbs Strider Bike, either.

The Strider ST-4 has a smaller seat made for your tiny rider. My 5 year old has mentioned that it hurts his bum, it’s a harder plastic seat not a padded seat. Strider does recommend that you get the bigger padded seat for 4+ years. The handles are nice and narrow to allow a great grip for those tiny little hands.

Some specifications of the bike that are great to know:
-Bike is 6.7lbs
-Toddler sized mini-grips
-Seat height from 11-16″
-Quick clamps on handlebar and saddle provide no tools needed for height adjustment
-12″ molded wheels
-Powder coat paint for long lasting durable paint finish
-Sealed Cartridge Bearings roll smoothly and are maintenance free for years
-6 bright colors to choose from

I can honestly not stress enough about the Strider balance bike and why I LOVE it so much. We get parents asking all the time where we got the Strider from, and what a GREAT idea this bike is. Heads turned all the time as our 18 month rdes by on a two wheel bike. “If your child can walk, then they can do this”. We have had our original Strider for 3 years now and there hasn’t been any maintenance needed on this bike. The Strider Bikes are very well built and built to last. I believe whole heartedly that a Strider is absolutely worth EVERY penny. You won’t have to buy multiple trikes and bikes with training wheels… this bike will also last being passed down to many children.
Christmas is coming and I don’t think you can get a child anything better then a Strider No-Pedal Balance Bike. Head over to and pick out the bike that is best for your child. If you have a older child that would love a Strider there is also a Strider made for ages 6-10.

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You can purchase a Strider balance bike on their site.


ONE OurKidsMom reader is going to win a Strider ST-4 Balance Bike (choice based on availability)!


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  1. debbie jackson says

    They also have a ST-pro bike.

  2. Sarah says

    Would love to have the pink bike for my daughters

  3. Melisa Darnieder says

    I learned how young they can really start with these – I had no idea!

  4. Janet W. says

    I learned that this bike only weighs 6.7 pounds! My grandson would love this!

  5. Laura Miller says

    I love all the colors and the fact that they will not become training wheel dependent.

  6. maryann says

    A great bike to teach little kids how to ride! I like how it was made light weight at less than 7 lbs. For kids.

  7. tina m says

    I like that the st pro is very liteweight!

  8. I would love to have a pink Strider for my daughter. She is quickly outgrowing her tricycle!

  9. joanne major says

    I like how light weight it is. My grandson cannot figure out how to ride a bike. something about the peddling maybe this could help him

  10. D Schmidt says

    Visited and I like that it only weighs 6.7 pounds, the STRIDER™ No-Pedal Balance Bike is designed to be super light for ease of handling by young riders.

  11. 1955nurse says

    I learned that this bike only weighs a little – 6.7#, so easy for a child to maneuver! Would love this for my Grandaughter – she is always trying to get on her Big Brother’s bike & she can’t manage it!!! Thanks for the chance….

  12. Carrie Phelps says

    The STRIDER Healthy Kids Program provides low cost bike to organizations geared towards the health of children.

  13. Shayna says

    I like the STRIDER ST-PRO bike as well 🙂

  14. Catherine says

    I like the St- Pro bike. I like that its a good fit for my growing children.

  15. Elizabeth P. says

    I also like the Strider Pro!

  16. Stacey R says

    I like the Snow Strider Ski Accessory, neat idea!

  17. Ginny says

    I love that in comes in all those colors, weighs only 6.7 lbs and no need to pump up the tires!

  18. Jennifer Hogg says

    I learned that this bike is awesome & would help my 6yr old finally lose her training wheels!!!! Love that it comes in pink too.

  19. Christine Mayfield says

    I love the idea of a Strider bike. We didn’t have these growing up and would really help my younger children

  20. Carole ingram says

    The Strider is good for children from 18 months to 5 years ! My son would love this!

  21. the pink bike my niece would love.

  22. Lora says

    This looks like something great to use with students with balance needs

  23. heather eg kaufman says

    We like the ST-Pro

  24. Stacey Roberson says

    I learned that Strider bikes are used by healthcare providers to provide a fun and functional tool for their clients.

  25. Alexia says

    I learned the Strider ST-4 Balance Bike only weighs a little over 6 1/2 lbs which makes it really easy for children to use. =)

  26. Anne Perry says

    I learned that the bike weighs 6.7 pounds,

  27. Lisa B. says

    I learned that the STRIDER ST-4 bike is perfect for children from 18 months to 5 years old.

  28. Allison Downes says

    I learned one of the new updates to the bike is Softer durometer grips for more comfortable feel on toddlers’ little hands.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  29. Candice says

    I like that it weighs only 6.7 pounds.

  30. Tara says

    I learned that learning balance and coordination with exercise jump-starts a child’s growth and development.

  31. Lynn says

    If I don’t win, I’m buying one! I read about Strider racing. Who knew?

  32. I like that it’s so light and I like that the ST4 is designed for 18 months to 5 years you can get a lot of use out of it.

  33. Catherine Ly says

    I like that it is really light

  34. lana says

    the weight of the bike is sooo leight

  35. kim burnett says

    Would love to have the pink bike for my daughter!

  36. I love that it comes in pink and they even have races where kids can compete!

  37. Daraya says

    I love the Strider PRO bike! 🙂

  38. colleen fowler says

    I love the cobra bike, my nephew would love that!

  39. Sam Stamp says

    I love the different colors they have available and that children as young as 18 months can use it!

  40. Mariaelena Dominguez says

    I like that they don’t weigh much!

  41. Stephen says

    That they come in 6 colors!

  42. Amanda Hoffman says

    i like the cobra bike

  43. Kristen says

    I love that it’s so easy for kids to use and I love all the vivid colors it comes in!

  44. courtney b says

    i like all the features like the foot rest 🙂 very cool bike!

  45. jeanette sheets says

    i like these

  46. Rosanne says

    The handles have a soft durometer for a better grip

  47. brooke t says

    SUPER 16

  48. June S. says

    This bike would be great for my grandson when he starts learning how to ride a bike; ST-4 Model

  49. jenny p says

    t is s perfect for children from 18 months to 5 years old.

  50. morgan says

    i love the colour choices and the kids can use it for so long

  51. polly says

    I love that it teaches the kids balance before they go to bikes with pedals etc. great idea!

  52. Robyn says

    I like how light weight the bike is and that it has such a wide age range of use, which makes it a great investment since it can be used for a long time!

  53. KJ Skib says

    I like how easy it is for a toddler.

  54. jamie kelsey says

    my daughter would like the SS-1

  55. athena d. says

    i looove the ST 4, and i know my daughter would absolutely go crazy for it! i cant believe its from 18 months to 5 years! so crazy and cool!:)

  56. Kara says

    I really want to get my son a Strider bike for Christmas! I love that it teaches balance as the primary goal for learning to ride a bike.

  57. Devon F says

    I would love the pink one for my daughters! 🙂

  58. Jessica says

    I like the ST-Pro bike.

  59. Elaine Lund says

    I like that the bike is light weight and comes in pink!~

  60. Jen says

    I learned strider has it’s own blog!

  61. Terri Egelund says

    I like the Quadrabyke 3 in 1 for my grandson.

  62. Jennifer says

    I’d love the green st-4 for my son!!

  63. Courtney says

    I love this for my daughter for balance training. She has balance issues (neuromuscular). This would be a huge blessing.

  64. Michael Lambert says

    I like the ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike.

  65. I learned “The STRIDER ST-4 is the culmination of many years of design improvements. We take the rider experience seriously at Strider Sports and think the latest iteration of our flagship product is the best performing and safest balance bike to ride on the market.” -Ryan McFarland, CEO of Strider Sports International.

  66. mary cobb says

    I learned that they can start much younger on the balance bike. and they come in a bunch of fantastic colors.

  67. Tarah says

    I learned that the goal of Strider Sports is to simplify a bike to its essence, so that proper size, weight and ease-of-use combine to eliminate any fear of riding; instilling confidence in young new riders.

  68. I like that its made to help with balancing so a child can get ready to learn to ride a bike

  69. Terra Agueda says

    I like how lightweight these bikes are for the kids. Easy to maneuver.

  70. April Brenay says

    I really love the orange strider bike, my 3 year old would love it!

  71. laurie nykaza says

    I like how light weight so I can put it in the van when were going places to take with us

  72. Rebecca Orr says

    I love that it is easy to adjust with no tools needed. I love the pink color for my daughter. Thanks for the chance!

  73. Tiffany Schmidt says

    I love the Co-Branded line. So sleek!

  74. Claire Rheinheimer says

    I like that they use a powder coat finish on this bike- my dad’s plant does that and I know how durable it is.

  75. jenn w says

    My son would love this!

  76. Andrina G says

    The bike has a Powder Coat Finish .

  77. Sarah says

    I learned the bike has a foot rest!

  78. Lilia Kharabora says

    I learned that their unique design teaches young children balance on two wheels right from the start, avoiding developmental delays typical with tricycles and training-wheel bikes.
    Pretty neat. This would be super for my 4 year old.

  79. Jennifer says

    I would love the ST 4 in green. I love this product. I taught my sister to ride bikes by balancing but the pedals always got in the way.

  80. Bo says

    I learned that they’re based out of South Dakota.

  81. Sara Wagner says

    I love that the bike is light weight.

  82. heather says

    I learned on their website that there is racing event for their products.

  83. Tamar says

    I like the ST-Pro.

  84. Teresa says

    softer grip for toddlers hands.

  85. Denise B. says

    I like the “Super 16”.

  86. Angela Hartness says

    I really like the Snow Strider(R) Ski Accessory (Set).

  87. Monique Rizzo says

    I like the strider bike.Thanks for the chance.

  88. Amy Dillard says

    Awesome concept!

  89. Tamesa says

    I love the balance bikes! I learned that i wish i had heard of them before this year! My son and daughter both have gotten to ride one a couple times and they loved it! .If i end up winning one, i will HAVE TO buy another for the opposite child! Lol! Thank you for this giveaway and blog. 🙂

  90. Rebecca Parsons says

    I like the Harley-Davidson® STRIDER™. I know my nephew would love it too.

  91. Ashley N says

    I LOVE the pink strider bike, but would be so happy to win one in any color. I’d love a balance bike for my under 2 toddler, and the strider is so versatile with the seat adjustment that this is the only bike I’m considering. I also love the foot pegs and how light it is!

  92. Jessica says

    I like the ST-Pro

  93. Hilary Robertson says

    This looks so fun! I would be the best aunt if I won this for my nephew!

  94. Love the mini saddle! This would be perfect for my little boy. 🙂

  95. As someone who has a child with physical disabilities and has been in PT and OT for years for balance. This is a great idea.

  96. Heather Poindexter says

    I want the ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike.

  97. I love that it is very light and help to learn balance.

  98. Jessica Lodge says

    I like how light weight the bike is. Living on the 3rd floor in a walk up, I do not want to have to lug a heavy bike up and down the stairs.

  99. Kerry G. says

    I like the new treat pattern on the tires

  100. Cassandra Eastman says

    I learned it weighs only 6.7 pounds and Pediatricians agree that learning balance, coordination with exercise jump-starts a child’s growth and development!

  101. Christi says

    I would love the pink bike for my daughter to help her learn

  102. cheryl larimer says

    They have ski accessories. WOW

  103. Angela W says

    That the bike is designed to be super light for ease of handling by young riders.

  104. Daniel M says

    the all new 2012 STRIDER™ SS-1 “SUPER 16” in black

  105. Lisa V. says

    I like the SS1 bike.

  106. christine jessamine says

    I love that this comes in pink and is light

  107. jazzy wynter says

    i love the st pro bike!!! Its pretty cool and i know my son would love it

  108. Beth W says

    I like their SUZUKI strider.

  109. Jeni Lutz says

    I learned that its Perfect for toddlers aged 18 months – 5 years old

  110. Jen F says

    I really like the Strider Pro because it is designed for my daughter’s age group.

  111. jodi frasier/lasher says

    I would love to get the harley davidson strider bike. That is awesome. Thanks

  112. melissaandkeith miller says

    It is very light weight

  113. My son has a strider and I’d love to get him Motocross Style Handlebar with Pad.

  114. Melanie Montgomery says

    It’s great for 18 month olds to 5 year olds.

  115. Christina Strapp says

    I like the ST-4 Pink STRIDER.

  116. amy deeter says

    like the Strider Pro

  117. Sky Sparkle says

    I learned that it comes in many colors.

  118. Allison says

    it seems to be nice and lightweight

  119. Vikki Billings says

    I like the SUPER 16 bike

  120. This is such a good invention. Kids need to be able to balance before they can really ride.

  121. The balance bike seems like a great way for little ones to learn how to balance and become familiar with their weight on a bicycle.

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