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Staying Warm & Fashionable in Cold Weather

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We live in the Midwest which means extreme temperature changes all the time.  We had a record high in the 70s yesterday and today it’s raining with temps dropping all day.  We’re expecting snow overnight.  Seriously?!  How’s a girl supposed to keep up?  I can send my kids to school in shorts, but when they get home they are putting on hoodies and extra thick socks.  It’s crazy!  Needless to say, we keep short sleeve shirts and even shorts in the closet year round.
This week I’m showing off how I can stay on top of the winter/spring weather and fashions using my 8X phone.  I love the tiles on my phone.  It gives me super easy access to any app that I frequently use.
For instance, I have a weather tile that I’ve pinned so that I can check the temperature at any time.

 weather app

It’s so helpful to be able to check it before helping my kiddos pick out clothes for the day.  I don’t have to wait to hear it on the news, or look it up online.  It’s right there at my fingertips any time I need it.
One of my favorite apps is for a popular website that gives lots of outfit ideas for me.

winter fashion app

I’m a stay-at-home mom, so I usually wear what’s comfortable and easy to wash.  However, when I do need to dress up, I have no idea what to wear.  I love using my 8X to look up quick fashion ideas no matter where I am.  I use it for shopping as well as searching my closet for new ways to use my old clothes.
Here’s a tip when shopping for new clothes:  Take pictures on your phone of clothing and accessories you currently own before you head out.  Then go shopping & pair up new items with the old easily!  I used to buy multiples all the time simply because I couldn’t remember what I already owned.  That is no longer a problem!  I have several items I need matching pieces for stored on my phone and now and I can look them up anytime.  A huge bonus I wasn’t expecting is that the colors are a perfect match! 

Here are a few I’ve taken:

I continue to find new ways to use my phone & I absolutely love it!

Disclosure of Material Connection: The above mentioned product was received for free. The photos of clothing were taken with the HTC Windows Phone 8X. No other compensation was received.



  1. Cassandra Eastman says

    Thanks for the review, i’ve been looking for reviews on this phone because i’m needing a new one and just not sure what to get. I can relate to you on the weather, I’m from missouri as well – crazy weather we are having!

  2. Ashley Nolan says

    Thanks for the review, I have been looking for a new phone lately!

  3. Tina says

    Nice phone! I’ve always been interested in htc…

  4. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Thank you for the app recommendation! I’m always looking for fun apps!

  5. Jennifer Hedden says

    These are awesome ways to use your phone. I have not had a chance to use a Windows 8 phone, but from all the reviews I have seen I think that my next phone will have Windows 8. I love the app that gives you outfit ideas. I also think it is brilliant to take pictures of your clothes and accessories before going shopping so you can coordinate them. Thank you for the great post!

  6. jamie braun says

    phones now a days can do anything! still dont know how to do all the neat things my phone does

  7. Carrie Phelps says

    Living in New Hampshire where the weather can change by the hour I seriously need a weather app.! Thank you.

  8. Mary Beth Elderton says

    We have almost reached the point in our contract when it is time to get a new hone. This one looks like just what I need. I love the idea of knowing the weather and having help on what to wear. I will be getting used to weather patterns for an area that is completely new to me. As for what to wear…oh, boy! I like the idea of taking pics of things I already have that need matches or updating. I always did this for back-to-school shopping–I’d find out what still fit the kids and work from there.

  9. Stacey Roberson says

    I own an HTC and I absolutely love it! Especially the weather feature. Other than that, I have never had any issues.

  10. Janet W. says

    That looks like a really good phone!

  11. Kris Garvey says

    I’m still unsure how I feel about Windows 8 on a phone and the tile features but your post was helpful. Thank you!

  12. Mer says

    I’ve heard such great things about this phone! I love all the ways you can use it to simplify your life. Taking pictures of your closet is so smart. No more buying cute clothes and then wondering what on earth you’ll wear them with!

  13. Wanda McHenry says

    I won a HTC Titan which I should be getting soon, so I really appreciate your review. The first thing I will do is download that weather app because here in SC the weather is so wonky. I’m not familiar with Windows 8 so it’s going to be interesting to learn how to use my new phone.

  14. Holly S. says

    Pretty cool app. Makes me wish I had a smartphone 🙁

  15. Lisa Ann Fury says

    Great tips! I still use an old flip phone, but hubby has a smartphone. I need one!

  16. Debra Guillen says

    I love hearing out new apps for my smartphone…thanks. In MO as well…super chilly and windy today but luckily didn’t get but a dusting of snow unlike what was predicted here.

  17. Jill Myrick says

    I will definitely be looking into the weather app as soon as I get my new phone.
    You never know what you are going to get here lately 62 today 33 tomorrow.
    And it would be nice to keep up with it wherever I might be in case schools decide to let out early.


  18. Gina Brickell says

    Aren’t all these new smart phones AMAZING???!!!! I have an app on my iphone too that shows the weather and I can add different cities to it as well so I can scroll through and see current temps in all of those places.. Now, the app you’re referring to with the outfits??!! I definitely need to check this out! I have horrible fashion taste and could use some help!

  19. Racquel S says

    Great idea…would help me to not duplicate my closet and to know what color accessories would really work!

  20. Kari H says

    This looks like a cool phone! My husband and I are wanting new phones so we’ll have to check this one out!

  21. Funny I had commented on this an hour ago but loss our internet service for a while. At that time it was 27 degrees but now 25 and still dropping. Earlier today the snow was melting and it was warm. 3 snow days for the kids and now it looks like they will get another one. So I do understand how hard it is to dress for the weather. I love your phone it looks like it would be an awesome thing to have. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Funny I had commented on this an hour ago but lost our internet service for about an hour. At that time it was 27 degrees but now 25 and still dropping. Earlier today the snow was melting and it was warm. 3 snow days for the kids and now it looks like they will get another one. So I do understand how hard it is to dress for the weather. I love your phone it looks like it would be an awesome thing to have. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Lisa Ellis says

    Nice phone! i have one free from work so i don’t need one right now but maybe someday…

  24. Sonya Morris says

    Thanks for posting your review! I have been looking for a new phone.

  25. Helga says

    I share the sentiment that technology helps when you live in the country!

  26. Kristina C says

    HTCs are the best!

  27. Megan C says

    Nice tip- to take clothing pics before shopping!!!

  28. Belinda says

    What neat apps! The weather has been crazy her and going from upper 60’s and sunny to 25 and snowing , then to 45 and rainy all within the same week so it would be nice to have that app. And thanks for the tip about taking a pic of clothing pieces. I never would have thought of that and it would be really helpful!

  29. Great review on the IPhone. Thanks for all the information and the weather features.

  30. That weather app would be great to have around Chicagoland too… weird weather we’ve been having this winter! The phone takes great photos and thanks for the tips! I think I might start taking photos of the mannequins in the stores with their accessories so when I get the shirt home, I know what to do with it haha.

  31. Micaela P says

    This phone sounds awesome! I just love smart phones and everything you can do with them!

  32. Tara says

    I love that phone… I get my new phone tomorrow.

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