Staples and Katy Perry Want You To #MakeRoarHappen

Staples and Katy Perry Want You To #MakeRoarHappen

005My year in the classroom as a third grade teacher made me appreciate just what teachers do for our children each and every day.

School budgets are thin. Teachers are only given so much to work with, often times the rest comes out of their own pocket. With teachers salaries what they are, that can really hurt.

That’s why I’m happy to partner with Staples to promote their #MakeRoarHappen campaign.

Staples has teamed up with global pop music superstar Katy Perry to “Make Roar Happen” and celebrate and support teachers during the back-to-school season. Staples is building on its long history of supporting teachers, students, and education by donating $1 million to, a charity that has helped fund more than 450,000 classroom projects for teachers and impacted more than 11 million students.

To encourage teachers, parents and students around the country to ‘Make Roar Happen’ Staples will become the presenting sponsor of the North American leg of Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour, which resumes on June 22 in Raleigh, N.C.

“‘Make Roar Happen’ with Katy Perry builds on Staples’ commitment to teachers in a new and engaging way,” said Alison Corcoran, senior vice president, North American stores and online marketing, Staples. “With music that inspires people worldwide, Katy Perry is a powerful voice to encourage people to ‘Roar’ and recognize teachers for their impact both inside and outside the classroom. Our $1 million donation will help teachers supply their classrooms just in time for back to school.”

“I’m glad to partner with Staples on my Prismatic World Tour to raise awareness and funds for, and to remind my fans that a small gesture can make a large impact on the very basic materials classrooms need for teachers to help students reach their full potential,” said Katy Perry.

Why “Make Roar Happen”?

The “Make Roar Happen” campaign is supported by insights from a recent Staples survey, which found:

·       75% of parents of teens have had “that” teacher in their life that influenced them greatly.

·       65% of parents of teens say teachers in their community do not have all the supplies they need.

·       75% of parents agree that a lack of school supplies is a problem for schools today.


More fun promotions with a Chance to See Katy Perry! :

·       Staples customers who spend $10 or more will qualify for a chance to win tickets to one of Katy Perry’s performances during the North American leg of the Prismatic World Tour. Contest terms and conditions can be found on  

·       Beginning on June 25, fans will have a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles to meet Katy Perry and attend her concert on September 19 at the Staples Center by entering the #MakeRoarHappen Video Sweepstakes. Everyone is invited to create videos ‘Roaring’ about their educational goals, inspirational teachers, or how education has positively affected their lives. To enter, upload your ‘Roar’ video at Entries must be submitted before 11:59 PM ET on September 3, and participants must be 18 years or older. Participants are encouraged to share their videos on their social channels using the hashtag #MakeRoarHappen.  See official rules at


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  1. melissa t says

    I had a favorite teacher in high school who got me to love history. He taught it as though it was like gossip.

    • Irene Ippoliti says

      That’s so cute, I had a similar teacher! He made history my favorite topic in school.

    • Nichole says

      My son had a great teacher for preschool and kindergarten. I think what made her so amazing is that she always has a smile on her face. She’s friendly and the children respond to that. They don’t want to disappoint her.

    • El Cuatro says

      My favorite teacher challenged me to think outside of the box instead of inside of a text book.

    • julissa says

      me too

  2. My favorite teacher always expected a lot out of us, and that made me want to do my best. It made me study harder and do better.

  3. sherry blamer says

    My favorite teacher was nice and very helpful. she explained things throughly and made it easy to understand. shes inspirational because she edcucates kids on learning how to cook, taking care of a baby and other useful skills. I learned a lot from her that I now do today.

  4. Mary Beth Elderton says

    My favorite teachers are the ones who taught me how to find out answers myself, who gave me that confidence.

  5. Holly Thomas says

    My favorite teacher was when I was in the fifth grade, she loved kids and and was very kind and patient.

  6. Alona Y says

    My little sister actually just graduated and is now a teacher! She worked so hard, working 2 jobs and going to school to get by. She also chose a more difficult path in order to have better certification, which I thought was really inspiring!

  7. Cynthia R says

    What makes a teacher inspiration is them taking extra time to get to know every kid and keep them on track, not just lessons but in life, taking an interest in a child really motivates them.

  8. Melissa H says

    My favorite teachers, whether it’s throughout High School or College, have always had the best life stories to tell. The inspiration comes from their wise words and their life lessons that are shared to his/her students. Even if a story may seem completely pointless, it still shows the teacher’s character and makes us feel like we’re important enough that our teacher can share his/her stories with us.

  9. Amy S says

    Truly caring about the kids wellbeing and future.

  10. Samantha Rynders says

    My favorite teacher was my 8th grade science teacher. Not only did she have creative ways to help us take in the difficult information but she also treated us the way children our age were supposed to be treated. She didn’t baby us, but pushed us to always do our best

  11. Nicole U says

    My favorite teachers are ones who have a hands-on learning environment! Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. anita says

    My favorite teacher was inspirational because he didn’t baby us and taught us to find answers on our own and to think outside the box.

  13. theresa m. says

    My favorite teacher was my eighth grade math teacher – he made me love math – he didn’t just call on the boys, but treated the girls equally in the classroom – first time i ever experienced that – and he pushed each individual student to excel – no excuses – he had equal expectations for all of us, and actually helped every one of us in the way that we as individuals needed it – i ended up doing extremely well in math and math based sciences – and i thank him for that.

  14. Candice says

    My favorite teacher had a way to make learning fun, and had a lot of enthusiasm.

  15. Sarah VM says

    My daughter’s 1st grade teacher was so awesome. She would go above and beyond to make sure her students did well. She communicated with the parents so well and was always kind and patient with us.

  16. Krisha Collins says

    A teacher that really loves their students are the best. But the great thing is most of them do.

  17. Nicole Dz says

    My favorite teacher was when I was in middle school. Her name was Mrs. Beams, I believe she was a 5th grade teacher. She was inspiring by always offering after school help for her students on her clock, she put her own money into school projects and into her classroom. She always went to great lengths to give her students the best attention & learning experience.

  18. I love a teacher that is into there job and shows commitment to there students

  19. my first grade teacher was my inspriation. she was there for me all the way through my elementary years, and I think what makes a great teacher is always being there even AFTER she’s your teacher. and someone you never forget

  20. Dawn Monroe says

    All of my kids have been touched or helped by one teacher, Mrs. Byers. She motivates them by respecting them, a sense of humor and lots of energy. I think being a younger teacher with modern methods help also. We have six kids and she has helped them all. She even turned our name into a charity one year when my husband lost a job.

  21. heather eg kaufman says

    They are patient & non judgmental.

  22. Jessamine D. says

    I love a teacher who supports each of her students individually and no favoritism among his/her students.

  23. saminder gumer says

    my 2nd grade teacher is the person who helped guide me towards math and science and i cannot thank her enough. she was very inspirational to me and was always there to help me with after school study sessions and keeping me encouraged when i was down.

  24. Debra Hall says

    a good friend of mine is a teacher of special needs kids.he is a very caring person and loves his job

  25. barbara n says

    I still remember my daughters 4th grade teacher as being strict, but compassionate….fun, loving and caring. Expectations in the classroom were high, but presented in a positive learning environment! She had a awesome year!

  26. My all time favorite teacher is Alecia Wright at Steele Elementary in Las Vegas, Nevada. She leads the KIDS program classroom, designed for children on the autism spectrum, and is responsible for helping numerous children progress and achieve their goals.

  27. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    My 6th grade teacher always showed us respect as long as we dis for him. He gave us a right to our opinions.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  28. Ariel H says

    My favorite teacher was my high school science teacher. He always made sure each student understood the work, and was just very uplifting.

  29. Michelle Washburn says

    she is a teacher that will spend time after hours helping a child, teaching is her life and it shows in the children she teaches

  30. Leigh Anne Borders says

    My son’s favorite teacher was one that challenged him to be the best he could be. Her class was not easy but he learned so much from her.

  31. Stephanie Galbraith says

    My best friend is a grade school teacher and she cares about them and all their growth.

  32. Christina G. says

    What makes my favorite teacher so inspirational is that she makes all of her own clothes. Even her underwear and bras. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. kristi says

    my favorite teacher in high school, I still talk to 20 years later!!!!

  34. Stephanie Girard says

    My sons physical therapist from 9 months to three years was amazing. She was able to get him to do so many different things
    we have her to thank for how far he has come

  35. Tabitha says

    I had 2 amazing math teachers.
    My 8th grade one and one of my high school ones.
    I am terrible at math but neither gave up on me and were so kind and understanding.

  36. Brandi Nolcini says

    My favorite teacher was my 3rd grade teacher, he was so fun, compassionate and really let my creativity run wild. He made science a blast.

  37. RICHARD HICKS says

    My favorite teacher was so inspirational because she always encouraged and told us to never give up.

  38. gina says

    They take the time to give encouragement and believe in their students.

  39. Jennifer says

    my mom! shes been a school library media specialist for 25 years now and still is the most dedicated teacher i know. not only does she deal with 600 middle schoolers a day but she came home and taught me way more than i ever learned in school myself! now we homeschool and she has appointed herself our ‘field trip coordinator’ and always has amazing educational trips planned for my kids!

  40. stefanie haluk says

    What makes a teacher so inspirational is when she take time to help and show a child when they are having a hard time understanding.

  41. christine j says

    Someone who loves their job and goes above and beyond

  42. Sarah L says

    A teacher who connects with kids and makes them eager to learn.
    Thanks for the contest.

  43. Mary Happymommy says

    My high school history teacher was inspirational because he challenged us.

  44. My son and daughter both had one teacher who was the BEST. She was actually the National History Teacher of the YEAR last year! Always went above and beyond

  45. Kelly D says

    My favorite teacher always made learning fun and was very motivational.

  46. Jennifer Rote says

    My sons 5th grade teacher. She took the time to notice that my son needed a little extra care and made him feel special.

  47. Megan Cromes says

    she always was great at motivating us to do our best.

  48. Nici r says

    The ones that teach you more than the subject, but life lessons

  49. Danielle Papsis says

    My favorite teacher in high school was so dedicated he came to school no matter what. He didn’t miss a day. He was so passionate.

  50. Heather Hollands says

    My favorite teacher inspired confidence in myself as a writer. I hope to do the same with my students!

  51. Seyma Shabbir says

    The qualities I look for is patience! This helps keep a child willing to learn.

  52. Robert Hogan says

    Being a freethinker willing to consider new ideas

  53. Sarah Marshall says

    My favorite teacher was my middle school chorus director because she shared my love for music and helped me improve my performance skills!

  54. stephen radford says

    I think it is all in how she grabbed all the kids attentions taught them on a level that they understood. spends time to know how each kid understand and what technique is best for them and adapts.

  55. Argyjr says

    My favorite teacher was my freshman year Algebra teacher in HS. He made coming to class fun everyday. First A in math I ever received. After that, there were nothing but A’s in math.

  56. Caroline Wampler says

    Their passion for what they are teaching!

  57. ctoscano says

    my favorite teacher was my art teacher, she was so nice,her soul was just pure,so open.

  58. Matt says

    Someone who relates well to the children and understands their problems too

  59. melissa says

    My favorite teacher was third grade teacher, Mrs. Carrington. She always encouraged me to continue with my studies especially when I would be convinced that I would fail.

  60. ivan mckinnon says

    My favorite former teacher is special because she treats her students as individuals.

  61. Philip Lawrence says

    My teacher treated me as an equal and never talked down to me.

  62. krystal wethington says

    My favorite teacher was always so nice to me and treated me with respect.

  63. cole marie mckinnon says

    What made a teacher my favorite was his or her ability to relate to me as a person, not just another kid or student.

  64. Jeff Rothrock says

    my aunt, taught in one room school house’s back in the days..people thank her every where we go.. so nice to see.)

  65. Meghan says

    the courage to continue despite any odds

  66. Melanie Koulouris says

    My favorite teacher was Mr. G =) He went above and beyond his job and became more like a father figure to me. I’m so grateful for all he taught me. I still think of him today and it’s been 18 years.

  67. Laci C. says

    I had one elementary school teacher for two grades, I will never forget her. She is the one single person I credit for helping me through some hard times. I wish more teachers were like her…

  68. Valerie C. says

    My favorite teacher took an interest in me and kept me motivated to succeed 🙂

  69. Jeanie Hicken says

    My favorite teacher was one I had during my master’s program. She was very inspirational and nonjudgmental. This makes a big difference in the social service field, not only did she teach well but followed what she taught.

  70. Adriano Martinez says

    My history teacher was devoted and loved his job

  71. Jamie says

    The teachers that are inspirational to me are the ones that are there for the kids and not the paycheck. In today’s world, so many aren’t even trained right, but to have some with a huge heart, great knowledge and just the love for your kids – that makes a difference.

  72. Laura Lanza says

    He always had interesting stories and made it fun to learn.

  73. Rita A says

    My sister is a 1st grade teacher and she inspires me with her love of educating young minds

  74. Emma Ripley says

    Treating their children as individuals, with respect and unconditional positive regard, allowing exploration and creativity to rule!

  75. Courtney H. says

    She genuinely cared for students as individuals.

  76. Tricia Williams says

    My son had the BEST teacher 2 years ago. She was passionate about her students and teaching. She went above and beyond. She even took her entire class to a Phoenix Suns game! They were treated like VIP’s in a suite. My son has lifetime memories!

  77. fedai says

    What makes a great teacher is one who really cares…who cares to explain a lesson well and makes it fun too.

  78. Chad Mickelberry says

    Mr. Kopp was my high school sophomore history teacher. We did reenactments and full blown scripted scenes! Most fun and most learning ever in a year.

  79. My friend Sarah, she is such an inspiration and has such patients and intelligence to teach and pass on to her students!!

  80. Amy D says

    Teachers show they care!

  81. Anne Perry says

    My son’s music teacher has a special glow about her. She engages each child and brings out their talent.

  82. Amy F says

    12 grade teacher

  83. soha molina says

    our favorite teacher inspires us and makes us learn/

  84. Cheri Oggy says

    My favorite teacher was my science teacher in the 9th grade. She made it so much fun to learn everything and it was NEVER boring. To this day I love learning all things dealing with science.

  85. diane says

    always willing to go the extra mile

  86. Kael Harvey says

    The most favored teachers were the ones that taught from the textbook and from life experiences.

  87. kristen says

    My favorite teachers in life are the ones that take that extra couple of minutes to work with you one on one. It just shows that they care that you understand what it is going on and they don’t brush you off and make you feel unimportant.

  88. I have had many “favorite” teachers but my first one was all the way back in first grade. She made me feel like my differences were 100% acceptable and a blessing, not a curse.

  89. Annette says

    My favorite teacher cares about me personally.

  90. Steve Capell says

    I had a history in 12th grade that made history so interesting! Even the tests that he gave were full of amazing facts about history. HE WAS AWESOME!

  91. Joan Kabala says

    My daughter would love this!

  92. Ron says

    My 6th grade teacher really believed in empowering the students and let us make a lot of our own decisions, for better or worse. It taught us responsibility and how to deal with the consequences of our choices. Still feel the impact of those lessons today.

  93. Nicole Acuna says

    My mother was a teacher years ago but stopped working when she had me, she devoted her entire life to me and taught me not only about life but she was able to help me accel in school and be the best student i could be. I love her so much. Shes the smartest woman I know and has a heart of gold.

  94. Monique Hanson-Keeler says

    My favorite teacher was my mom because she always helped me learn everything in life.

  95. Candace Galan-Calderon says

    My 3rd grade teacher was inspirational to me because she was there for me in ways most teachers are not. I had a lot of family problems and she was always there to help me.

  96. Robert Decker says

    My favorite teacher is my daughters math teacher she dont get mad at the kids for asking questions.

  97. Chrissie Noble says

    My favorite teacher was loving and patient.

  98. If a teacher inspires my little guys… it’s special when I see that spark of having fun while learning in their eyes 🙂

  99. Sarah C says

    My favorite teacher is my childs kindergarten teacher. I just love her because while remaining professional she wasnt afraid to become friends. I remember one afternoon we cried together as we both met trying to figure out what would be best for my special needs son.

  100. Teri says

    When she leaves you with thoughts which you carry with you through life. Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm!

  101. My son has always been fidigty and once had a teacher who understood him and at book time gave him a squeeze toy to hold while she read!!!

  102. Robert Jackson says

    My favorite college professor asked questions that challenged my thinking.

  103. What made Mr. Stewart so inspirational was the fact that he let us watch movies all the time. I now make movies for a living.

  104. Natalie says

    My mom has been a teacher for 20 years and she inspires me the most because she goes above and beyond her job duties. She attends the kids extra curricular activities and spends her own money to buy them nice pencils.

  105. Stephanie macdonald says

    my fave teacher is deepak chopra. living in the moment, being grateful, and seeing the positive

  106. kim says

    I had a few teachers over the years that set the bar high but made you want to do good. They seemed to care so much, I didn’t want to let them down.

  107. Kimberly says

    My Favorite teacher was my science teacher,she went above and beyond to have a new way to teach us something I just know she spent a lot of her personal time looking this stuff up and to me that’s inspirational :0)

  108. Tammy Iler says

    I had a favorite teacher in 6th grade. He was my English teacher and he was awesome! He had a guitar and a amp in his classroom and would play for us when we weren’t doing anything. Also we would play koosh ball when weren’t busy

  109. Darlene Carbajal says

    My teacher was so inspirational to his students. He always made sure his students were on task and he helped them whenever they needed it.

  110. Tammy Basile says

    My favorite teacher was always kind and patient and understanding, and whenever I feel myself losing patience with someone, or thinking not so nice thoughts, I think of her, and I’m inspired to be a better person.

  111. Jenny H says

    My favorite teacher took the time to relate to his students so he could teach us in a way that meant something to us. He inspired me to do my best in math and enjoy math even now as an adult.

  112. Jenny H says

    My favorite teacher took the time to relate to his students so he could teach us in a way that meant something to us. He inspired me to do my best in math and enjoy math even now as an adult.

  113. cathi schlosser says

    My sister in law inspires me she is a sience teacher with mental changed children

  114. Dawn Kaestner says

    My favorite teacher was a man who gave me the encouragement and self-esteem that my own father couldn’t. So grateful!

  115. Raj says

    My teachers were amazing inspirations to me.

  116. Andrea says

    During my senior year in high school, I ended up pregnant for the first time, and homeless for the first time. I kept my school life and personal life separate, until one of my teachers had overheard a conversation I was having with my best friend about my woes. My favorite teacher in High School took the time out of her day to take me aside and ask me how my extremely rocky home life was not affecting my grades and how I was able to stay positive and focused all the time. This teacher was so concerned about me and took a genuine interest in my well being. I was able to find a place to live and managed to stay on a positive path with her help, and she constantly encouraged me to not give up and to focus on my goals, one step at a time. I was invited to attend church with her, and she helped me overcome many fears of failure. We are still friends to this day. If it were not for that one teacher, just caring without obligation, I don’t think I would have survived some very hard times.

  117. courtney says

    My favorite teacher was one who was there to push me and giving me the confidence that I could succeed.

  118. Lisa says

    I taught for several years and found the best way to inspire kids was to take an interest in them.

  119. Kayla says

    My fav teacher is my high school art teacher. He taught me alot of how to become a better artist. He taught me how to make backgrounds and explore with it. He has even encouraged me to keep creating and making things. That is what I tend to do. I love art so much it makes me happy. He was the best art teacher ever, he really cared about all the artists in the classes. He’s such an inspiration for a art teacher.

  120. Robert Shaw says

    My favorite teacher, Mr Smith, was inspirational because he survived cancer.

  121. Heather Dawn says

    I love when a teacher is very passionate about their job and they actually want all kids to learn.

  122. carol n says

    my favorite Teacher in high school was Miss Harris, she was my art teacher. She opened my eyes to some amazing artist. My house is decorated in artwork done by many of the ones that inspired me. She took the time to really show us her passion. She went the extra step to make us want to come to class.

  123. Deb K says

    My 6th grade teacher was the Best,she prepared us for the whole big world to adulthood!

  124. Tiffany Banks says

    My favorite teacher was my English teacher. She helped me so much .. not only with English but other subjects AND personal problems!

  125. Stephanie Bondlow says

    Her passion for learning and loving to learn and thinking outside of the box.

  126. Kim Holsapple says

    My daughter had an awesome 5th grade teacher for Reading. He introduced her to so many new authors and books, along with introducing her to some awesome poets. We ran into a year later and he asked her if she remembered any of the poetry and she recited one of her favorite poems. He had tears in his eyes and was so proud that she remembered it. He saw in my daughter her thirst of knowledge and he was constantly challenging her every day. I am forever thankful that he came into her life and that he recognized that she was always up for the challenge. She always reminds me that we have to invite him to her high school graduation in four years.

  127. Gina N. says

    My favorite teacher was my 7th grade Math. She took a personal interest in each of her pupils and made it a point to make each of us feel exceptional and inspired us to always exceed.

  128. kathy goldberg says

    My HS AP english teacher was my fave of all time b/c she taught us about symbolism in a way no other teacher had. In fact, when the great gatsby came out, i hesitated to see it b/c i had such fond memories of seeing the original in her class. i still have the book with notes from 30 years ago.

  129. Sarah says

    Hard-work and dedication

  130. Jessica Sage says

    I find it inspirational when teachers do anything they can to help their students whether it’s staying long hours to tutor or buying lunch for a kid who doesn’t have one for the day.

  131. Laura says

    Their kindness makes them memorable!

  132. Dotti Buchheit says

    My favorite teacher taught me how to crochet, Thanks Ms. Fowler!!

  133. Diane Vescio says

    My daughter’s piano teacher is positive and caring and such a kind person.

  134. Mariya Shtiliyanova says

    One of the teachers I had this past year made a great impact on me. He taught, and still teaches, I guess, Applied Technology. At the beginning of the year, I wasn’t exactly thrilled to have to go to his class twice a week, but I learned to love it! Although I’ve never admitted it before, I’ve always stayed away from things I’m not good at doing. (Huh, I can’t believe I actually just typed that out.) While I’m not terrible at it, engineering stuff (Haha, I don’t really know how to describe it!) is a bit difficult for me; I’m not as good at it as I’d liked to be, so I try avoiding it, and all that good stuff. Anyway, my teacher really helped familiarize me with it and make even like it a little bit! Now, My Applied Tech teacher not only made me less afraid of building things, despite the fact that I’m not particularly talented in that are, but with that he also taught me that I shouldn’t completely avoid doing something because I’m afraid of failure. By the end of the year, I was spending every lunch period in his classroom with my friends, working on projects!

    For the times when I have been afraid of trying new things and become extremely worried about them, someone else has always been there for me – Katy Perry. I can always listen to her music when I’m feeling stressed out, knowing that I’ll instantly feel better. She is my idol (sorry if you there, reader, yes, you, hi! think it’s weird to idolize a celebrity that you don’t know personally), and I want to be like her. I don’t necessarily want to do what she does and become a performing artist, but I want to make people happy.

    She’s got that one international smile!!! 🙂 (It’s almost as international as Mia Moretti’s!)

  135. Kim Johnston says

    I am a 6-12 English Language arts teacher. who believes that a small dose of humor goes a long way.

  136. Dawn says

    I loved my high school pysch teacher. He was so personable with his students and really made the class fun and interesting – a hard balance to reach!

  137. Jennifer Folker says

    Great giveaway

  138. Jennifer Folker says

    My favorite teacher was kind and helpful

  139. Janis Otterson says

    Everyone loves a teacher who treats all students equally!

  140. Amie says

    My favorite teacher went out of her way to make sure that us students learned/understood what she was teaching. She made it the students a priority over anything else.

  141. Michael Woods says

    In it to win it

  142. Christina says

    A few years ago an art teacher of mine had loved my work so much, she brought me on a field trip with only me, her, and two other students. It was so amazing I finally decided I wanted to have a career in art. Till this day I still can’t thank her enough! (:

  143. Rajee Pandi says

    my favorite teacher is to teach me math to get good score

  144. Candice Dyer says

    I had a teacher in elementary school that was so dedicated to students and children. She went above and beyond when it came to making sure her students were physically, mentally, and academically successful.

  145. Katy says

    My teacher Ms. Gruber inspired me and empowered me to achieve great things by first teaching me to believe in myself and what I’m capable of if I can believe and work hard. Thanks to her and the push she gave to keep writing fiction, I’m developing vocabulary and confidence that I never knew I had

  146. DanielM says

    my favorite teacher was 7th grade english, she always made it fun

  147. Maryssa T. says

    He’s determined to make every student succeed by giving them the help that he or she needs.

  148. Lydia says

    My daughter’s preschool teacher helped her overcome her shyness and helped me see that my daughter really was just an observer — hard for a social butterfly like myself to handle at first!

  149. Megan Parsons says

    My favorite teacher was my art teacher because he noticed my talent and gave me so many great ideas!

  150. Stacey b says

    My favorite teacher was a Science teacher I had. He was inspirational because he truly loved what he taught, and he cared about teaching it to his students. I learned a lot from him, and the stories he had to share.

  151. alena svetelska says

    I like my chemistry teacher in HS,he make our class very interesting with fun project and with his passion in teaching.

  152. amanda roach says

    my husband is..he teaches inner city and i watch him everyday be a teacher and father figure to his students.

  153. Birdiebee says

    A teacher that makes every child feel welcome in their classroom, instills a sense of belonging and helps the student develop self-esteem.

  154. Ambrea says

    My favorite teacher always taught hands on no matter what the subject. She also helped us by telling us that not everyone learns the same way and we should explore and find which way is the best for us.

  155. Gabrielle Tyson says

    My favorite teacher made everything hand on. She taught history and often assigned us to make posters or other visual aids instead of writing essays. I learned a lot and had so much fun in her class.

  156. Ivette says

    My favorite teacher was the sweetest teacher in school. She made us feel like we were her grandkids!

  157. Christine says

    My favorite teacher treated us like little adults

  158. Annmarie W. says

    I have been so grateful for many of the teachers my children have had. A great teacher makes learning fun & makes my children want to go that extra step to find the answers. A great teacher doesn’t just tell my children the answers (or his/her opinion), but rather shows my children how to find the answers they’re looking for!

  159. Ashley Irby says

    I had a great teacher back in High School. Very hands on & never failed to go the extra mile.

  160. Linda G. says

    My daughter had some great teachers in high school that made the subjects fun and interesting to learn

  161. Pam Walters says

    I have always loved my guitar!

  162. Sara Sharp says

    One who takes the time to help each individual student overcome an obstacle that the rest of the class may not be struggling with, one who is always willing to stay after school and help a student, and most of all one who always cares, no matter how old there students become and never stop caring! I am 23 and I have a teacher that I see quite often and she is ALWAYS making sure I am doing well in my studies and such!

  163. My favorite teacher is one who will get to know each student in her class and help them all to learn!!!

  164. Mary Jenkins says

    Every school has that one really weird, awkward kid that doesn’t fit in. That was me. But thank heavens, I had so many amazing teachers who got me. They saw potential in me, even when my peers didn’t. I had one teacher who nominated me for Who’s Who, sent a story of mine into a publisher and swore that I was going to be a famous writer. I never quite lived up to the vision she had of me, but she gave me hope at a time when everything seemed so bleak.

  165. Valerie L says

    History teacher made it fun and easy

  166. Carmen Van Deursen says

    I had an ESL teacher that helped not only speak and read English but she also spoke about manners and life experiences that taught respect.

  167. Kristin Welch says

    My geometry teacher in high school was so inspirational because he not only cared about us having good education and learning but he also cared about us beyond the classroom, and it showed! He was there for anyone if they needed him or he would find someone who could help them, if he couldn’t.

  168. Mike Freed says

    My favorite teacher was an inspiration to me and was the reason I kept going.

  169. Monica Hughes says

    The teachers I remember the most were kind and genuinely seemed to care about the students. Even as a very young child, I can remember teachers who were just mean and apparently did not enjoy their jobs. My favorite teacher was a male I had for 6th grade. He always used humor and silly stories to make things memorable.

  170. Jon Miller says

    I had a teacher that made a difference to me he showed me the importance of showing my work… for error checking as I did most of the work in my head…I wouldn’t remember how I came about with the answers so it was very difficult to correct inaccuracies. He couldn’t give partial credit if the process wasn’t demonstrated. I wrote really tiny and close together as I hated to write anything down. His advice wore down my stubbornness and was helpful in many other classes. Even in other subjects.

  171. Kevin L. Gibbs says

    My mother was a teacher. I shared her with every kid in my neighborhood. You’re welcome. But as I love her so, I understand.

  172. Kevin L. Gibbs says

    Let’s do it!! 😀

  173. Rachelle J says

    My favorite teacher is actually my daughters dance tracher! She will come in early, stay late, whatever it takes to make sure her students are ready and dancing like professionals!

  174. Elizabeth says

    I had a college professor who mentored me a took the time to not only help me with the course material but also to take an interest in my life and encourage me. That meant a lot to me.

  175. Kristin Phillips says

    My 2nd grade teacher was amazing! I had horrible anxiety and she was great with me. She left an everlasting impression on my heart.

  176. mell says

    My favorite teacher expected a lot from us, and she pushed us beyond what we thought were our limits.

  177. Linda F. says

    My favorite teachers inspired my love for the subject by making it interesting, and always pushing me to try my best!

  178. Melissa S says

    I think you can tell when a teacher cares and it makes it easier to learn.

  179. When i was 44 i decided to go back to college. In 2009,at the age of 46, i graduated with a degree in Bialogy. I now have a great job as a veterinary tech at an awesome animal hospital. my 8 year old daughter got to watch me go back to school as i fought for what i believed in, which was a degree and an education. Im a huge Katy Perry fan, my daughter is a Katycat as well. So just wanted to tell everyone or anyone who is debating wether or not to go back to school. my advice is to go back because its rewarding and ITS NEVER TO LATE TO MAKE ROAR HAPPEN! i am entering for the guitar. my email address is

  180. Jamie Brigham says

    I used to have a teacher that would spend their personal time helping kids learn

  181. Nichole Gorman says

    My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher, Mr. LeStage. He always made learning fun and exciting, and made you want to learn.

  182. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    My Favorite Teacher Was So Compassionate And Kind. She Had A “Random Acts Of Kindness” Program That Taught Me To Be Kind And Help Others And That Inspired Me!

  183. Angela says

    She was helpful, kind and loving. She teach the fun way and was easier to learn that way

  184. Layla says

    My husband plays, and the songs he composes for our kids are priceless. I hope they play them for their children.

  185. Pamela F says

    My favorite teacher is a high school history/geography teacher who opened the world and our own minds to happenings outside the US.

  186. I went to a Catholic school for my primary years in a small town. The high school closed for lack of funding so I went to regular school then. I loved the nuns that taught me. They were firm but we learned the basics. Reading, Writing, and math of course. There wasn’t the confusion there is today in school. I am glad that I was fortunate to be in classrooms where they really cared if you learned.

  187. Sabrina says

    He is someone that taught not just subject material, but the essentials of goodness, discipline and knowledge! A brilliant person that inspired us to want to learn more, just to keep up with him!

  188. Elisa Hernandez says

    the thing that made me apreaciate my teacher is that he LOVED his job. He made Physics fun and interesting.

  189. thuy vu says

    My favorite teacher is my sister in law. She is a wonderful person all around and she manages to teach a bunch of kids all day long and still go home to take care of my brother and their three young children.

  190. Michelle H. says

    My favorite teacher kept contact with my family for many years. She made learning fun.

  191. Nannypanpan says

    My sons teacher was awesome she encouraged him throughout the year and got him so into writing he wrote several books at home just for fun

  192. Michelle r says

    They make learning fun

  193. Kathie says

    My high school Spanish teacher tried to making learning interesting & fun

  194. Roy F. says

    My favorite teacher had a very good sense of humor. He was very charismatic and was very funny, and made going to class and learning enjoyable.

  195. cylina williams says

    My psychology teacher in college was great. I like a teacher that treats people with respect and listens/understand the differences in them.

  196. Matt S. says

    My favorite teacher “Doc” cared about all of us.

  197. Leela says

    They make learning fun and memorable.

  198. Carrie Conrad says

    All 3 of my kids had the same “favorite” teacher! She is amazing! She takes the time to make each and every child in her class feel special

  199. Donna W. says

    My favorite teacher was my daughter’s 3rd grade teacher. She was very nurturing which my daughter responded to very well and blossomed as a student and gained a lot of confidence in herself.

  200. Corinne Amundsen says

    My favorite teacher told me there is no such word as can’t. She said that there is only can, so do. That was in 1967.

  201. Kristina W. says

    My fav teachers are when they understand our frustration and needs

  202. My kids have been lucky to have some really awesome teachers. Thank goodness because they can make the whole school year go smoother. I also had good teachers growing up!

  203. Naomi says

    My kids’ favorite teacher makes learning fun. She teaches art, Spanish, and French and lets the kids immerse themselves in it.

  204. Jill Myrick says

    My favorite teacher was always firm but fair and always kind in her actions.
    Even though she was an older teacher she always instilled in the girls a sense that we could be anyone and anything that we set our mind to. and taught us how to strive for what we wanted.


  205. kelley roach says

    My favorite teachers are ones who have a hands-on learning environment

  206. Shari says

    My favorite teacher was intelligent and was able to teach a class that I would not normally take in a way that made it easy to understand. Because of this, it was one of my favorite classes.

  207. Erica B. says

    My favorite teacher just genuinely cared about my life.

  208. Virginia Rowell says

    My daughters English teacher was very inspirational to her. He taught her to express herself in and outside of the classroom and especially on paper. She would love to be a writer because of him.

  209. Robin Abrams says

    My favorite teacher was my English teacher. She worked with each student even on her personal time

  210. LYN W says

    My favorite teach ever was my childhood Sunday school teacher. She taught about the lord, life and how to become your own person.

  211. tina reynolds says

    My favorite teacher was my 6th grade teacher Mr. Fox I was struggling to keep up with everyone else and he really helped me have the confidence in my self and I ended up getting the most improved student award at the end of the year I really think it put my life on a different path.

  212. Jenee says

    English has always been my favorite subject, so I like most of my English teachers. But my 8th grade English teacher, Mr. D., was head and shoulders above the rest. I was new at the school and not ‘cool’ by any stretch, and walking into his classroom let me know it was going to be alright. He was delightfully strange, the way some brilliant people are. He was tall and thin, with a mustache long enough to curl behind his ears and a bright bowtie. He smiled a lot, and made English fun. One time, he wrote down each phrase from “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel onto colored index cards, and separated them by decade. It was fascinating. HE was fascinating, and I have never met another person who so engaged his kids, he really had us elbows-deep in what we were learning. He had a passion for it, and for teaching. As a weird kid, I had an affinity for him and now as an eccentric adult and mom, I know it’s ok to be different. I know it’s fun to learn. I still love English (I became a writer.) I will always remember and admire Mr. D. The world needs more like him.

  213. Julia says

    The best teachers are those who had a genuine interest/concern for their students.

  214. Denise S says

    My favorite teacher knew how to inspire me by implying I wasn’t smart enough for something because he knew I’d prove him wrong.

  215. Michael W Perkins says

    My favorite teacher is my Wife, I married her… We met in our 30’s & Fell in love. 14 Years this year

  216. Lisa L says

    I loved my Science teacher in 5th grade. He was understanding and patient!

  217. Roy says

    My wife works with elementary school children with a variety of learning disabilities. With our own child now falling in that spectrum, it’s been a challenge to deal with. My wife has always been there for our family, and even with this challenge knew exactly how to help us both through this difficult period.

  218. Francie says

    I am a teacher. I wear silly vests and act alive and funny all day. My students love to have fun and so do I. I care, and they know it.

  219. Sarah Cool says

    I really loved my 3rd grade teacher because she was so nice and she always made me feel like I could do and be anything I want

  220. `grabbing my childs attention

  221. Kate Newton says

    My favorite teacher was my mother. I was homeschooled. She really inspired me to learn what I’m interested in at the time instead of trying to force myself into learning things I didn’t care about. Eventually we got everything covered, but I felt more in control of my learning!

  222. Teresa says

    My favorite teach was Miss Edwards, my 1st grade teacher. I never knew my class was the first class she ever taught until she sought me out at my high school graduation. She said she had followed all of her students from that class and wanted to see us graduate. I felt so special.

  223. e michelle says

    my fav teacher was sister theresa, i was in a new school and there were no other hispanic students. I was kinda an outsider and shy so that didn’t serve me well when trying to make friends. She always asked for my help with projects in the classroom or to go the residences to get things from the basement for her. She made the 7th grade bearable!

  224. Angela Cash says

    My favorite teacher taught my AP English class in high school. He knew many of the Beat Poets in the 1950’s and shared their writing with us. I was instantly hooked!

  225. Danielle F says

    When they truely believe in someone

  226. ginger nowell says

    All about my dad JERRY SMITH my favorite teacher was my dad !! He passed away 7 years ago!! he touched so many people and their lives. we would see his students out in public and they would always say how he had helped them in his life!!he was the best dad and teacher anyone could ever ask for.. he retired after 30 years of teaching but loved it so much and missed it so much he went back to teaching for 15 more years after he retired.

  227. trixx says

    My 3rd grade was amazing since she helped me understand math in a way that actually made sense

  228. Crystal F says

    She doesn’t stop teaching a child just because they are no longer in her class. My daughter had an amazing math teacher in the 6th grade. She really taught her students a lot. She knew that my daughter’s eighth grade teacher wasn’t doing a very good job so she helped my daughter on Facebook. She also told her that she will help her with as much as she can this year in her honors math class. She really is amazing. Thank you!

  229. Bridgett Wilbur says

    My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher Mr. Cuttica. My parents where going threw a nasty divorce and put a lot of stress on me as a child. He told me it wasn’t my fault, boosted myself asteem and made me laugh and be a kid again. He is still teaching to this day and helping all kinds of faimlys in need. He is a great person

  230. Laurie Emerson says

    My son’s Special Ed teacher lets my son and all the other students in her class know just how much she cares about them. She is encouraging, patient, understanding and makes school a place my son looks forward to going to each day.

  231. Michelle Brooks says

    My favorite teacher inspired me to learn and used humor everyday while maintaining respect from the students.

  232. Trisha McKee says

    My favorite teacher was able to detect my strengths and bring them out. I was a shy child, but she knew it was important that I share my abilities, my talents and find joy in them.

  233. amy williams says

    My son is smart but has always had a hard time focussing and being organized so when his teachers were contacting me asking about his homework I talked to them and asked if they could help because if he don’t bring it home or dont let me know what he has to do how am I supposed to know what to help him on. This was his sixth grade year and one stepped up she took my email went to every teacher and made sure all the homework was emailed to me so when he would get home I already knew what he had to do and he had to bring it home she was great and that year he did great I wish there were more like her.

  234. amy williams says

    Wow this is just a great giveaway thanks for doing it, I wish I would have came across it sooner my sister in law loves to sing and has such a wonderful voice. She also plays the guitar and I know that I would be her all time favorite person if I could give her this as a gift. Crossing my fingers.

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