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Meet the Squaredy cats. They are plush cats, they are square and they are adorable!
This little guy is “not squared to GO WILD”. Now how perfect is that for my Ethan?
 IMG_2236 Squaredy cats come in several different “types”… from a square cat with a tiara that says “not squared to sparkle”, a cheerleader cat that says “not squared to show spirit” to a kitty with a lollipop that says “not squared to be sweet”. Take a look and you will see there is something for just about everyone’s personality.
I gave Ethan his Squaredy Cat for Valentines Day and it was an instant hit. Emma was a bit jealous and ran off to hide it from Ethan a few times. Our kitties have fallen in love with Squaredy Cats, too. Jasper likes to nuzzle up with it and take cat naps together.Squaredy Cats are well made, squishy and lovable, have very cute expressions and (should I dare to say) collectible? I can see a child wanting most to all of them.

 IMG_2240 IMG_2242

Ethan sure loves his Squaredy Cat!

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  1. lainiebird says

    So cute! Thanks for the review!

  2. lainiebird says

    Oh, by the way, I saw the Squaredy Cats for sale at toysrus.com today!

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