Staying Cool While Staying Active This Summer

Staying Cool While Staying Active This Summer

During the summer months people often feel like they have to choose between staying cool and staying active. The truth is, though, that there’s no reason you can’t give your kids a fun and activity filled summer while also finding ways to beat the heat. Here are some suggestions.

Water Fight!

Normally you want to conserve water but sometimes a good old fashioned water fight is exactly what your kids need. Freezing water tag, in particular, is a great way to stay cool while still getting in some exercise and having a ton of fun.

PRO TIP: Make sure that you cover your cars and outdoor furniture to keep everything nice (and dry).  You can find replacement fabric affordably online to serve this purpose. This way you can have a water fight and sit your kids down to have lunch at a perfectly dry picnic table.

The Arcade

You might not like the idea of sitting your kids down in front of a video game all summer. That’s why going to the arcade can be such a fun time. Arcades have changed since we were kids. Now, instead of a dark room filled with stationary games, arcades are outfitted with games that encourage movement. You have the classic Dance Dance Revolution, the games that involve snowboarding, skiing and skateboarding (with actual skis, snowboards and skateboards on mechanical sensors) and a bunch of others. Some will even rent time with an Xbox Kinect system or the Wii so that your kids can play all sorts of activity filled games. They have fun playing games. You get to spend time in an air conditioned environment.

PRO TIP: Wear earplugs to protect everybody’s hearing. The noise level at the Arcade is the one thing that hasn’t changed since we were kids.

pool2(2)The Pool

Going to a community pool is a classic way to spend a summer day. Community centers and YWCA (or YMCA)s have great family rates that your family can use to its advantage if you want to spend the summer poolside.

You can buy affordable outdoor above ground pools at stores like Target if you don’t like the idea of joining a community pool. These can be great ways to beat the heat at home but these pools aren’t usually big enough for real swimming or water games. For those you’d have to go to a “real” pool. Plus, going to a community or neighborhood pool lets your kids play with other kids while you keep watch (and stay cool either in the water with them or from a shady spot nearby).

Whenever possible encourage your family to be the most active in the mornings. Get outside and go to the playground, play tag, ride bikes, etc in the mornings while the world is still warming up. Then you can spend the afternoon resting and recuperating inside where it is cooler without feeling guilty about spending the summer sitting around.

You can also use your afternoons for trips to air conditioned places like libraries and movie theaters—this way you’re still getting out of the house even if you aren’t being physically active when you get to your destination.

Above all else, don’t forget to have fun! As long as you’re having fun and staying healthy, who cares what the temperature is outside?

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  1. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I love summertime, you will never hear me complain about the heat 🙂 To stay cool we like to swim and play in a water table! (Central air helps too lol)

  2. I love the activities, will be sure to play them with my grandson. The Zoobe app to make your own animated films looks awesome. I also found out there was a chance to win a trip to Seville. 😀

  3. Sherri says

    I didn’t know how Paddington originally came about so it was interesting to read “24th December: a BBC cameraman buys a small toy bear left alone on a shelf in Selfridges store, London, for his wife Brenda. Named Paddington, after the station close to Michael Bond’s home, the bear inspires him to write eight episodes in just over a week.”

  4. terry maigi says

    I love the trailers! The one where Paddington is riding the bathtub down the stairs is hilarious! This movie looks so funny!

  5. Brenda F says

    My kids love Paddington! Excited to show them the activities.

  6. Sharon Schoepe says

    I love the History section. It’s fun hearing the story behind the story

  7. D Schmidt says

    Visited the site and I like the adventure diary

  8. heather eg kaufman says

    My kids like the activities.

  9. Jackie says

    I thought that the History Timeline of Paddington was interesting. This looks like a cute movie the whole family would enjoy.
    Thank you!

  10. Jackie says

    I entered the 5 DCKids & WBKids Mystery Toy Gift Baskets giveaway

  11. DEBRA DUBOIS says

    My grand kids love Paddington this is so fun I cant wait to go to the sight and show them they will be so excited. I enjoyed checking the sight out myself. They will be excited the sight has activities this is so great.

  12. Julie L says

    I love that Paddington is still out and popular! Love that my kids get to enjoy the same classics!

  13. heather s says

    I learned Hugh Bonneville was in the movie. It looks cute

  14. I like the activities section on the site. This movie looks super cute and I think my children are going to love it!

  15. Megan Tilley says

    I learned how Paddington bear came about!

  16. harolde says

    I learned that it’s from the Producers of Harry Potter.

  17. Lauren Becker says

    I visited the site and I like that it includes some Paddington themed activities.

  18. Brittney House says

    The adventure diary looks very interesting.

  19. Terra Heck says

    I learned that Paddington was published in the US by Houghton Mifflin of Boston in 1960. Thanks.

  20. April Brenay says

    he’s named after a station stop in London

  21. Debbi Wellenstein says

    I liked the movie trailers on the site.

  22. I liked the History section.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  23. Crystal F says

    I just like how cute Paddington is. We really wanted to see this in the theaters but didn’t get the chance. Thank you!

  24. Lauren says

    I like the Adventure Diary.

  25. Allison Swain says

    I like the activities they have!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win 🙂

  26. Rebecca Orr says

    I learned that the book, A Bear Called Paddington was written by Michael Bond.

  27. Nicole Sender says

    I learned that in 1958 Williams Collins published the very first book ‘A Bear Called Paddington’, in hardback, illustrated by Peggy Fortnum.

  28. Wendy Bloink says

    Awesome activities for the kids

  29. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I enjoyed reading the,history behind the Paddington movie and book, A Bear CalleD Paddington

  30. Amanda Alvarado says

    I like that they gave the history of Paddington on the web site!

  31. shelly peterson says

    I like that they have activities on the site.

  32. June S. says

    I have liked the paddington show for many years now, use to watch it with my oldest son all the time when he was younger.

  33. beth shepherd says

    I like the adventure diary. Thank you!

  34. B.W. says

    I actually would love a doll that is dressed as Paddington Bear.

  35. Mary Cloud says

    It’s based on books and TV episodes – looks like it would be a cute family movie

  36. Natalie S says

    I love the kids books selections – especially the PADDINGTON GOES FOR GOLD

  37. Marya Mann says

    I like the history section because I love learning the background. Thank you 🙂

  38. Jennifer Tilson says

    I learned that Paddington was based off a bear that a BBC cameraman bought and named after the station close to his home. He then went on to write eight episodes in just over a week.

  39. Jennifer Tilson says

    I entered the Fisher Nut Exactly giveaway.

  40. Jennifer Tilson says

    I entered the Del Sol giveaway.

  41. Robin says

    I liked the history section of the website.

  42. Audra O'Hara says

    I like the book Paddington Goes for Gold, first published in 2012.

  43. Audra O'Hara says

    I entered What To Pack For A Road Trip With Kids | $50 Visa #GIVEAWAY | ends 6/26 | #FisherNutExactly

  44. Fawn H says

    I like the Adventures Diary

    I entered the Warner Bros. toy basket giveaway
    I entered the Gynoii Baby Monitor giveaway

  45. I like the trailers.

  46. I also entered the Jurassic World Prize Pack giveaway.

  47. I also entered the Fisher NUT EXACTLY giveaway.

  48. Jennifer Tilson says

    I entered the Osmo giveaway.

  49. Laura J says

    I learned that in 1958 Williams Collins publish the very first book ‘A Bear Called Paddington’

  50. Nannypanpan says

    I learned you can win a family trip to seville

  51. Nannypanpan says

    Entered Jurassic world toy and books

  52. Nannypanpan says

    Entered gynoii

  53. Karen Drake says

    I learned that there are a lot of Paddington books.

  54. Margot C says

    We love everything about this movie, we love that Hugh Bonneville from Downton Abbey is in it!

  55. tina reynolds says

    I love the adventure diary so super cute

  56. Nannypanpan says

    Entered Jurassic world tshirt

  57. Nannypanpan says

    Entered fisher nuts

  58. Monique Rizzo says

    I like the Adventure Diary- what a fun site. Thanks for the chance.

  59. Francine Anchondo says

    I like the History section

  60. Melinda Stephens says

    I love that they did a live action version instead of just doing an animated one. Having Nicole Kidman in it helps too.

  61. Paula Michele Hafner says

    I would love to have the book, “Paddington at the Zoo”. My kids have all loved Paddington!

  62. Daniel M says

    liked the adventure diary

  63. jules m. says

    the zoobe app under ‘activities’ looks so fun!

  64. Kristy Thiel says

    I love that they have all the books as well. Thanks for hosting!

  65. Rudy Gonzales says

    I liked the history section.

  66. I learned that after several books and Tv shows, this is the first time Paddington made it to the big screen.

  67. Kayla Allen says

    I like the history timeline.

  68. amy williams says

    my kids and I love the activities!

  69. Kristin says

    We love the activities too!

  70. Rebecca Peters says

    The kids love the activities

  71. Peggy Rydzewski says

    13th October: Williams Collins publish the very first book ‘A Bear Called Paddington’, in hardback, illustrated by Peggy Fortnum.

  72. Jen Reed says

    My daughter really wants to see the Paddington Bear movie so I loved the activity sheet they had on the site to allow her to get even more excited to see this film.

  73. Susan Smith says

    I thought that the History Timeline of Paddington on the site was interesting

  74. Lisa V. says

    I learned that this is the first movie for Paddington Bear.

  75. Vera says

    I like the history timeline.

  76. Jodi Kershuk says

    I like that they have a downloadable activity sheet.

  77. Heather K says

    The movie was from the producer of Harry Potter.

  78. Hesper Fry says

    The trailers are really neat.

  79. Leela says

    Having been the subject of countless books and TV episodes, Paddington Bear has finally arrived on the big screen for the very first time in a magical adventure film.

  80. Leela says

    I entered the Jurassic World giveaway.

  81. Ty says

    I like the selection of Paddington books including the novels and picture books available

  82. Nicole C. says

    I like the Zoobe App.

  83. Debbie Jensen says

    My nephew loves the activities

  84. Elizabeth H. says


  85. Jill Myrick says

    I love that the site has activity sheets and games to download for my kids.


  86. denise says

    I like that it’s from the producers of Harry Potter.

  87. Melissa S says

    I liked the trailer, it looks as cute as the books ever were.

  88. Stephanie Galbraith says

    I like the cute website.

  89. Charlene Kuser says

    I liked the Adventure diary from many fans talking about the movie and places they have seen the bear.I could spend a long time there,it is so interesting.

  90. Rachel Freer says

    I learned that Ben Whishaw is the voice of Paddington.

  91. DEBIJOT says

    I like the Paddington posters.

  92. DEBIJOT says

    entered Fisher Nuts giveaway

  93. DEBIJOT says

    entered xbox 360 lego giveaway

  94. AEKZ2 says

    I learned that Harper Collins publishes the Paddington Bear books in the US.

  95. Jennifer M says

    My kids like the trailers.

  96. Lisa Li says

    I like the posters that you can download.

  97. Laurie Emerson says

    I like the activities. especially the Spot the Difference activity sheet.

  98. Sand says

    I liked the activity sheets on the website!

  99. tonya dreese says

    LOVE the Paddington movie, it was so so good, My kiddo loved it, love the activity sheets as well.

  100. rajee says

    I love the History section to see the real life

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