Five Ways To Stay Healthy On Your Winter Wonderland Vacation

Five Ways To Stay Healthy On Your Winter Wonderland Vacation

Most of us know that it can be quite the challenge to maintain a healthy diet during a vacation. If you’re spending your holiday in a sunny, tropical location, then lots of lounging on the beach plus those sugary mix drinks can leave you with a few extra pounds. A winter vacation, however, may be just as risky to a healthy routine, especially when you’re hiding under layers of clothing and doing lots of relaxing by the fireplace.

If you’re planning a wintertime holiday with your partner, friends, or a family, and are worried about maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine while you’re away, then consider these five tips that can help you stay on track

1. Don’t load up on food.

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it needs to be reiterated over and over again, especially when on vacation when you’re surrounded by tons of delicious – and unhealthy – eating options. Whatever the food is, the best thing to do is to make an agreement with yourself to only eat what you put into your plate the first time. This will give you some control regarding how much of the food you actually eat. Try to keep your portions small and try not to reach for seconds. Eat your food slowly and cherish each meal so that you fill up faster and never become too stuffed.

2. Watch what you drink.

For many vacationers, time away from a daily routine is an opportunity to overindulge and let loose. And oftentimes, this happens by drinking a few too many hot toddies by the fireplace every night. Much like eating in moderation, be careful to keep control of what you drink and more importantly how much you drink. Remember that in a matter of just a few hours, you can drink nearly a thousand empty, sugary calories. Limit yourself to just a few drinks a night, and try to stay away from mixed drinks, especially if you didn’t mix them yourself.

3. Engage in outdoor activities.

Most people enjoying the lounging part of vacation the most, but engaging in some winter sports and activities will make that relaxation all the more enjoyable. If you’re headed somewhere snowy and mountainous, check out the skiing and snowboarding options in the area. If you’re on snowy flat land, try your hand at dog sledding or ice skating with your kids. If neither of these are options, just a few hours outside making snow angels and snowmen, chopping wood, or taking your dog for a walk will burn a great deal of calories and keep you in shape. Returning to your warm cabin for a hot chocolate will never feel better.

4. Stay hydrated and nourished.

When it’s cold out and we’re not sweating that much, we tend not to think we need as much water. However, you still need to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, and more if you’re doing physical exercise. Drinking plenty of water will keep you full longer, stave of hunger, and keep your energy levels high so that you’re motivated to keep your body moving. If you’re having problems finding healthy foods that keep you energized, especially fruits and vegetables, then bring some supplements with you on your trip just in case. If you need a little extra workout boost with your water, there are the best pre- workout supplements of 2017 that can help you burn a little extra fat from your evening feast and those few extra cocktails.

5. Control.

What it all comes down to in the end is your control. How many of those delicious sweets can you keep yourself from eating? How early will you allow yourself to sleep in order to have time for your regularly morning workouts? It’s all about keeping yourself paced, scheduled, and keeping track of the things that you can be doing in order to keep yourself healthy and happy. If you find yourself struggling with control, then prepare yourself each morning by writing down three things you want to implement in your day, like limiting yourself to one plate or scheduling some family fun time that is filled with action-packed activities. This will give you identifiable and manageable goals that you can aim for.

While taking a proactive approach to your oral health, sometimes things go wrong. You could need to find an orthodontist near you while vacationing quite quickly. Dental emergencies could come up, after all.

If you wanted to be extra careful, it could be worth looking into orthodontists – and possibly other medical professionals – in the area you’re vacationing. Researching how to get an appointment, etc. – if you’re in another country – can be recommended.

Though emergencies are unlikely to come up, it’s worth being prepared for any eventuality. Having money budgeted for such circumstances also could be worth considering.

Happy vacationing!


  1. MeMe R says

    This looks so fun. I wish I was there right now honestly.

  2. amychlumsky says

    Those healthy ways are perfect and should every traveler stick to them specially Staying hydrated and nourished, the water inside and outside the body cells of contracting muscles supplies adequate nutrition and gets rid of waste effectively so you perform better in winter.

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