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As a mother to a teenage driver, one of my biggest fears is distracted driving.

I’m sure you’ve seen these commercials by now, they are my worst nightmare. The girl in the video is simply answering her mother’s question.

As much as I harp on my son to answer me in a timely manner… I do not want him to do so while driving.

To help him (and even myself) to avoid this temptation, I’ve found six apps that in some form or another will stop distracted driving. Many of them are FREE, so there really is no excuse.

I hope one will be just what you are looking for as well.

Canary- Teen Safety

 Stop distracted driving and help save lives. When you download Canary on your phone and your teen’s phone, you will receive notifications in real-time when your child is engaging in risky behavior.

Know if your teen is:

• Texting while driving
• Using the phone while driving
• Exceeding a speed limit that you set
• Traveling into areas that are off-limits
• Staying out past curfew

Thumb Tied

Thumb Tied is an Anti-Distracted Driving Application that stops you and your loved ones from being distracted while driving. Thumb Tied senses when you are driving, and inhibits use of text messages, instant messages, emails and other notifications that may distract you from driving your vehicle.

The application is free to use on your phone, and comes with the option to control another device. Moms and dads: You can ensure that your teen driver isn’t using their phones to text while they drive. Coaches: Now you can make sure your whole team is safe when they drive to the tournament.

Driver Feedback (from State Farm)

The app’s accelerometer recording technology measures your acceleration, braking, and cornering. You’re given a score for each, as well as an overall score for each trip you record. Helpful tips make it easier for you to take your driving to the next level.


– Record driving using your device’s accelerometer and GPS location
– View all alerts in a list view or overlaid on a map
– Compare two trips against each other (the higher the score, the better the driving)
– Send trip results via email and SMS
– Support for multiple users


Live2Txt is the easiest way to block incoming texts and calls while driving or in a meeting. With just a click of a button you can easily silence your smart phone from the incoming notifications of texts and calls. Live2Txt will send a customized message alerting the person that you are unable to respond.

This simple application will allow you to selectively block: phone calls and incoming SMS texts, incoming SMS texts only, or incoming phone calls only. Don’t be a statistic distracted driving and texting related accidents are on the rise.

The message feature is great for parents and loved ones who want to be notified when you are on the move. Simply turning the app on and off will send a SMS to the notification number.


esure’s DriveOFF app will prevent your phone from distracting you while you drive. Once you reach 10mph the app will automatically turn off all notifications and incoming calls and display a static screensaver of your choice, instead of your distracting phone screen.
Download the app

– Choose your own distraction free screensaver

– Start driving

– The app detects that you are driving and off it goes…

– Drive safely!


DriveScribe, available for Android and iOS, blocks phone calls, emails and text messages. It’ll automatically send a response to text messages, alerting your contacts that you’re unreachable at the moment. DriveScribe goes the extra mile—it tracks speed and driving behavior, offering tips for improvement. Plus, the safer you drive, the more rewards points you earn. The best part? These points are redeemable for gift cards at select retail stores.

No matter the reason you’re downloading an app to block texting while driving, it’s important to educate yourself and young drivers about driving safely. Learn more about distracted driving and safe practices on the road.


  1. I didn’t realize there were so many apps to help with this! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for this great roundup! I’m sharing it with my network, and my family!

  3. Lin says

    This is a great post Heather and SO important. I had no idea there were so many Apps like this out there. I also learned from you about the State Farm App. Who knew! TYSM!

  4. We have at least 5-6 years before we enter the world of teen driving, but I still dread the idea of my kids being on the road. There are so many dangers that I see behind the wheel that the thought of my kids in the environment really makes me stress.

  5. shelly peterson says

    Thanks for sharing these, they are all great apps to use to help ensure safe driving. I have an 18 yr old who isn’t driving yet but will be soon and is crazy about the phone so these would be good to use for her.

  6. Zippy says

    I was on the hunt for apps, and I KNEW you’d have some good ones. THANKS.

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